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Have you ever sent a text whilst at the wheel of a car?

by Finy (follow)
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There is a lot of talk about drivers sending an SMS whilst driving their car.

Have you ever done this?

What do you think about people who send texts while at the wheel even if they are stopped at traffic lights?

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Top Answers
I don't drive and I don't text, but I think that anyone who does the two together is extremely foolish and extremely in considerate because they are not putting just themselves at risks, but innocent people too.
Never ever ever. I don't know how people do it. It takes me all my time to concentrate on what's going on around me with other drivers, let alone play around with a phone.
A big no.I am passionately against texting and driving.
No - can't do two things at once safely.
I've done it, but only when sending two letter, abbreviated responses like np (no problem) or kk (okay, cool). And I make sure these instances are rare. Testing and driving is a needless hazard. In most Canadian provinces, it's illegal, and rightly so.
Well I appreciate your honesty in admitting that you have done it, and all I can say is that on the next rare occasion that you do it again, I hope I am not in front of your vehicle at a crossing. By the time you take 2-3 seconds to text np, then raise your eyes to the road, how much reaction time would you have at the rate you would be travelling? Just saying.....
by jillr
Perhaps it is only the very young who do this! I also cannot do it as it, as even at traffic lights, it takes me a minute or so to find who I want to text and by then, the lights change.

I have the feeling however, that those who do this stupid thing, would not answer this question anyway, as they all know they are doing wrong and endangering lives, and therefore probably don't want to "own up" to this!.
by Finy
Yes I have been guilty of this in the past, however have realized the error of my ways and...never do it now, would pull over and stop first...ciaou Fran
by Fran
No I hardly ever drive, even though I have my full license. Focusing on the road for me (rarity) is challenging enough. The SMS can wait.
Never! & never will. Whats the hurry I say..wait another 5 minutes or pull over if you really have to txt!
Absolutely never - you'd have to have rocks in your head if you do, and I don't want to die yet or hit some poor innocent person.
NO. I ensure my phone is switched off before leaving.
Yep, use Siri all the time
Can you use Siri to send a text?
by Finy
Wow. Siri is clever!!! At least that makes texting safer.
by Rice
No. I pull over if I have to text.
No. Don't know how to text, so problem sol-ved! Mobile Fone is in car boot when driving anyway.
I don’t drive, & my husband has never sent a text while he’s been in his car. A car has to be stopped, with the motor off, if the driver doesn't want to get a ticket. I wish everyone who does text while driving, would get caught & booked.
My phone is in my handbag when I drive. I will not answer it under any circumstances. If it was to keep ringing I would pull over and answer it in case it was an emergency. As for texting - no way!
by Rice
Oh! Rice, if u do pull over, make sure you switch engine off!
And preferably, get out of the car......
by donjo
Ooooh. I turn the engine off but i never thought about getting out of the car . . . are the police THAT strict?
by Rice
No, I don't use the cellphone/text when driving.
How can a person be aware of what's going on around them if they texting/driving? Too dangerous!
I do not text at all
DO NOT TEXT or USE PHONES WHILE DRIVING it is almost as bad as those who DRINK and DRIVE.
Stop it, do not do it, you are dangerous on the roads.
I totalled my car looking brefly at my phone (sat nav not text ). Dont do it. Not worth the risk.
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