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Have you ever tried the remedies and uses of Apple Cider Vinegar?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever tried the remedies or uses of unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar?

What did you think of it?

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Top Answers
I love Apple Cider Vinegar and the various applications it can be used for. I swear by this stuff and think it's the cheapest alternative to more expensive medicines and supplements on the market. I use it as normal vinegar to flavour food, as a facial toner, pimple fighter, in a foot bath, on hair, on my dog's fur, to deodorise cupboards and clean down bench tops. Did I say how much I LOVE this product.
I haven't.
But now will start!!!!
I have not tried this -I have read about it, looked at it and even have a book on it however.

I do not understand the difference between this and ordinary white vinegar.

I clean with white vinegar but find it leaves a horrible smell even though it cleans some things nicely.

I also use ordinary vinegar in the wash when I do towels.
by Finy
I have used it as a hair rinse, and sometimes in cooking (I made some vegan muffins that had a bit of it in). I would take the list in the picture with a grain of salt though. I'm not saying ACV doesn't do all of those things, just that I would need to see proof that it does. I often see pictures like that online that make over the top claims for various foods that are supposed to cure everything and a lot of it is rubbish.
Readers Digest did a story on it a couple of years ago....not a bad review, I have to say......they were quite upbeat about this product!
by jonaja
That's not really what I meant by proof, unless they provided the science behind it.
I use apple cider vinegar in a lot of my cooking and I have heard about the medicinal aspect of it but have never tried it like that. Apart from anything else, I haven't found it with the mother still in it which I think is necessary for it to be effective.
Never heard of it being a remedy for these things before. I've never used apple cider vinegar for anything. I can't even remember seeing it before.
I've never tried it but I've heard watered down its good to give to budgies every now and then.
I have use this lovely vinegar for cooing,and as an accompaniment to various dishes by way of dressings. I also love it for sore throats,as a tonic when rinsing my hair,and many other everyday things. I also use Malt vinegar in a similar fashion.
'cooing' Jules?

Do you do that often, & what is the best time of day to do so?
Does one have to join a 'Cooing Group' & pay a subscription?
I notice you said you use ACV for a sore throat. Is this because you've been practising your 'cooing' for too long, at the one time?
I'm not a 'cooing' sort of person, so well done!
by donjo
I am cracking up with giggles!!!! I meant to type Cooking!! Thanks for making me smile!!
by Jules
Thanks, Jules! Your're laughing! My ITablet was shaking I was laughing SO much inputting data!
Glad it made you smile, anyway. Cheers!
by donjo
Funnily enough,my 'thing' in life,(for want of not using the word 'Purpose'!) is to make others smile and feel cheerful,if only for a few moments! I even sign my letters and emails off with, ' Many smiles..... ', so my job for today is done!!
Thank you so much for sharing my smiles,
by Jules
I drank it fior a while. It worked for a fungal infection.
I've heard of it being used for various remedies, but have never used it myself.
I use it to clean, as a mouth wash, and to help relieve big bites.
by Vee
I have not tried apple cider vinegar
by AJ
My retired Theatre Nursing Sister swears by it!
I haven't checked it out yet.
Would prefer to ask my Gp's advice before trying something new. Don't want to have problems due Medication I take.
I'm a fan myself but I have to be careful not to gulp it as it can take my breath away and make my eyes water. Other than that nothing but positive outcomes!
I have used ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) to relieve nausea. It's very effective for my mother-in-law in that she feels a whole lot better in only 5-10 minutes.I need about half an hour. It also helps me with problems like diarrhoea. I usually just dilute 1 tablespoon in a glass of water and sometimes add some honey. Also best to use a straw to drink from so it doesn't rot your teeth (if you use it regularly(
No , i haven't heard about this. this is the first time i know. but deifnately i will try. its really useful ..thanks.
by asha
hi everyone I use ACV With the Mother it's so good l have 10mils with a little water in the morning and again at night has so many user's.
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