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Have you ever killed an animal?

by Vee (follow)
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We slaughtered our hens because they stopped laying eggs. I offered to continue looking after them myself, but apparently it ‘had to be done’. I wasn’t part of the actual process, and I kept clear of the yard for a couple of days. I suppose it was tolerable because we made use of their bodies. Chicken soup was on the menu that night.

I have not killed anything bigger than a cockroach. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have to slaughter an animal or accidently hit an animal on the road.

Perhaps this just shows that I have always lived in the suburbs and am not accustomed to practises that are quite mundane for others.

Have you ever killed an animal, either intentionally or by accident?

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Top Answers
No, never. I believe in ' live & let live'. You can go back in any history on any continent the worst killer is a 'human being'.I 'm a vegetarian & I'm perfectly happy with my vegetarian food intake. I don't need to kill anything to satisfy my hunger & beside what special rights we think we have to justify killing other animals or even insects. Sometimes in the night when you step out you accidently step on a snail & that crunching sound bothers me for hours afterwards.My dad would go on hunting trips with his friends & my uncles & my dad thought that I'm going be 'sissy' & forced me to go on their big game hunting trip but I never did. Then while I was at the uni. I read a book called 'hunting with camera' & I gave it to my dad.I forget the name but the author explains they take all the risks to take a shot (picture) but would never think of harming them. He said ' the animals have the same right to live' just like us. And the other example was India's late Prime minister Mr. Nehru who always went hunting.One day he shot a deer but strange enough the female deer did't run away. When he went to see his kill he noticed that the female deer had tears in her eyes & it seemed to be asking him ' what have we done to you that you took it upon yourself to kill us' ? ? Mr Nehru could't stop his own tears & when he saw that sad & teary female deer & the way it sat next to the male deer's body like urging mr. Nehru to kill her too. That was his last ever hunt & he never ever went hunting again.As for me I'm afraid of Spiders but I almost get a heart attack when I try to catch it in a bottle & take it out side .Inever killl anything & I don't use an insect spray. There are some special Candle stick that you can burn to keep flys & all other insects away.Our Animal testing in the name of science has gone far too far & all in the name of science. I'm a member of 'Green Peace' & I hate what Japanese are doing to the Whales in name of the science So now just who is more barberic,blood thursty,selfish & so called 'civilised'. I don't like fishing too.Some of my friends think I'm a bit too sensitive & can't stomach blood.I see no bravery in catching a fish & then hitting it's head with a hammer to feel just how strong you are.I was brought up having all kinds of animals,birds,fihes & I just love them all. I could never kill them & if I ever do then I should be punished and hurt without any mercy.
Wow Shane. Your passion is admirable. I agree with a lot of the points you've raised, especially those concerning hunting and fishing. I once heard a story about a friend of a friend who shot a rhino 'just because he could'. It makes my blood boil to think there are people in the world who think this is acceptable.
by Vee
If people want to prove their bravado and power.. ask them to fight the animals they kill hand-to-hand - no weapons of any kind on either of them. Let's see who wins!
by Manny
That's an interesting one. Lots of people eat animals but couldn't bear to kill one which I think is a little hypocritical though understandable. I've killed (and eaten) fish, and killed a few insects. I put out traps and caught some mice in them, which I suppose counts even though I didn't do it in person. I reckon I probably kill a chicken if I really, really had to, but I wouldn't want to. I can't imagine killing a mammal. It's easier to empathise with them so it would be much harder.
Oops, I mean a large mammal. Though even killing a mouse by more direct means would be nasty.
I have killed.
I was upset, but the animal ran onto the road very quickly.
If I also saw a animal attack anyone, I would attack back...with the aim to kill.
Have no problem what so ever, doing it.Esp if a old person or child was being attacked.
That is a very good question.
When we lived on a property we intentionally set traps for the huge water rats that were all around.

We also used to kill snakes as they were highly deadly and we had animals everywhere.

The picture I have enclosed is a snake (later killed) who got caught in one of our rat traps!

My partner used to want to kill our geese and ducks to eat and i was horrified that anyone could even think of doing this seeing as we had named them, I talked to them every day, patted them, got eggs from them. I just could not understand how any person who supposedly loved animals had the heart to do this. I certainly would not have cooked it anyway so it did not happen.

by Finy
It was a similar thing with our hens; I would talk to them, feed them and collect their eggs. It's really quite saddening.
by Vee
It was a similar thing with our hens; I would talk to them, feed them and collect their eggs. It's really quite saddening.
by Vee
No, I'm a vegetarian so I find the idea horrifying. When I was I child I went fishing once with my father, but even then (I wasn't vegetarian at that time) I didn't I didn't like killing the fish so we could eat them.
No, living in a city I have never had need to. My dad has told stories of growing up in the country where killing a chicken for Sunday roast was commonplace, but that was over 60 years ago.
Nothing more than an insect. I wouldn't be able to. But I guess if for self-defence I had to kill a rodent or snake, that courage would come somehow.
I have killed insects before - both intentionally and accidentally - but have always felt guilty afterwards. I have never killed an any other type of animal though. I don't think I could.
I'm the same. We had ants invade our kitchen and I had to kill them. I felt guilty because the poor buggers were just looking for food to keep their nest going.
by Vee
me too Vee.....me too :(
by jonaja
I have ran over a rabbit and a pheasant, and this year I ran over a lizard. I can vividly remember all of these occasions as I cried my eyes out. I know they are only little animals, but I hate the notion that they were going about their lives happily and then got run over by me. On all occasions there was nothing I can do about it, they just jumped out in front of me. I'm a complete softy and it broke my heart that I had killed them. I agree with Jennifer, that it's completely hypocritical of me, in that I am a meat eater so I obviously play a role in that animal slaughter too, but running over an animal feels different somehow.
I don't have the moral high ground here because I still eat dairy products, which leads to the slaughter of animals too. It's easier not to think about it when you don't see it, but sometimes we need to think about it.
Our house had a bunch of rats that had 'plagued' us. While my partner bought a non-lethal rat trap, that sadly didn't work at all. Goodness we tried though!

