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Have you ever smoked cigarettes?

by Finy (follow)
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Were you ever a smoker?

Have you now given up?

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Top Answers
Yes, I did for many years.

I gave it up several times?

I have now not smoked for about 20 years, and cannot stand the smell.

I can smell it in hair, on clothes and even if the person is quite a long way away from me -I can't stand it, and it is beyond me how I ever enjoyed doing this.
by Finy
No I haven't...ever.
I was turned off big time, with all of those my Mothers use to smoke.
It has to be one of the worst. Yuck!!!
Yes I smoked for many years, gave up approx. 5 years ago with hypnosis..will NEVER EVER smoke again
by Fran
No - and never will!
I used to smoke but gave them up nearly a year and a half ago. I will never go back! I gave up using Allen Carr - highly recommend it!!
by AJ
Hi, well done for stopping. I just can't seem to do it, I never smoked while I was pregnant or around the kids, not in the car. I am in hospital a lot I dont even look for one while I'm there for any length of time then I come home and out to the garage I hate the smell of it. Now my question was who was the person and how did you do it. Thanks Kazzy
by karen
Get Allen Carr's book - it's brilliant - you will never smoke again. Read every page properly! Good luck!
by AJ
I have smoked and I have also seen too many people die because of it in my family. I would NEVER touch a cigarette again (I gave up many years ago) but funnily enough....I don't mind the smell.
Sandy- funny,-I always thought all ex smokers hated the smell of cigarettes..
by Finy
Finy....I KNOW!!!! People apologize when smoke goes near me cause they know I don't smoke and I always say "It's OK....I like the smell".

No, never.
No,not ever even tried a single puff!!!
Yes, I occasionally smoke cigarettes, but only when my stress really reaches its peak. Social smoker, not a regular smoker.
I smoked a few times when I was with friends, just to try and see what the fuss was all about. Never really got into it.
Almost everyone has smoked a cigarette. it's no big deal if that did't end up becoming a habit.There is no right or a wrong answer if they did it once in the mood of the party or a situation.People asking this should't try be ethical & judge people in todays 'No Smoking' society.People who advocate 'smoking' as bad habit don't mind getting drunk & be a pest to everyone.worst example of endangering life of others by driving under the influnce .
During early 70's even among the uni students almost everyone smoked including our professors & all others from Judges to Janitors. Well! it was not a crime.
By the way for the record I'm guilty too but I don't smoke now & have not smoked god knows for how may decades.There's nothing to be proud of for not taking up smoking or feel all criminal about taking up smoking.
Shane. P.S. I don't bother to reread & correct spelling mistakes..
First of all..... the term of "giving up cigarettes" is totally incorrect for a clear mental attitude. No one 'GIVES UP" anything. To prepare yourself to a long and successful journey... simply think, "I STOPPED smoking!"
In other words, do YOU want to GIVE UP SMOKING or STOP SMOKING!!??

up to 75 a day, i gave up after i realised i could not give up
Cigarettes? Yuck! No! I did try the Argileh once though. It was tasty, but not my thing.
by Vee
It was "normal" in the sixties. I thought I looked cool with a drink in one hand and a ciggy in the other. Packets would stay in my bag for months tho. I never liked the taste so gladly I never got hooked. I am very pleased to this day that it gave me up way back then. It is NOT nice or healthy having to inhale second hand smoke. No, it is not illegal, the government gets too much taxes from the sales!
I've never smoked anything in my life. When I was young i tried smoking paper. I nearly coughed to death. Since then I've never tried to smoke anything.
I have never smoked. It was actually because my peers were putting so much pressure on me to give it a go that I dug my heels in and vowed to never take a puff. A nurse told me when she started her studies in the sixties they were advised by their lecturers to take up smoking if they weren't already smokers.They were warned that nursing can be stressful and that smoking would help them deal with it.
Only ever had a cigarette after a Formal Army Dinner, back in the day. It might be six months' between smokes, but I did enjoy it. Ambience & camaraderie played a big part in that, plus the glass of Port!
Was never tempted any other time. Didn't interest me & never has.
No I never have and never will.
When I was about twelve, my best friend and I used to sneak down the paddock and smoke Alpine or Kool. Hahahahahahahaha!! How did we think nobody could see the smoke??!! No, I have never smoked because I decided way back then that I couldn't see the point and I would sooner eat chocolate!!
by Rice
I was in my now husbands car was a 16/17 year old, with his sister. he asked me to light her cigarette from his 1. I tried too, but I just started coughing so much, I couldn't do it. I've never had a cigarette in my mouth since that time, about 53 years ago! My husband stopped smoking about 15 years ago, thank heavens, & went cold turkey! never took it up again. I think it's such a waste of money, when I could now buy a dress for the cost of a packet of cigarettes!
by Miro
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