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Have you ever tried soy milk?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever tried soy milk, and if so, did you like it?

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Top Answers
Yes, I used to drink soy milk all the time.
No, i did not really like it, i just got used to it as tried it as an alternative to dairy.
However, my children kept nagging that it is not healthy and they use bits that would otherwise be thrown out, or some such so in the end I really did not know why I had even swapped to soy milk, and went back to ordinary milk, which I really like.
Even the coffee had a strange taste with soy milk - so glad I no longer have soy milk.
by Finy
Yes and never again.
I used to use soy milk in baking, but then I switched to almond/hazelnut/coconut. I never drank it just as it was, so can't say whether I liked it or not.
I've never seen hazelnut milk for sale here. Is it nice?
Yes, I like it. I find it slightly sweeter than almond milk and it has a light creamy bbrown/beige colour. What I actually like best is mixing almond, hazelnut, coconut, and skimmed milk together.

We also have cashew milk, but I'm not keen on that, which is odd since cashews are my favourite nuts.
Yes. I used to drink soy milk in an effort to be healthy. I didn't mind the taste. However after a few years, it became just too hard and I switched back to normal milk. Back then, coffee shops did NOT stock soy or milk alternatives, so I had to have normal milk. When visiting friends or my mother, they only had normal milk. Mum offered to buy some soy for when I visited, but I like strong tea, so to buy a whole litre for only the few drops of milk I would use would be pointless. I used to take my soy milk with me when going out. Sometimes it would go off or spill in my bag. It turned out that home was the only place where I could use soy milk, because no one else had it, so I said ' why am I on this health kick ' and stopped drinking it.
1 time.
Last time.
I have it and like both flavoured and unflavored varieties.
Yes, unfortunately. Absolutely gross - I'm gagging now just thinking about it! To say it tastes like liquid cardboard would be being polite. And it should NOT be allowed to be called 'milk'! Ugh.
LOL Poppy - I did find that the brand in the picture (made in Japan) is by far the best of a bad bunch and is not as strong as the ones half the price!
by Finy
Yes, I have some in the fridge that I bought yesterday as my brother is coming for a visit. I can drink it, I don't go out of my way to do so but if I am out with him I often have a soy latte for a change. The only one I can "drink" like milk is Soy Milky regular by Vitasoy. The others taste like dirt to me.
by Rice
I've tried both normal soy and vanilla flavoured soy. The normal soy is vile and I quite enjoyed the vanilla flavoured one on my breakfast cereal. I don't really know why I used it as I'm not a milk consumer. Maybe to cut down on mucus but in the end figured it wasn't worth it as I occasionally had cereal and couldn't envisage vanilla flavoured mashed potato.
When my allergies were extremely bad in my 20's I did start to ise soy milk, The ONLY brand I wouldever use is Vitasoy as it has the nicest flavour. I now use Heart Active (dairy) milk as some of the mediccation I need to use can affect my liver and also my cholesterol. I use it only as a preventative.And I only have small amounts of milk in my cups of tea anyway. I gave up on the Vitasoy, as it is just so darned expensive!! Not that the Heart ctive can be considered cheap either!!!!! Soy milk is definitely a taste we need to get used to if we are going to use it all the time. I actually did not mind the Vitasoy and my parents would even have it for me when I visited during those very allergic days!!!
I have had soy milk. My Naturopath recommended my son try a break from Dairy. The brand pictured is the only one she said to use because the others are processed differently, or something, it was a long time ago.
I don't mind the taste on cereal or even by itself, but I don't like it in tea or coffee. Current thinking is that soy milk is not very good for your health contrary to when I had it. I wouldn't use it in that case.
I have tried it but didn't like the taste.
I tried it once and I really did not like it. It leaves a weird after taste in your mouth
by AJ
Yes. I don't like it to drink on its own, but I like it in hot chocolate (the nutty flavour complements the chocolate) and I put it on cereal instead of milk, which I can't drink. I also sometimes use it in baking (though sometimes I use almond milk or coconut milk instead for that, depends what flavour I'm going for).
I have tried soy milk but I wasn't keen on it
Yes I did and it tasted yuk. Never again it tasted sour and not good for humans
Soy, no. Almond, yes. Latter wasn't so bad.
by Vee
Soy Milky is very tasty, also the Coles lite brand is OK - not too chalky!
I sometimes have soy milk in my coffee (e.g. a soy latte) just to mix things up. Using soy milk gives the coffee a nutty flavor, which I quite like, and it takes away some of the bitterness of the coffee.
I don't drink it, & I don't think I've even tried it, but when I stayed with our eldest daughter & the family, who are all vegetarians, they drank it a lot, so she was buying 3/4 titles of it a week. That was 2 & 1/2 years ago, so I'm guessing they still drink it.
by Miro
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