When we upgraded to the red and white rat traps that you see in Bunnings we caught a rat within a couple of hours. Over the next few days we caught about six. Unfortunately not all of them died in the trap. A couple of them were stuck in the traps and I needed to finish the job. A very distressing task but one that had to be done!

On another note, sometimes I would like to kill the possum that eats all of my fruit and vegetable plants in the garden. I won't... But sometimes it's a close thing!
Oh Matt, that rat story...I don't know if I could have done it, but like you said: it had to be done. Could you somehow enclose your plants to keep the possum from nicking your goods?
by Vee
We've got cages around our plants - but as soon as anything grows through the cage it gets eaten! Plus it was quite difficult to cage all of the pumpkins and the possum just wanted a nibble on each of them!
Don't forget possums are a protected species, illegal to harm or kill.
by toodl
Don't forget possums are a protected species, illegal to harm or kill.
by toodl
Oh yes. That I know.
by Vee
As a general rule, I love animals and do not enjoy killing them and will avoid it if at all possible, but a) they provide many important nutrients that our bodies benefit from and b) it's amazing what you can do when your (or someone else's) survival depends on it. Likewise, sometimes we are faced with euthenasing animals because the only alternative is to allow them to die a slow and painful death.

To date, I have killed dogs, cats, fish, kangaroos, lizards, rodents, snakes, chooks & other birds, frogs, rabbits and insects and I don't recall ever enjoying a single act of it. Quite the contrary actually.
by kimp
That's quite an extensive list you have there parks. Do you live in a rural area?
by Vee
I've squashed a lot of ants, mozzies and fleas over my lifetime, and caught 2 fish. I think it's a kind practice to take a moment to acknowledge the animals that died when we eat meat too.
by Lucy
for all the softy.s live through a w w 2 with hunger
a constant companion i killed pigs,goats,rabbits, chicken, cats even sparrows for food ,even my own pets ! welcome to the top of the food chain
bert neutgens
That sounds fair enough.
by Vee
Depends... do mosquito's count as animals?
They do. The little bloodsuckers. I'm guilty too, but I wouldn't worry too much...
by Vee
Not intentionally, but I have hit rabbits and mice in my car when I was younger during plagues. It was a horrible feeling.
Plagues? Where did you live when you were younger?
by Vee
If we're talking about animals as opposed to insects, then no. Couldn't physically do it. I would feel guilty for the rest of my life. Just to look into the eyes of an animal then kill it, I don't know how people do it. The older I get, the softer I get.
Intentionally YES - many many animals we consider pests - cockroaches, spiders, silverfish, couple of lizards etc etc
And as part of my diet - scores of them.. not any more after turning vegetarian about a year back..
Still continue to - removing so-called pests from my much-adored properties..
The one or rather couple of things I can't stand is when we humans claim to take others' (incl. fellow humans') lives in a HUMANE manner!
There's nothing humane about taking one's life!
And another is, being introduced to farm animals on friends' farms as Dorothy the cow, ABC the lamb and so on.. and then claiming at dinner that they'd to slaughter Dorothy to feed the guests!!
I want to scream out loud "W T F is wrong with you guys? Just this afternoon you told me "Dorothy" is practically family!!"
i killed a fish recently and felt very bad. I couldn't get myself to eat it.
no. the only situation I came close to was when first living in Queensland and we collected cane toads that were rife in the area and put them in a plastic bag in the freezer. we were advised this was the most humane way. My husband has caught rats on our property and killed them by drowning, the cage trap being plonked into a garbage bin full of water. We've had a vet put down a pet due to old age and terrible sickness. I dont agree with killing animals for sport. I lived in the country and each year witnessed the opening of duck season. could never understand it.
I've killed by accident. I've run over 2 animals with my car - an injured pigeon and chipmunk - and I hit a song bird that flew in front of my car once. I have never killed anything on purpose aside form the occasional bug.
No never thank goodness.
I've accidently killed bugs and spiders and I've never killed an animal bigger than a funnel web spider which sadly needed to die as it was in our tent camping and putting 5 young girls at risk and if I through it outside it would just crawl in a different tent 90% of which contained 4 or more children. I hate to kill spiders and I hated to kill this one but I had to keep the younger kids safe (I was 14.) ive never killed anything other than a bug or arachnid and hope I never have to. Until recently there used to be a carp from the river living in the fish pond outside I just couldn't bare letting the boys knock another over the head aha.
We were going 'scrub' in 4WD, & owl flew into its' wire front widescreen protector.
Owl's Neck was broken, so Hubby chopped off its' head with our very sharpe axe. I couldn't do that!

I then dug a hole to bury it in, so scavengers' wouldn't get to it.

Poor little Owl!

I was very upset by this situation, as I LOVE all animals'. Owls' are ONE of my favourites', too!

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