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Have you ever instantly not liked someone for no reason?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever walked into a room and shortly thereafter there is someone you do not like at all?

Was there a reason, or did you know why you felt this way?

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Top Answers
Yeds, this is very strange.
It has happened to me a few times and I always feel a bit guilty as I do not have a reason.

Something about the person's demenour that I just don't like but I cannot put it into words as I do not know the reason.

by Finy
This definitely DOES happen to me!!! Although there is no OBVIOUS reason for my aversion to certain people,a strange thing happens which makes me feel this way. I get a prickly warning feeling in my skin,and the hair on my arms stand up ,just like when we get goose bumps,or are really cold!!! I always take heed of these symptoms as usually I find out that there IS something very unlikeable or even basically WRONG about the folk who make this happen to me!! They say that the instinct of children and dogs is worth respecting,and I do believe this is true.As a child I would often get an instant feeling od wariness with strangers,and it was always the right instinct to have had!!! So now as an adult I still act on my gut feelings!!
Me too Jules.
by annfi
Yes, it doesn't happen very often at all but I have had a couple of instances when my gut feeling has lead me to dislike someone straight off. I think sometimes your instincts just kick in.
Yes it has happened to me a few a times - I think that you can't like everyone and not every person you meet will like you.
by AJ
Yes, this has happened to me on several occasions. Strange and annoying.
by Vee
It has happened to me, but I become very much aware 'why' soon after.

It's a sixth sense, and whatever is going on in their lives, or things they do will cause a reaction around me.
I have been close to someone in a room, and the hairs on the back of my neck just stand up.....in cases like this, you move away from that person quickly.

isnt it so odd! what clever animals we really are..
by Finy
:) all part of our make-up.
by jonaja
Yes. I always trust this instinct.
by annfi
Yes, but I soon understand the reasons why. It may seem with no reason at first, but it's actually my guts.
by jonaja
Yes, I believe we all have a chemical reaction to people and there are some that you just don't like...of course there are the obvious other reasons such as..they talk too much and mostly about their life, aren't interested in you or yours..etc.
by Fran
Unfortunately, yes. But I'm actually meant to be in a social situation with that person tonight and am hoping to reverse that situation as it's too overwhelming to simply hate a person for no reason whatsoever.

Wish me luck! It's going to be awkward! :/
good luck Xarah -however if the feeling is there, it is there!
by Finy
believe in your feelings and just be polite, don't have to be anything else… hope all goes well...
by brigi
Trust this feeling . Be polite but don't trust this person.
by annfi
Trust this feeling . Be polite but don't trust this person.
by annfi
I have- like the other people who replied...everyone else may like them-but something just 'dosn't sit' with me..for no reason. Through experiences..I have discovered that I was..'right.' ..in my world anyway

We should learn to take heed of our instincts, me included, Gut feelings are usually correct. Inbuilt in us for thousands of years! Yes have not liked someone from the first meeting and these days try to take notice and not worry why, As most of you say, cannot like everyone and vice versa. I tend to give people a second chance and try to see if the feeling was misunderstood the first time.
Just to add to my comment, if your animals don't like someone, take NOTICE! They are right.
Exactly! your so right.
by jonaja
Like others here have said, there are occasions when I just feel uneasy around someone. I like most people and am willing to give people a chance. Even so, now and then I meet someone who makes me uneasy. Other people may be okay around that person but if I feel uneasy I take heed of the feeling.
Yes, get a certain 'gut' feeling about some people!
Can't actually pin-point it, but I'm usually right, in the long run!
I think you do occasionally get a sixth sense about a person which you can't really quantify. If that happens to me I tend to listen to it.
Yes. I have a sixth sense when it comes to people. I've been right so many times it isn't funny. I come from a family who have these kind of instincts so I always trust my feelings.
For sure. And it has always turned out there is a good reason for the feeling.
Yes. ALWAYS trust this feeling! We have instincts for a reason. Unfortunately in childhood I came in contact with some very bad people...I seem to be able to detect them now and keep right away.
Recently I had to attend a different Drs surgery. One Doctor gave me that feeling. I overheard a mother with a child saying that she had to go away and would come back soon. He offered for the child to stay with him! Fortunately she said no. If she had said yes, I would have followed her out and urged her to go back for her daughter immediately.
Having received your comment and now having read YOUR reply to this super question, I do not feel in the least bit odd!!! Thank you so much for having the same gut feelings as I seem to take heed of. They are very strong when they happen, and I never ignore them!!
by Jules
Thank you Jules.
by annfi
Yes, I have and discovered why later on.
It's just something about certain people, that I don't want anything to do with.
Yes and I still won't budge my opinion. I believe we have that ability to protect ourselves and we have an inbuilt warning system.
I have taken a dislike to someone,I actually didn't meet them,she was at my niece's christening,I couldn't put my finger on it, but I just took an instant disliking to the woman.
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