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Have you ever returned an item to the shop after having used it?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever used an item, and then returned it to the shop?

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Top Answers
I actually don't think I have ever done this. apart from an electrical item that did not work.

I hate taking things back so don't willingly do it.

However, on saying that I just took a pair of 8 year old shoes back as the sole disintegrated. They tried to fob me off, but this time I was firm as I had not seen this happen, and had hardly worn the sandals. In the end they gave me a new pair, but this is not quite what the question meant!
by Finy
I don't think I ever have....unless an electrical appliance.....would generally just give the piece of clothing away to either a friend or recycle shop.
by Fran
Not my favourite thing to do but if it is faulty then I think you need to follow it through despite the inconvenience. You can end up with an entire product recall which wouldn't happen if people go it is all too hard.
Now if you mean have I ever used an item, and then returned it simply because I didn't want it anymore, or I just wanted it for one use only, then it is a NO from me.
No,this is just something I could NEVER do,not ever,ever ever!!! Yuk!! IF IT HAS BEEN USED,IT IS NO LONGER NEW,SO CANNOT BE TAKEN BACK!
Sorry to be such a bore!
Yes, unfortunately I have had to, after finding faults in the product (still with tags) - it's such a grueling but necessary process.
I don't I ever have returned something after using
by AJ
I have NEVER done this, but I know of people who do this regularly. Not a very good idea.
So I forgot to dress for the occasion at a conference at work and lived an hour and a half away. So I popped to Grace Brothers, found a $250 suit and $90 blouse and bought them, left the tags on and tucked them in and then at the end of the day after wearing it, I returned it. No questions asked. I said I changed my mind.
Jeebus, you've got more front than a rat with a gold tooth
by fran.
If you mean I knew I would wear it, and know that I would return it after wearing it.
Absolutely not.

But if you mean have I returned things, that had a problem....of course!
You won't know until you use it.(As far as clothes) no I always make sure they are good-to-go.
No I meant wearing it, and simply taking it back for no good reason, or no, legitimate reason!
by Finy
Well in that case....no....I have not.
by jonaja
Yes, if the item was faulty. If your question meant to wear something knowing I would return it afterwards - absolutely not. Very dishonest and wrong.
Never! That's stealing!

Many years' ago, there was a top Socialite here who used to buy a dress from a Store, wear it to a Function & return it next day 'as unsuitable'. The store knew what she was doing. They had to Dry Clean each dress returned!

This she did countless times. They stupidly put up with it as 'good will'. It came to the attention of a Manager. He bided his time & bingo! she was photographed & picture in paper.
When she came to return dress, he was called & when he arrived at counter, he had a copy of EVERY Return Sales Docket, for the previous 12 months' of her's. The current dress, wasn't refunded & she was told, very politely, they did not need her 'custom' anymore!

Caught in her own trap! Idiot!
That is just terribleā€¦..but awfully typical of "socialites" or "well heeled" people !
by fran.
Yes, fran, she was the 'woman of convenience' for a prominent city official at the time. She wasn't his wife, for reasons' which were quite obvious, so both he & she were thieves, as he knew, & sanctioned, what she was doing, 'Wear' was stolen from item, which couldn't be replaced.

Totally disgusting behaviour, but she was the 'laugh of the Town' , as EVERYBODY, & then some, knew what she was doing. Her time'll come...........

by donjo
No pride. How embarrassing.
by fran.
No way; I never have and never could.
Unless of course it is faulty.
No way. I could never do that.
by Miro
Have ONLY ever returned faulty items, but not very often, as I try on clothes, & shoes before purchase.
I don't think I ever done that.
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