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Have you ever had something happen to you that made you question your religious faith?

by Maria (follow)
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I am aiming this question towards people of any religion, so I apologise if the image I've used is offensive to anyone.

Has there ever been a time that you began to question your religion?
What was the end result?

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Top Answers
I am a Christian.
Question my faith......No.

I have had the total opposite, where I have seen for myself nothing but
Amazing things happen.
Things in my life, that only maybe? others of faith would say 'yes' there is a loving God.
When they happened, it did scare me quite a lot!
Nothing from this world could have fixed, changed, helped and made such a huge effort....on my life.
There is room for a book to be written, as many people have done, to encourage others.
I'm not talking imagination of any kind here, just cold hard facts.
So for me, I have been taken from a place of evidence, that has given me a huge amount of peace and confirmation.

I think it's normal to have doubts or questions. It is in our nature to explore and investigate. Sometimes I have questioned things, but not as a result of anything major.

I find myself questioning people who have certain beliefs but whose actions I can't seem to reconcile with those beliefs more so than I question my faith.
by Vee
I've never had a religious faith.
I'm not religious, however I did question that when I was younger. I'm quite spiritual now, but I still don't follow any organised religion.
Yes. I was religious once, and now I'm not. I wouldn't pin it on any one specific incident, though I can give an example. Once when I was on a camp as a child somebody broke into our dormitory and stole stuff. Some of the girls in the dorm were getting really upset and were afraid that whoever broke in would come back in the night and hurt them, so to comfort them the dorm leader said that they didn't need to worry because "You don't think Jesus would let anything bad happen to you, do you?" I was nine or ten at the time and I remember thinking that that didn't make sense because Jesus apparently allowed bad things to happen to children all over the world every single day. I wondered why we little white girls would be more important to Jesus than the starving African kids I saw on tv. Never did get a satisfactory answer to that one.
I think it's normal to question the principles of your religion at some point in time. I am a Christian. The Bibe says that christians WILL have trouble in this life. But we are overcomers. Persons mistakenly think that Jesus came to make everything alright. When stuff happens it causes me to hold to my faith even more. There is ALWAYS a good end to the crisis I've been through. So this encourages me.
I read a book in my 60th year. It was about "fallen" girls in Ireland. It was one girls story. The book was written by that girls son. So, the way the son described the behaviour of the nuns and their mistreatment of the girls made me realise that what had been in the very back of my mind, all my school years, about nuns was right.
They only liked pretty children, they were basically very lazy and used the children in their care as navvies (I never actually did see any nun break out in a sweat from hard work)
They went weak at the knees the minute any man approached them
They never cared what your mother might say about any matter but
Your father was always right (and this had nothing to do with the Law of the Church)
They preferred men to women (much like nurses).
They were in fact very two faced and very capable of lying.
They believed their own publicity, that somehow their habit made them appear beautiful to the eye and that the same habit covered their menopausal madness.
So yes, it was at that point in time that I realised that what I had believed from about 4 years of age was a load of rubbish.
Oh! fran, you're right!
Although, there was one nun at my School who wasn't pleased to see, or hear, one man, & that was my Father. Why? She's belted me on upper left arm with a wooden pointer, because I got a sum wrong! There were two huge welts there, starting to turn various colours, by the time I got home.

The next day, my Parents took me to School. They fronted this nun, & my Father was white with rage, when he told her if she did it again to me, he would get the Police, & have her charged with assault! This was 1958, & I had very protective, & progressive Parents, but in a good way.
by donjo
Many times, more's the pity. I've had much 'garbage' to contend with over the past five years' & my faith has been sorely tried. But I keep going.
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