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Have you ever unintentionally cried in front of people?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever cried in front of someone -do you allow yourself to do this?

Does this often happen to you?

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Top Answers
I am fairly controlled in crying in front of people as I know it makes many people uncomfortable and do not want to do this.

I did have problems however when two of my children died at for a long time then I would burst out crying with no warning -I would normally take myself out of a social situation when this happened as it gets worse for me when someone then comes and hugs me which people seem to do -I then totally lose control.

Nowadays I can control my grief and tears as am home alone a lot, and yes, it does still happen to me, just not as strong or uncontrolled.
by Finy
Sometimes it's hard not to, just depends what's happening in your life at that moment. It can be difficult to hold back tears. I've done it plenty of times in the last few years!
It is all part of life I would think.
So my answer is Yes.

I am not ashamed to cry, but it takes a fair-bit, to make me cry in front of people.
I have no dramas with crying spontaneously in front of others if there is a genuine reason. I no longer cry at movies though!!! I have to have a very real reason to cry,and I am not at all ashamed of crying if I feel strongly about something. In fact the news will often have me in tears with all the truly shocking things which seem to be occurring,and I will often simply turn it off now.I am known to be someone who likes to see the pleasant aspects to life and to share smiles wherever possible,so when I cry there is a truly good and genuine reason for it, whether I am alone or with someone.
Yes. I did this morning at work. I received terrible news yesterday and was very upset, leaving work early. This morning when I got in to work our receptionist greeted me and asked how I was. I immediately broke down in tears. She quickly cheered me up before entering the office and understood how I was feeling. Sometimes you just can't control your emotions. We're only human.
Oh yes, all the time. If it makes other people uncomfortable then that's their problem not mine. I think we are all far too emotionally repressed and a bit of honesty is good for all of us. I am bringing up my son to be as emotionally literate as I can, rather than trying to bottle up his feelings and cause who knows what issues, just to protect other people.
Crying, anger, happiness, all part of the human condition.
Haven't we all at some point. Its nothing to be ashamed of
I have struggled to hold back tears at funerals, but for the most part I have managed. As far as crying at work, my motto is never let them see you shed a tear. This is how I was brought up by family raised from Aussie bush stock. I don't internalise grief, but for me crying is a private matter.

Yes though try not to in front of people, tears may well up but I can stop them by changing the subject.
In movies, sad songs, sad memories etc..I can cry at the drop of a hat.
Am actually very emotional which surprises people.
by Fran
Yes. I felt so foolish afterwards.
by Gia
Yes - it doesn't happen often but it has happened. I think emotions get the best of everyone.
by AJ
Occasionally. Depends on circumstance.
Very occasionally. I am pretty well controlled but if it's anything to do with cruelty to animals I find it difficult not to get upset.
I cry fairly easily. However, this was very unexpected. I was in a really great interview for a management position. Everything was great, until the last question - "Can you tell us why you left your last job" - I burst into tears trying to explain that for 12 months in a similar management job I had to work with no office, no designated chair, no designated desk, unable to find my paperwork which various people had move, and no computer access. Until then, I had realised how much impact this had had on me.
Read my poem on tears - on Poetry.
That's terrible, Kylie. I'm sorry you had to go through that.
by Vee
LOL - I cried today at the shop. Not intentionally though; the tears just started rolling. I took my son to see Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the owl from the ABC. The look on his face when he recognised Jimmy was priceless.
by Vee
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