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Have you ever had to spend a few days in a hospital?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever spent more than a day in hospital?

Were you happy with the service you get, and was it a public or private hospital?

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Top Answers
I have unfortunately had to spend time in hospital on several occasions.
The last one was for a melanoma on my forehead, and I was treated particularly badly at a private hospital -so much so, that I wrote them a letter and told my cancer specialist about it.
by Finy
For a melanoma - who treated you badly the doctors or the nurses ? Little bit of sympathy would not have gone astray !
by fran.
Unfortunately,I have had more lengthy stays ,ever since childhood,in hospital than many folk have had hot dinners!!! There was a period in the late 90's when I had 13 rather serious operations within 2 and a half years!!! I have used both Private and Public hospitals and have been fortunate enough to have had the best surgeons and related specialists in Australia on every single visit.I have absolutely no complaints aboutthe treatment I received on any occasion.My last stay in hospital was the day prior to New Year's Eve,almost exactly 18 months back! I fell down the 3 shallow steps I use at least 30 times each day!! It was 7 o'clock in the (Sunday) morning,as I was going out to my beloved ferns and orchids.I fell face first onto tiles set into a concrete floor,and turned my face so as to save my nose,and also tried to take some of the fall on my right hand and knee.So uch for lessening the damage!!! I broke my nose anyway,as well as smashing my eye socket causing 2 blow-out fractures to the bottom of the eye socket and a break to the upper section as well!!! My brain went into overdrive,and I grabbed a towel which happened to be close to me,aand clutching it to my bleeding face Istumbled up the steps, grabbed the icepack from the freezer,called the ambulance,turned on the Air con. and lights,and fed and watered the dogs.\I also left the back door open so they could coome in and go out as they wished!!!! And I even grabbed all my medications and list of dosages /times taken. It is amazing how the brain can take over so totally.....When I got to the hospital I was in a neck braxce,not allowed to mopve at all,not allowed to cry or sneeze which was rather difficult with such injuries! My hands and arms were so covered with blood,that initially the paramedics thought I had tried to cut my wrists!!! As soon as they realised this was not the case,their sighs of relief were audible!! I ended up in the major public hospital for almost a full week,and I was taken such great care of,as they had all my records from so so far back, that I fortunately did not have to go through a whole lot of allergy and illlness history info! I looked like I had gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson,and lost each one very badly! If we had been having a New Years Eve Fancy Dress there in the Emergency Medical Ward,I wlould not have needed to use a single scrap of make-up! With the fractures to the eye socket causing double vision and nerver damage,at least I could say to the good looking doctors that it was a pleasure indeed to see twice as many of them!!!

