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Have you ever rescued an animal?

by chipp (follow)
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There are many animals that end up in dire need. Have you ever rescued an animal? If so, how did you rescue them, and what type of animal did you rescue?

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Top Answers
We found an injured bird on the side of the road and called for help to see what can be done with him. Although I can't remember the organisation that I spoke to, we were told they couldn't help us and gave us a number for someone else. We tried to call several times, but there was no answer. As I had a small child in the car, I couldn't risk transporting him with us. So in the end, we put him in a safe area and stayed with him for about an hour to see what happens. He seemed to pick up and walked into the bushes.
When I was at primary school, my friends and I formed a bug rescue group. At play time we would save insects in need. Together we freed a bee from a cobweb, and relocated worms on the playground to a flower bed.
Yes. My husband and I were driving home one night and we spotted an orange ball of fur on the road. Thinking it was our cat we screeched to a halt and stuck the cat in the car. The poor thing had been hit by a car. He was breathing heavily and could barely walk. So, we took him home and after being yelled at by Husband's confused grandfather, realised he was not our cat. We then took him to the vet after finding one that was open at 12:30 am, and they assured us they would look after him. Several months later we saw him sitting on the lawn in his front yard. We couldn't believe someone could hit an animal and simply leave it for dead.
by Vee
Unfortunately I haven't. I did spend four hours at a time with the family cat when he was on his last legs after 17 years. Cuddles to alleviate his pain.
Yes. We once saw a tabby cat on the side of the road. It did not look healthy. Across the stomach, it was maybe about 6-8 cm, so that meant that somebody wasn't feeding him. So we took care of him for the night, and took him to the vet the next day.
I found a bird that was injured and hobbling around near a driveway at uni. So I covered it with my cardigan and scooped it up. I don't drive and so I googled to find the closest vet. I had to catch a tram to take it there, but thankfully they took it in. I'm not sure if they were able to do anything, but I'm glad I tried.
Twice I have adopted 2 neglected animals from the RSPCA. They both had big problems but did settle down to be absolutely adorable little dogs. The one I have now only has three legs thanks to its previous owner.
Years ago, when I was taking my daughter for a walk in her pram, we came across a baby bird that had fallen from its nest and took it to a wildlife rescue.
Yes, have rescued birds, cats & a koala, over the years'.
My first was a cat who was just skin & bone, poor thing. I found it in yard. Took it upstairs, & gave it milk & warmed mince. Next day took it to Vet. Was told it was a male, we had it de sexed & kept him.

He was a beautiful totally grey cat, with big yellow eyes! He just adored having a warm shower & wash with Sunlight Soap!

He died of kidney failure at 21half years' old. I'd had him for 19half years', as Vet reckoned he was 2yo when we found him. The kidney problem was a direct result of his being starved for a period of time, before I found him. Poor boy!

But he got lots of love, comfort, love, food, love, rabbit & more love, & I think that's why he lived SO long! He's been gone now 30 years! & I still miss him terribly!
I hope to see him on the other side of 'The Rainbow Bridge' one day, along with my beautiful Corgi girl!
We have rescued several injured birds but they died. Recently we were given a budgie that had been found and my housemate not only adopted it but bought another to keep it company.
ROFLMAO!! Welcome to my life. There is not much I haven't rescued and not much dies at my place. If it's got fur or feathers it will find me or people will bring it to me. Crow in your cooler bag at work? Yep, that's me. Dove down your shirt? Yep, yep, yep. I found new born kittens in my backyard and immediately took them to our vet. They find me, oh yes, they find me.
by Rice
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