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Have you ever received, or given a wolf whistle?

by Finy (follow)
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Both men and women get wolf whistled at.

Has this ever happened to you, or have you ever done it to someone?

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Top Answers
Yes when I was younger, had my own business, and I travelled to the North west of WA selling. At first I thought, oooh how nice are these places, and then after several trips I realised there was a lack of women.
At that stage these remote, hot towns were mainly men and there were no female FIFO workers, so I realised I was just a novelty. I could have had two heads and they still would have whistled as they probably hadnt seen a new female in many weeks.

Think it has only happened a few times to me in the city.
by Finy
Given them, no. Recieved them a couple of times. It's a little better than when they just yell "show us your tits!".
Definitely better.
by lynne
I am not good at whistling of any sort,but I used to receive a lot of wolf whistles right up into my early 40s which always used to make me smile,and actually give me a lift!! I do feel it was a great compliment when I received them!!
I've never wolf whistled anyone and fact I doubt I would even be able to do it; whistling isn't one of my skills.
I have never wolf whistled but I have received them. It makes me feel very uncomfortable
by AJ
I can't wolf whistle. I've never wanted to wolf whistle at someone walking by but I would like to be able to do it at festivals and other outdoor concerts. It's a great disappointment to me that I just can't get the hang of it!
And yes, as a teenager and young adult I got whistled at a lot. I rarely paid any attention to it.
Yes I used to get them when I was younger..it always made me feel uncomfortable. In those days it was an accepted norm, now however..thankgoodness it is no longer allowed by Law I don't think. Women have come a long way in that regard, sadly not in some other regards...ie equal pay and...domestic violence is in epic proportions in Australia apparently
by fran
Have received a couple of times! I reckon the blokes must've been blind!
Yes, I've copped a few - I find them most uncomfortable.
Used to get them a fair bit when I was young, but then most young chicks in the 60s would get them! Nowadays I sometimes get a car horn tooted at me when I am walking in my sports gear. Mind you they don't see me close up to see I'm older than they think!
Both . . .and I bet mine was louder than the ones I've received. Bahahahahahahaha! Dogs come for miles when I whistle.
by Rice
Nothing like a wolf whistle to make you feel good, all that effort to dress nicely and apply makeup was worth it! They are harmless and never meant to hurt anyone. These days I would like to give a whistle to some of the hot blokes I see but I give them a cheeky grin instead. A bit of flirting never hurt anyone and good for self esteem, that is how I see it....
The last one I received was in a Pet store. I heard a wolf whistle close by, turned around to see a cocky looking at me. Then he did it again! LOL. None since & that pet store is closed now.
When much much younger in the 70's yes I would get them.

Even if I could whistle I would never do it myself.
Back then it was the norm...and I did feel a bit uncomfortable, when on the end of them.
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