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Have you ever tried any of the RAW FOODS that you can now buy?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay - Noodles made from zucchini

Have you ever tried any of the raw food you can now buy (not salads etc)?

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Top Answers
Yes I have bought one of these meals and was amazed at how good it is!
I also make things like the picture above - you can do really "neat" things with a spiraliser however I then generally cook it with other things.

The cakes that are raw are so much more expensive and about one tenth of the size of a normal cake/slice -I bought one of these once also, and it was delicious but out of principal, I would not spend that much again on such a tiny thing! It SHOULD be cheaper as there is no cooking and easier to make!

I had a friend who ate only raw - is that Vegan? anyway, she was so so thin!
by Finy
You can be vegan and not eat only raw food (vegan just means no animal products) or eat raw food and not vegan, which is gross because some eat raw meat. I saw a tv show where some raw food people were eating raw chicken. Seems like a great way to get sick.
Not interested!

Juicing veggies' is closest I'll get.......
No, but will try it if the opportunity arises.
No but I'll try it even once.
I haven't but I will if the opportunity arises . . . although it seems easier to eat raw things at home . . . or am I missing the point? Where's Jennifer M when we need her . . ??
by Rice
LOL - Jennifer said she is taking a break!

by Finy
It's not just RAW things, rice - it is raw things, put together with other things to make e.g. raw pizza - it is AMAZING what can be done....no idea why anyone would want to exclusively do this though on a permanent basis - probably supposed to be healthy!
by Finy
Right. I need to put my Holme's cap on and do some investigating . . ! Raw pizza. . . hmmmmm.
by Rice
Just popped back in. Not really into raw food myself.
Thanks, Jen. Happy New Year!! Hope 2017 is good for you :-)) I had a browse and it seems that raw food is more time consuming than cooked food. I don't think I'd have the patience.
by Rice
Cheers Rice. Happy New Year to you and everyone at Answer Angels.
I love sushi. That's raw fish and other veggies. Can't get enough. Yummy!
I haven't, and more than likely won't...cost is going to be my 2017 focus. $ $ $ $ $
I have eaten in raw food restaurants and have always enjoyed the food. There is a really good one in Perth but I can't remember the name
by AJ
I have since childhood eaten a great deat of raw food,which my parents were happy to let me do as I suffered with so many allergies and illnesses. But I have never actually conciously made raw food recipes!! I just know that I enjoy eating raw items!!! After seeing this question,I decided to google this subject, and I amazed at what is out there, so I shall most likely give some of the delicious sounding items a go!!! I already am a fan of raw fruit mixtures which others would think a little different, and so I feel I would really get a lot from the books on offer!!
I've had (and made) raw food slices with dates and stuff. They're okay, but not my favourite thing. I'm kind of weirded out by the way some people think raw food is automatically better for you. Cooking makes things easier to digest and makes some nutrients more bioavailable.
thank you Jennifer - we were waiting for a reply from you!! I would agree with you.
by Finy
Thanks Jen :-) I remember getting a lecture from my daughter the teacher about how science has proven that cooking does that. I was saying that I love carrots and I always get indigestion eating them raw . . . and that precipitated the discussion. Apparently we use more energy eating raw food which diminishes the goodness we get. Ergo - better to cook than chomp. LOL
by Rice
Oh! Rice, that's the very reason why it's good to juice some veggie types!
You get the freshness, fibre, vitamins', & minerals' all at the one time!
by donjo
I too googled this "raw" question and I too was amazed at how much information is on the web about this! I am going to try some of the Raw restaurants that my search hit upon tho. I think that we should be eating like our Grandmas, not too much processed and additives etc, I try my best to eat as natural as possible and that includes "raw" food to a point.
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