The only real worry I had was about my dogs,but my neighbour,who had heard me scream and made sure I got an ambulance,came to let me know that he was taking care of everything at the house for me,so not to worry. Gosh, I do lopvbe the way people really care up here in this tropical North Qld city I call home!!
You're lucky Jules _ I ended up in Royal Perth hospital after my big accident (the main public hospital) and was in a brace and not allowed to mvoe so I could not eat. Eventually when I had missed one meal already as I was not allowed to sit up -I rang the bell and they said they didnt have time to feed me and I should get my family in to do this!
Needless to say I lost weight before being transferred to the spinal unit for a month!
by Finy
That is absolutely appalling and disgusting! If this had happened to me,I would have reported it to the Health Rights Commission!! My specialist gave me their number and told me that as patients we all have the right to be treated with dignity and respect,even more so when we are injured or ill. I have never needed to use this contact,but it is nice to have it. I do believe Townsville is the exception to the rule,as I have never heard anyone complain about the general hospital here! Even the food choices are great!! It definitely helps patients to get better when things are pleasant! I feel so sad for all you had to go through.It is simply WRONG!
by Jules
They were very busy but still -having already missed one meal and I didnt have a husband to feed me and at the time only one child living near but he was at work till quite late, so lunch was of course missed. They came to collect the tray and just took it full -LOL -i can laugh now
by Finy
Yes, I had surgery earlier this year. Not great, but it was something that needed to get done.
I always go to private hospital. Had a hysterectomy last year and spent a few nights in hospital. Was supposed to stay much longer, but I was doing really good and surprising everyone with how quick I was recovering, so I went home early.
Yes. I had fractured my foot and was operated in a private hospital in Mumbai, India. I stayed for a total of 7 days
Yes, always private, here in Sydney and overseas. I am quite happy with the quality of care that was given to me every time.
No I have been lucky...apart from having my son and then years later having my 'tubes tied' have never been in hospital...oh had my appendix out at 12yo
by Fran
Yes, when I was quite young the doctors thought I had the Hong Kong flu! Thankfully, I didn't!
Yes I have spent 5 days in hospital during my delivery. It was a private maternity clinic and I was very happy with the service
A couple of days when my son was born, but I didn't want to stay in there longer than I had to.
by Vee
I luckily have never had to spend time in hospital
by AJ
Yes, as a young child for squint op. vague memories. Nurses v formal and bossy, unlike now. Mother advised not to visit!
Lots of hours, days, overnights and weeks more recently with our first son. Severe disabilities,health problems. Health system amazing. Not perfect. Some good experiences despite the stress. Long stays mean you get to see bigger picture, meet most/all staff,see how it is 24/7. Occ poor staff, occ children who should not have ended up there, appalling visitors taking over ward not thinking of extremely ill people and staff v young and everyone's friend with no bitchy matron to wade in when required.
Overall, staff great. Mutual respect and they were so good to me.(couldn't leave son alone so they let me go get food, etc we felt like a team and got to know each other. Respect goes a long way.
P.s. mostly public other than some planned procedures. Private positive for,practical reasons-given private space to wait with Sam for his sake an ours. Plus having own room after worked well too and lots of attention.

Has own room lots of time in public too, anytime possible when we were well known, given priority. (difficult to be with teenager in pads plus severe epilepsy in ward with young children.)
Plus been in ICU twice -paediatrics, amazing experience, adult unit less so.
Have to sat private great-wish could still afford but at times the unreality and cushiness of stuck in my craw when seeing other ill people crowded in public.
Having two babies', at separate times, with Caesareans' will do it for you!

Private hospital both times. Was treated very well. There was certainly a notable difference in staff attitude to patients' in Private, as opposed to Public. The old 'you gets what you pay for'?
Nope thankfully I've only ever had to go for a few hours a few times throughout my childhood.
Canada has only public hospitals. In the 1970s I had walking pneumonia and went straight from the doctor's office to the hospital. My flat mate brought me anything I desired and visited me often. My only complaint was that they could not provide adequate vegetarian meals.
Yes for Heart surgery, back surgery, but cannot get out of the hospitals quick enough.
I nearly died more than once, and St. Elizabeth Hospital in Covington, Kentucky was a wonderful hospital. In 1959, I was in a car accident and my jugular vein was cut, and I had 45 stitches in my neck. That was the closest I came to dying, but had other serious near-death incidents. Sadly, St. Elizabeth is not the same today as it was years ago, and the large hospital where I was a patient has been replaced by newer regional hospitals. I loved the wonderful nurses and physicians there.
Only when I gave birth to our 2 daughters.1st time I was in for the 7/8 days, & the next time was for 6/7 days, & I was in a public hospital both times. I enjoyed it there both times & the staff were wonderful Only had to share the room with 1 other person both times.1st time was with someone I vaguely knew, who had her baby the day before I had time!
by Miro
Fortunately not few days may be a day yes.
More than a month. It isn't fun.
When I had my two babies I spent 4 or 5 days in hospital. Other than that tonsillectomy and adenoids removed as a child and appendectomy as an adult. Also when I broke my arm and it needed pinning. Almost forgot, few days with pneumonia.

I have always gone to a public hospital and always been happy with the care I received.
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