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Have you ever left a note on a car?

by Vee (follow)
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parked cars
Image by thesuccess, via morguefile.com

I've left notes on several people's cars berating them for parking shoddily.

Have you ever left a note on somebody's car? If so, why?

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Top Answers
No, I've never left a note.
Yes, recently I did. There was a person who would park in our spot everyday. It was quite frustrating. I would try to look out for him to try talking to him but never saw him, only his car in our spot clearly marked with our unit number.
by BK
How annoying!
by Vee
Could you not have some form of redress through the Body Corporate?
Hope you took photos, as they're date stamped!
by donjo
Hi Donjo, I got a chance to speak with the guy and he kept saying random stuff like he is supposed to have 2 spots and was arrogant. That is when I notified the body corporate and asked them to clarify. It was just yesterday, I saw him again and confronted him to please be considerate and park somewhere else. I guess he was ignoring even body corporate's notice because they clearly agreed that the parking was our's and said they would notify tenants about the allocation. Hope it is sorted out this time. I hope I do not see his car again in our spot.
by BK
Seems now positive, kabhi! Here's hoping anyway! Cheers!
by donjo
I'm sorry you have to put up with such rudeness. It is just something we don't need, those aggravations from inconsiderate people. Imagine an anvil falling on his car - it will give you a reason to smirk ;-))
by Rice
Never until about 3 weeks ago. We were parked on the street just down from the corner and were legally parked and left a little space in front. Some stupid person parked right on the corner where they shouldn't have and parked us in. If it wasn't for me guiding my hubby to go back a couple of inches then forward etc. we would never have been able to get the car out. So I left a note and made sure the person realised what they had done. It's something we are very wary of when we park as we don't want to inconvenience others or have any damage to our car. Unfortunately inconsiderate people like that really peeve me off and they did it on a bad day.
That's one of my pet peeves as well. Good on you.
by Vee
Yes I did about six months ago because I saw a car crash right into a parked car and just drive off! I wrote down the numberplate of the other car and described the driver and left it on a note with my phone number. They never rang me, but I hope the damage was fixed on their car because it was quite a dent in the door.
Good for you!
by Vee
Up to this point I've never had to. Thank God.
Maybe once...or...twice.

I had one woman leave on my car a note, because I gave her a 'beep'!
She watched me from the other side of the street take it off my window, and Not read....but place it in the bin.
No, I would never leave a note.

Firstly, I think it's a bit cowardly to just leave a note. Why not wait for them to return and say it to their face if there is a problem. Otherwise they probably aren't going to take any notice.

Secondly, if it's just a matter of not parking correctly, you can't just assume it's their fault. If there is already a car parked incorrectly and the next car has no choice but to follow suit with the previous car then it's not really their fault.
Personally, I don't have time to wait and secondly, I always check the car beside them.
by Vee
Usually it's a 'helpful' note I leave ie 'noticed your driver side rear brake light not working' or 'noticed your passenger side rear tyre is flat'.
If someone's parked up my @&):, leave a note telling them what I think of their parking skill. This is really pertinent when someone 'overflows' into MY car parking bay; gives me the screamin' 'heebie-jeebies'

I was in a car park once near XMAS, & the car next to mine had 'antlers' coming out of the front doors! I just cracked up, it looked SO cute & funny.
So I left a note saying 'thank you for giving me a really good laugh, & they look good. Merry Xmas'
That's sweet donjo. Good stuff.
by Vee
Yes. If I bump into their car when parking, I leave a note with my details. Damage usually minor so they never call back. At least I am honest. I wouldn't like to return to my car and find a scratch on it. I'm no hit and runner !!!
I have never had cause to but I did once stop and chalk paint (marker) my other half's car windows when he was at a meeting. Hysterical. They all came out and thought it was real paint and he had been vandalised. He was laughing so much they thought he was nuts.
by Rice
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