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Have you ever raised a frog from a tadpole?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: flickr -Orin Zebest

Have you ever had a tadpole, and kept it till it turned into a frog?

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Top Answers
I used to do this when I was much younger and it was much easier, for some reason, to find tadpoles.

It was quite fascinating though they didnt always survive from memory.

There are far fewer frogs around nowadays than when I was young -even on the farm I used to live on, we didnt often see them despite being surrounded by water.
by Finy
I tried many years ago.

But can't really remember because it was like over half a Century ago.

I know one thing, it didn't turn into a handsome prince!
Mine did but then he turned ugly after a few years!!
by Finy
LOL...Mine too! wow..we really have a lot in common.
by jonaja
I absiolutely LOVE frogs!!! When we were small,we ALWAYS went tadpoling and raised them to frogs.We would have ponds set p at school where they would be safe from predators.It was so fascinating,no matter how many times we did it!!! This was down in Victoria in the late 60's when this was being done. Now I live in North Queensland and I have many of the glorious green tree frogs which are featured in Photos so often. I love photography myself and have taken some great pictures of these gorgeous critters.They are ALWAYS smiling!! The various types range from the size of a little finger nail to the palm of a hand! Wondrous and very special little folk who apparently are indicators of a clean environment!
Yes of course, when you have had children this is part of their education..
by fran
I've never raised a frog period. They're not the most interesting of creatures, at least not in my book.
by Gia
Interesting question Finy ! I have never done that or even thought about it.
by BK
No. I think I have only ever seen a live frog once in Australia in my life. That's quite sad now that I think of it.
by Vee
yes very sad....sad indeed....yes...sad :(
by jonaja
My daughter has. She raises them from the egg stage right through. Even at 16 she has several in a professional reptile tank in her room. There's a stick insect in there with them.

When she was 10 she knew so much about frogs that she held her own in a conversation with the curator of the amphibian exhibition at the museum for over half an hour - talking only in scientific, latin names. They guy said that if she was 18 they'd employ her in a heartbeat .... but she was 10. Unschooling impressed everyone that day.
Yes of course, when you have had children this is part of their education..
by fran
My grandad had a large fish pond in his front yard and the frog spawn could be found on the bottom of water lily leaves. We often caught tadpoles after they hatched and raised them in a fish tank. I had no lid and invariably our fully grown frogs disappeared. My husband and I have a fish pond now and our grandchildren found tadpoles there at Christmas.
I was given 50 tadpoles that were Green tree frog species. I raised them in the dogs bath, changing water frequently and feeding them on lettuce leaves that were blanched in boiling water.
The frogs ate the lettuce leaving just a thin membrane which was removed everytime a new lettuce leaf was place in the bath.
Forty frogs were raised and when the last part of tail remained they were placed in Bromeliad plants, many were given to neighbours and friends.
See Photo
Yes I was given 60 tadpoles and raised 40 tadpoles successfully into young Green Tree Frogs. Feeding them on blanched lettuce leaves, they nibbled on the leaves until only a small amount of leaf membrane was left.
Raising the tadpoles into frogs gave great satisfaction.
Loved doing this. LOVE frogs. Such a good thing to do for our ecosystem too. We need more frogs.
by Rice
Yes, I was given approx. 60 tadpoles and eventually raised 40 Green tree Frogs, and gave them to neighbours and kept some in my garden amongst bromeliads.
No, I have never raised a frog from a tadpole, although I used to go tadpole catching and enjoyed it.
No, I haven't raised them, but I used to go to a nearby creek, & I'd see them in there. We'd find green tree frogs in our parents letterbox, quite often though. (No, the question wasn't asking if we'd seem frogs, but I thought I'd mention it anyway!)
by Miro
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