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Have you ever sewn your own clothes or those of your children?

by Finy (follow)
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Are you able to sew?

Have you ever sewn your own or your children's clothes?

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Top Answers
I think I have made one or two things for my daughter when she was a baby -however I have knitted a lot for my children many moons ago.

I do not like sewing, and therefore did very little.

If something needs mending, it goes in the bin!
by Finy
No, that is one thing I have tried and it really did not work out at all.
Me too!
by Vee
Oh yes!!!! I was making my own clothes,and even designing some ,in my early teens!!! We were given a small amount of pocket money each week,plus what my parents called a 'clothes allowance' which could be spent on extra clothing items which we really loved after saving this allowance for long enough! I decided,along with my older sister,that sewing clothes from lovely fabrics when they were on special,was a super way to get many extra and individual items to wear! I thrived on this,and many of my school friends actually paid me to make items for them as well,so I ended up with even more funds!! I continued to sew while my son was still small,but once he got to school and time became more limited,I stopped sewing almost completely! When I was pregnant I made a gorgeous cot quilt which was patchwork on one side and applique on the other.My son dragged this around with him for years,like Linus from Peanuts fame!!! I still have the tiniest piece of it left for memory's sake!!
I don't want to talk about it...
by Vee
I can't sew to save my life.
Me either! Though I really wish I could.
by Vee
Yes I did make clothes for myself as a young person and knitted for my son when he was little...
by Fran
No. I completely suck at sewing!
I had to when I did Domestic Science in high school but not since. Have tried several time to sew but each time end up wanting to throw the machine out the window! I HATE sewing with a passion!
by donjo
I have never sewn my own clothes however I have made repairs to my own clothes using a sewing machine. My Mom made some of my clothes earlier in my life and she decided to show me some basic things. So I can thread the machine and make a few stitches here and there. However, creating a garment from scratch, no.
Yes, I bought myself a sewing machine and have made my youngest son some colourful pants. I really enjoy sewing, even by hand.
HATE sewing with a passion!
At school, it was a mandatory subject for Grade VIII, so too, cooking, which I loved!

My idiot parents'-in-law, unbeknownst to me, bought a machine for their daughter & two daughters'-in-law.
I would've much preferred a Microwave Oven at the time(1982). Got special deal for buying the 3. They were always about cheap as chips, yet she died a millionairess! To long a story to go into here, but suffice to say they NEVER travelled ANYWHERE, never went to movies or the theatre, he cut her hair & v.v., ate disgusting fattening food & veggies boiled to within an inch of their lives! She couldn't cook. Did baking though. Didn't own an ironing board, did that on blanket on kitchen table. Didn't own a washing machine until the 3 kids' in their teens. She never learnt to drive, & he learnt when he was 55. Sorry I married into THAT family, as time went on. The old story 'love is blind' was certainly true for me!
P.S. I sold the machine, pristine condition, never out of its' box, when I pregnant first time around! Hooray!
I sowed a dress in year 6 at school, back in the late 50’s. Then in high school, I sowed 2 nighties. And that was the last of my sowing expertise!
Mum used to sew clothes for my brother and I when we were kids. When I was about 12 I wanted to design and make some of my own clothes, so began to learn on mum's old Borletti. I did not get on with the Singer sewing machines in High School, but did Pattern and Garment Construction at TAFE in the early 80's. I've always sewed some of my clothes, mainly stretch which is really easy. In the last 10 years or so I've almost stopped because it is so difficult to find nice quality fabrics in natural fibres.
I used to make my clothes when I was working and for my first child as she was growing up. I used to whinge about the cost of buying childrens clothing but found it could be quite consuming making them myself. As the next two girls came along I had less time to use the machine. Nowadays my children give me their children's athletic shirts to hand sew numbers and logos on to and I enjoy doing this for a change. Used to darn my husband's socks when he was working as well.
I sewed a lot of clothes for my kids when they were little and simple dresses for myself. I still sew costumes for myself - only cos I can't buy them. They are usually pretty rough and often involve a lot of hidden safety pins. I sew bags and skirts for Operation Christmas Child and do a little patchwork.
I learned to sew at school and until recently made my own clothes and the children's clothing too.
It cam in handy later when I was widowed, to sew for other people, and put a little extra money in my purse, to help with the bills!

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