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Have you ever hung up on anybody?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever hung up the phone on anyone mid sentence?

#Hang up
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Top Answers
I have only ever hung up on telemarketer type people
by AJ
Yes, I have hung up on several people -I do not like being abused or shouted at, and have hung up while someone was shouting at me.

I also hang up regularly on nuisance calls and "fix your computer" type calls, and any calls I think are a scam. Though I do say no thank you while they are talking, and they do not even stop their spiel, and then I just hang up
by Finy
Of course!
All part of life.

I won't put up with people who phone me, and try to con me...esp the folk in India.
I ask them why they scam people, and they swear etc....so I hang up.

There are a LOT of really nasty people out there...
really -they swear at you ...the other day i was at a friend's and he asked the guy his other name, let him talk for about a minute, asked him where he is, and then swore at him -I was quite horrified!!
by Finy
I know....quite awful having them phone all the time...
by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, are you not on the 'Do Not Call' register? It works very well.
by donjo
ok thanks for that :)

by jonaja
Yes. My landlord in Germany (who was Italian!), after we had moved back to the UK. We had some issues over who was responsible for some damage in the house and he would not stop talking and listen to my point of view. I asked him to be quiet several times but he just kept talking over me, getting louder and louder, so I just hung up. No point spending a lot of money on an international call if the other person won't listen to anything you say!
I don't hang up on nuisance calls though - I do the opposite, get them talking, then just put the phone down, walk away and carry on with whatever I was doing before. At some point they must realise they are talking to empty space and end the call themselves :)
Haha... great idea to just put the phone down and walk away.
Haha... great idea to just put the phone down and walk away.
Yes I have done this.I am not especially proud of the fact,but I simply refuse to be on the receiving end of ANY type of Abuse or rudeness!! It has been on such occasions that I have hung up on someone.
Yes I have if I have had to ie if I am being abused and shouted at, I don't have to put up with this and won't. Also telemarket type calls though I am always polite and say 'no I am not interested thank you' and hang up.
by Fran
Yes I have, but it's been many years since I've done that.
Yes, I HAD a very very snarky ex boyfriend however I'm blessed with the company of my new boyfriend so it's all in the past.
Yes, like the others, telemarketer types. There was one that kept calling me after I'd done an online survey to say I'd 'qualified' for the 'prize' which was some food packs, the only snags being that a) I then had to pay for it which I can't afford right now, and b) with my restricted diet I wouldn't have been able to eat all the things anyway.

They and the charity people on the street, are the same in that they won't listen to you so the only option is to hang up. I eventually stopped answering these interstate call centre numbers and hope they've stopped now.
I continually get calls regarding changing telephone providers at work. Sometimes 2 or 3 every day. After telling them I'm not interested, what part of "no" don't they understand and no, I don't want to save money, I consider I've been polite enough and hang up. Only one foreign woman rang back to say I'd hung up on her so told her I'm doing it again and put tge phone down again. My brother had a nastier experience with an Indian chap who swore at him so he swore back and hung up. Then the abusive expletive calls persisted to the point where he wouldn't answer the phone for about a week before the guy gave up.
I will NOT put up with abusive callers to my landline or mobile.
They're INVADING my privacy. Wasting my time.
So I just hang up on them.

If a Charity phones wanting to sell a ticket, I just politely say 'no thank you, & please remove this number from your list'.

Indian call centres' are a right PIA!
Don't often get them as I on DNC Govt Register, but if my phone rings about Dinner time, I just pick it up, say NOTHING, & when an Indian voice is heard saying 'hello, hello', I just place the receiver back on its' holder. End of.
A couple of times...
It's happened, but it's very rare. I think hanging up on someone is one of the rudest things a person can do, so they have to be really offensive for me to go that far.
It's not rude to hang up on someone, in this day & age.
They're invading YOUR privacy, full stop.
If they start abusing you, hang up, pronto!
by donjo
I am on the "do not call" list but it doesn't make any difference when it comes to some callers, usually charities.

I was taught it was rude to hang up on callers, but I have to admit I find some so exasperating I do just that, after warning them I am hanging up.
Yes, but only to telemarketers or scammers. I have no time at all for these people, and any time talking to them is a waste of my time.
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