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Have you ever tried bubble tea?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia.Commons

Bubble tea is usually served with sago/tapioca pearls on the bottom.

Have you ever tried bubble tea?

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Top Answers
I went with a friend to this restaurant, and afterwards we were walking along and dropped into a Vietnamese place for a drink. She had bubble tea - I had always thought that bubble tea was just made with one of those silk looking outers in the strange shape that cost a lot.
Not so - it had delicious black tapioca on the bottom as can be seen on the photo.
It was quite yummy but I had never seen it on a menu before.
by Finy
Tapioca is from the Cassava plant and Sago is made from a variety of Palms. In some recipes they can be interchangeable, but not all.
by Rice
Woolworths only sell one of them....online anyway - made it tonight after all this talk, not yet sure what to put with it, but at least it worked this time...actually might try an asian store
by Finy
I have seen it but never tried it. May give it try based on Finys review.
Have you tried the Bubble Tea yet, Dwatk? I would have thought it more of a females drink, as it's so sweet.
by Miro
No. I have never heard of it. What does it taste like?
Pretty much anything you want . . . there are heaps of flavours. You get a great big wide straw with it to suck up the pearls. It's good fun :-))
by Rice
It's like a large cold milky drink, if you still haven't tried 1 yet, Lluki.
by Miro
Ooooh, I love bubble tea and almond milky is my favourite but I have had tried several others too. I love chewing throught the yummy pearls.
by Rice
yea, those pearls are delicious though when I make them, they are not like that - they are bigger than the ones you can buy in shops...
by Finy
Mmmm. Yummy pearls. The size does seem to vary a lot around here I have noticed. Some are so big they won't come up through the straw. Chewy little delights, they are :-))
by Rice
you know more about it than me - you can lead the way in Perth!
by Finy
woohoo!!! Charge . . . . . .!
by Rice
nope and I don't think I will...just not meeee.
No I have never tried a bubble tea but am willing to give it a try.
Have you tried the Bubble tea yet, Diana?
by Miro
No. I haven't heard of it before. I. I'll be on the lookout now as I am keen to try.

I hadn't heard of it before but as I drink my tea black and weak (got to be able to see the bottom of the cup) with no sugar, I doubt I'd try it.
TEA it is not, wish "they" wouldn't call it tea, tea is made from Camellia sinensis plant. Yes tried it and not my cup of tea LOL, I like tea and my "bubbles" separate please, tapioca and sago are desserts!
brigi - yes it IS odd why they call it TEA...perhaps it started off as a tea...
by Finy
Yes some years ago and it was very sweet. Can't remember what flavour it was, Could not drink it, it was terrible.
Yes! I absolutely love it, whenever I go to the city I try to grab myself one.

My favourite would be Taro Milk Tea with Pearls (It is the purple one!). Quiet sweet and milky, and it is a strange sensation feeling the pearls come up the straw! I highly recommend it.

I have even tried similar at home with just milky black tea and pearls I purchased from an Asian Grocer.

I really think it is an acquired taste, I have been out with friends, and they were just not as excited about it as I was.

If you are unsure and like a black tea with milk and sugar, give the Black Milk Tea a try, it is very similar, just very sweet!
were the pearls you bought different to sago?
by Finy
Yes they are different to sago.
They are Tapioca Pearls - much larger and black (like the photo above) or rainbow.
If you google 'pearls for bubble tea', it will come up with them.
by Angela
Ok, I'll try it again! This time I'll try the taro 1. I had a taro ice-cream on the beach in Bora Bora, & it was vowed yummy!
by Miro
Having never even heard of Bubble Tea, I decided to Google this item, and learned a great deal! I would happily try most of the fruity varieties, but I think that would be the limit for me. I do not drink milk, and though I know that milk substitutes are often used, and readily available, I am just not very tempted by these drinks. I guess that not being a huge fan of tapioca, could be the reason for this.
by Finy
And, did you like it or not, Simon?
by Miro
I have never tried it
by AJ
Until today I've never even heard of it. I probably wouldn't be game, it would feel like frogs eggs in the bottom
I know it's very popular with the Asians, but I tried it once, in Market City, in Chinatown, & I didn't
like it.
by Miro
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