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Have you ever had really long or very short hair?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: en.wikipedialorg

Have you ever had your hair cut really short, or ever grown it really long?

Which did/do you prefer?

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Top Answers
Unfortunately I have never had really long hair or long hair at all as my hair is so fine, and growing it long just never works as I do not have enough hair, never have. It goes even thinner if I grow it long, and looks quite stupid.

Several years ago in the Perth heat of 35 plus day after day, I got it cut quite short though not like the picture.

Currently I have it short enough at the top so that it sticks up at the top and one side is longer than the other. Much cooler this way for our weather.

AND it makes me look as if I have more hair than I actually have.
by Finy
Up until I was 23 I had very very long hair down my back.
When child number 2 came along I went short, to my shoulders.
I have had it shorter, but not a fan.
Now I am growing it long, so it can be worn up.
Like the one in my pic :)
Grew for Wedding, for length below my shoulders, to suit headpiece.

Got it cut short when came back from SE Asian honeymoon, as got sick of having to part fringe which was down to my chest, in length, when swimming!

Have kept very short, & thinned out, due sweat problem, ever since!
So just wash, towel dry, comb through, done!
Yeah!! Hands in the air for the girls with short hair!!
by Rice

We've really gotta meet! Lol!
by donjo
I believe you are in NSW . . . ? Not so far from Qld. Such fun we could have :-)))
by Rice
Wrong belief, Rice!
I went to Kenmore Riding School! Cheers!
by donjo
OMG! We ARE close!
by Rice
Yes, Rice! How can we contact each other, without details here, for privacy? I've no idea how that can be done.........
by donjo
I shall ponder this.
by Rice
My hair was never longer than a bob as a child. Teenage years and early twenties it was past my shoulders. After that it was always short but never as short as the photo.
by Rice
(I mean the header photo, not my new avatar.)
by Rice
I had pretty long hair when I was younger and found it a bit of a pain to take care of. A couple of years ago I shaved my head, which was nice and cool during summer. It's about shoulder length now.
My hair is long. I have never had hair shorter than my shoulders.
by AJ
As a child,I had very short hair as my mum said that doing my older sister's very long hair each day was more than enough for her! I hated it !!
In my teens I grew my hair VERY long as I could look after it myself,and I LOVED it! After leaving school,I had it cut and permed really softly,which was so easy to care for.and then I went from short to long to shoulder-length,to a nice bob. THEN... I got it all cut off VERY short after a brain tumor operation.It was SO simple to care for apart from the fact that it grew so fast!! At the moment it is really long again,which I find very simple to just pull into a pony tail and twist into a bun/knot and secure with a comb. This is very comfortable as I live in the tropics and I like to be able to get it all up off from my neck in the heat! Sometimes though,I do thing that the fact that it grows so darn fast and thick is a curse of sorts!!!
I had short hair as a child, but convinced my mum to let me grow it. Yes, it was easier to look after short, but it didn't look very nice in my eyes. So, I grew it to just past my bottom. When I was 12, I cut it to just below the shoulders. I had very long and thick hair. Then, I grew it long again, but not as long as before. I like to be able to put my hair up, or set it in longer styles for going out. When I was late thirties I cut it to just past my shoulders. My hair has some curl in it too, so it is quite attractive. I have never had it ultra short as in the photo. I like it medium length.
Wasn't your mum cross when you cut your hair at aged 12, Lluxi?
by Miro
No, Miro. It was my choice by this age.
by Lluxi
When I was a teenager I had long hair down to the middle of my back. As I got older and fashions changed I tended to wear it shorter but never really short, usually about shoulder length. It is still that length but, conversely, I tend to wear it up in a twisted knot all the time as I find that is cooler in Brisbane's climate. Only ever had short hair once and I absolutely hated it - never again.
At least with hair, if disliked short, can be grown long again!
by donjo
I have had both long hair and short hair. I can't say which I prefer. I like the long hair because you can throw it up and don't have to worry about it, but I like the short hair because it's a two-minute wash and blow-dry and it doesn't go in your eyes. I'm toying with the idea of cutting it short at the moment, but it seems such a shame to cut the hair I've been growing for nearly a year now.
by Vee
I'm guessing it would scandalously expensive to have it made into a hairpiece . . . . . ? Such a shame. (When I had mine all cut off I never gave it a thought.)
by Rice
I thought about donating it, but wasn't sure how to go about it. I held onto it for a while, until my cousin told me it was creepy. Goodbye pony tail.
by Vee
Well, there's food for thought . . .I wonder if the cancer council would know anything about it. ( . . and I wonder why your cousin thought it was creepy . . )
by Rice
No idea, Rice. Each time I have cut it in the past, I have never given it a second thought. This time, I am. Still undecided.
by Vee
Mine was cut when I was like 5 and kept short ever since. My friend decided to grow his recently and he apparently really likes it.
I had a bob through primary school, & grew it during high school. By the time I was 26, it was 1/2 down my back, but I was pregnant then, & decided i wouldn't have time to look after a baby as well as my long hair! Stupid of cause now, & my husband wasn't happy when he came home from work & saw the cut off version! It would never grew to that length again. It's now just below shoulder length, so I'm having it back to a sort of a bob again, for a wedding, (not mine) in Bali, early next month. (I found a photo in a magazine, so I took a photo of the photo, to show the hairdresser. I hope it will grow back to the length I have it now, afterwards!
by Miro
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