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Have you ever played, or learnt how to play the piano?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever learnt, or have you ever played the piano, and do you still play it?

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Top Answers
I learnt for many years, and I played for about 12 years.
I then bought a piano as an adult however I no longer have it and can only remember a bit of all those piano lessons I had, and no longer can read the notes.

I didnt seem to get time when I had to piano so gave it away.
by Finy
I had lesions as a child did not practice. i think a disappointment to my mother who could play very well and loved it. still have the piano which has been passed down through the family it was a marriage present in 1890 has a lovely tone , its a sham that it is not played nowadays.

Good idea to READ what you've typed before hitting 'reply' button!
by donjo
Piano lesions. You get them on the ends of your fingers. ROFLMAO!!!!
by Rice
I've never learnt but have often thought I would like to. I once thought it's something I would do in retirement but my bucket list is getting so big I'm not sure there's any more room on it.
I never learned how to play the piano,but I did have a few lessons with an organ,and from there I played the same things on a piano at school!!! Not very wonderfully though!!!!
This is right up my alley.
Yes I have learnt the piano to grade 5, then did a modern course to play more modern stuff using chords and runs etc.
and yes I have a piano and play it when the mood strikes. It is my soulfood...
by Fran
My Mum tried to teach me when I was little but I wasn't really interested. I admire people who can do it well.
I started playing the piano aged four and became very good at it.... I carried on playing right through university years but after graduation I moved into an attic flat with no piano and no access to anyone else's piano so stopped playing then. We have a lovely piano now, my husband plays it a lot and I am encouraging my son to play it too. I have the occasional tinkle but rarely play it properly. I'm happy to listen to others these days!
I taught myself to play and then took lessons. I love it and find it very relaxing. I don't play as much as I used to, but still love it when I do.
I learnt as a kid, then went to violin that I still play. My piano playing now is rusty but I can still sit at one and get the bass clef notes perfect, regarding reading them on music.
I bought a piano lesson last year but only went to lesson one time. lol
I took lessons because when my mother inherited her mother's mothers piano, the offer was made:

Who ever gets the lessons, gets the piano.

As the only one who took up the offer, I now have the piano.

I play for enjoyment.
As a 7yo, had a couple of lessons. Hated it. Wanted to do 'Elocution'!

Had a disappointed Mother as all females in family learnt & could play, especially Mum!

Mum soon changed her mind when I started doing Speech Exams, Trinity College & AMEB, & obtaining 'Honours' results! Went as far as Licentiate.
Still love it, & IMO, nothing better than listening to a person who speaks well!

Way too many slovenly speakers in this Country! Just listen to the 'average' person in a TV news interview; you can't understand a word they're saying, either because they don't open their mouths' or they have foreign accents which cannot be understood, as they haven't bothered learning to speak English!

Oops! Went off on a bit of a tangent there!
Piano runs in my family. Aunt was a concert pianist. I learned for a while. I used to commit all the music to memory. Got into trouble for it. Gave it up. Would like to KO the idiot teacher now. I just sing now.
by Rice
That's sad that you got in trouble for memorizing music. Weird, I had to memorize like 20 pieces for the contests I entered. Your piano teacher didn't know what they were doing.

I wish I could sing. Never could. Oh well..... bully for you!!!!!!
by Polly
Why yes! I have a Franklin grand piano from 1914 and play it all of the time. Only classical. I took ten years of lessons as a kid. I love my piano! I keep it well maintained and tuned.
To hell with singing . . .YOU have a grand piano!! WOW. Anybody can sing but playing a grand piano . . .that's something! Oh, it must be gorgeous.
by Rice
I have always wanted a grand piano, so I saved up and got one. I have always wanted to live on a lake, so I found a way. I have always wanted a Maine Coon 30 lb. cat, so I found a way to get one... My friends call me Tenacious P. LOL

I think that you and I would get along great, Rice! Let me know if you are coming to the States!
by Polly
I think it is interesting that you guys say "learnt" when in the United Stated we say "learned." Interesting.......
I never learnt to play a piano, but we bought 1 for our daughters. It had to be carried up 13 uneven stone steps, to the front door. the eldest daughter had lessons from someone who lived close by, the other daughter had a teacher who came to the house. Neither of the girls lasted long in their interest, so we sold it back to the person who's company it was, for 1/2 of what we'd paid for it! Um.
by Miro
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