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Have you ever slept in a sleeping bag?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever slept the night in a sleeping bag?

Did you find it comfortable?

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Top Answers
Yes, when I had young children, we often went away in a caravan and used sleeping bags.

I find them very uncomfortable and although they are warm, I did not sleep well in them. Part of this could, I guess, have been the fact that the bedding was not what I was used to!

But I found turning round in a sleeping bag not so easy.
by Finy
I have and I feel like an enchilada. I don't really like the sensation at all. I wake up feeling worn out. I wonder if I wriggle around like a silkworm . . ?
by Rice
What a great response! LOL! Got my vote!
by Vee
Why thank you ma'am :-))
by Rice
Lots of times, but not on camping trips. When I was a child, whenever I had a sleepover, my friends and I slept in sleeping bags.
I have.
It's not so much that the sleeping bag is comfortable.....but what you sleep 'on' with the bag.
The bags are very warm, yet not too warm and I felt all snuggly :)

If one is sleeping outdoors with one, you need to take into consideration the time of year-where you will be-and of course Always have a
protection foam under and drop(plastic) so the bag is kept dry.

Cheap sleeping bags are 'not' the way to go because you only get what you pay for.

Of course some bags can get expensive, but they are for the mountain climbers so they need to keep one very warm, free from the frost bite.
Best place to look is a Camping Store if being used outside or in winter.

by Finy
Haha. This "one" finds them very slippy. :-))
by Rice
One...........meaning 'anyone'.........we use it (if English Born) when referring to ourselves or others.
by jonaja
yep, love them. I get cold easily so if i could I would use them at home - no "air spaces" for the cold air to creep in during winter.
Often, both as a child and as an adult. for sleepovers and camping trips. But I really don't like sleeping in them, I feel too restricted in them and can get too hot easily. Depending on where we are and the temperature, I will often sleep on it unzipped so I feel less restricted. If it's really cold, I will zip it to keep warm.
Yes I have and yes i found it very comfortable
100's of times camping & bushwalking.

We had top-quality 'Paddy Pallin' double & single one's, suitable for fairly cold conditions.

One time, April'76, was camping beside Myall Creek, Roma, Q'l'd., enroute back from Carnarvon Gorge.

It was very cold, so much so, that a thick layer of ice was on 4WD, & fly sheet of tent, next morning. Apparently it was -5 degree's!

We'd bedded down in 2person tent, with, from ground up.......
Thick, clear plastic sheet, space blanket, thick layer of newspapers, air bed, double sleeping bag, spread out, then we inside single sleeping bags, wearing, thick woollen socks, thermal underwear, track suits, leather, wool lined gloves, balaclava's, then double sleeping bag spread over top of us, AND we were STILL cold!
Bearing in mind top of single sleeping bags could be pulled around head for warmth!

It was bee freezing. We've never been so damn cold!
Hubby got even colder, month later, on ARes Course at Charleville, Q'l'd., as he 'phoned me to post MORE thermal underclothes to him!

Was always very comfortable in, or on top of, our bags, dependent on weather.

Thank you, donjo, for your cold camping story! My father knew Paddy Pallin, & he, (my father) died a year & a month after your big very freezing camping trip!
by Miro
Yes. Did lotsof camping but because I feel the heat, most often I would sleep with it unzipped and over me like a sheet. The secret to keeping warm inside one is to have a cotton liner, or sheet, inside the bag which also helps to keep it clean, a good quality ground sheet underneath and newspaper underneath as well if you need more insulation between ground and sleeping bag. A beanie on head keeps your head warm and does help you feel warmer as well as wearing socks as if the feet are cold, the body doesn't warm up as well.
I have often slept in sleeping bags ,and I never really had any drama with them.I think this is due to the exciting situations which were the reason for these in the first place!! I must say though,looking back on those occasions long ago, I would not wish to repeat the sleeping bag experience unless I had one of the modern and very snuggly ones which are now available!!
Yes. We used to go away with a group of friends when we were younger. We would always ttake our sleeping bags to save rooms. We often stayed in cabins or dorms to save money, so sleeping bag on top of the bed was the way to go. That way we didn't have to carry bedlinen. Sometimes if we went to parties, we would take the sleeping bags if we were tired and wanted to stay the night. There would be bodies sleeping everywhere sometimes but better than driving home if you are tired. I thought they were comfortable and kept me warm.
Yes, once in the fifth grade. My husband bought a couple of really great ones. They are extra large and you can zip them up together. Plenty of room so no feeling like an enchilada, Rice. We hope to go camping sometime.
by Vee
I have but not for a long time. I'll use them if I'm doing an overnight bushwalk but don't particularly like the feeling of being all zipped up....unless it's really really cold.
Yes, we've used them, but I've forgotten were we used them,earlier in our life!
My mother made our daughters cotton sleeping bag sheets, many years ago, & they were left at our house, when they moved out. We'd used them at our daughters b/f's house when we slept over. Now though, at our age we aren't as flexible as we used to be, & find then extremely different to climb in & out off!! Help!
by Miro
Yes and no did not find it comfortable.
Yes, we tend to sleep in sleeping bags whenever we go away!
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