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Have you ever had High Tea at a Restaurant or Cafe?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

High teas have become very fashionable in the last few years.

Have you ever had High Tea at a restaurant or cafe, and what did you think of it?

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Top Answers
I have eaten at several and all have been good.
Perhaps the best was a few years ago in the City of Perth at our revolving restaurant though the next time I went there it was not so good.

They are all over the place now -some cheap -some very expensive and the food is similar at many of them -don't need to spend a lot to get a good one.
by Finy
Yes! Quite a lot but then I'm English :)
My brother and sister-in-law had High Tea at a very posh London hotel for their wedding reception. That was wonderful and made a change from the usual style of reception.
I said the same, a high tea wedding can be sooo much nicer, and also very good taste.
As long as they didn't run out of food....but that I feel would never happen :)
by jonaja
I went to one last October.
Time for another.

Who's coming with me!

Lot of fun. and very nice all the little foods.

I went to a wedding that did the very same thing, and it was the BEST.
I can fully say, it is nicer than a sit down full courses.
You have a chance to try something here and there, keep it fun.
You also do fill up quickly, and not on huge amounts of food.

I think there is a lot to say about eating small, but enough.

It is also a wonderful way I know people are getting together.Plus it really is a easy way to entertain, and can look amazing.
Makes me want to throw one.

The other thing is, you can have one to raise money for a charity, or for someone in need its a way to give a blessing.
The application is endless, esp when women get together!
LOVE iT :)
I'll come with you!
by Finy
good on ya Finy :)
by jonaja
Me three, Ladies! We can have a good chat! Lol!
by donjo
That would be lovely! :)
by jonaja
High Tea is one of the most gorgeous treats which we can have the pleasure to enjoy! A lovely historical hotel just out of Ingham in Nth Qld had its fabulous dining room restored purely for the purpose of serving High Tea for both locals and tourists. The assortment of refreshing tea blends accompanied by the most exquisite Petit Fours and crust-less sandwiches served in the traditional manner could convert anyone formerly ignorant of such delights ,to want to experience the whole concept of High Tea on a regular basis! Just too wonderful to fully describe!!!
Nope. But I had a high tea at a friends house as a fund raising function. It was great. I'd love to take my little daughter (aged almost 3) to a "fancy" high tea - I think it would be awesome fun!
Oh! Lizzi, what an excellent way to teach your young daughter one of life's most enjoyable 'social events'. You both enjoy! Cheers!
by donjo
Yes quite a few but the most memorable was at the Savoy hotel in London .. Amazing experience :)
Hello Aliso.....my favourites' were 'Tiffin' at 'The Raffles' Hotel in Singapore, & 'High Tea' at 'The Peninsula' Hotel, in Hong Kong!
What decadence! What fun! How de-vine!
by donjo
I've had afternoon tea at cafes and hotel restaurants, and have enjoyed all of them. So far I have never been disappointed with the scones or sandwiches, but the cakes tend to be a mixed bag. Some I like while others aren't that great.
I have never had high tea at a restaurant
by AJ
take a friend and enjoy! it is lovely. :)
by jonaja
Not at a restaurant or cafe, but at our relatives' and it was just lovely. A mix of traditional and modern dishes and so many of them, it was heavenly.
Yes l. Given the modern menu, it’s a great place for a younger group of mates.
Yes been to several and...LOVE THEM
by Fran
Yes I have and it was special because it was for my Mum's 70th birthday!
We had high tea for my birthday at French & Mor Cafe in Brisbane - highly recommended. They do a kids high tea as well, which I thought was a nice way to include little ones.
by Lucy
Yeeessirrreee!! I had a high tea when visiting Melbourne with a friend. We went to The Windsor & were treated like royalty, LOL. Champagne, chandeliers, finger sandwiches & the yummiest selection of cakes & pastries ever! Memories, sigh......
'The Windsor' is just THE best, in all ways! Cheers!
by donjo
Never had it but would love to.
by Gia
Go with a friend and you will have a good time :)
by jonaja
I second that, jonaj!
by donjo
Yes for a friends birthday it's was so much fun love to do it again
I have attended many. One of the best which i still remember fondly was at Lachlans in Parramatta. It was an intimate affair in one of the smaller rooms. Food was in abundance and the staff were exceptional.. an experience worth repeating! http://www.lachlans.com.au/
That is where I went for the wedding High Tea!
It was soooo nice.
by jonaja
Yes. It was nice enough, but from this bloke's perspective, over-rated and over-priced for a few cakes and a cuppa. My wife doesn't really think much of them either - for the same reason. We're probably a bit of a weird couple though :-)
by kimp
Yes, have had several at various places - fine for a special occasion - otherwise would not rave over them -think they are over-rated and an excuse to put on weight.
Yes I've had high tea several times and I've quite enjoyed it, however there has been the odd occasion where there wasn't something i liked to eat.
Yes, many times at various locations!
Love it, & am 'hooked' on Ribbon Sandwiches!
With hot coffee, it's a joy.
P.S. Am attending one next week! There's always a Guest Speaker, so looking forward to that! Ribbon Sandwiches, here I come! Lol!
by donjo
It was nice to dress up, which I did, but as I had a long drive to get there, I did not wear my nice shoes, I took them to change into.

On arrival, I parked the car, and got my baby from his seat, and headed inside. As I walked in the entrance, I realised: THE SHOES!!

So I attended High Tea in my finery, whilst wearing dirty boots without laces. Go Me!
They were in your car? Why not just go back & change into them?
by donjo
I was actually desperate for the toilet (it was a long drive), so that took precedent, and once I was in the door, it did not seem to matter. No one noticed!
That's so funny! Lol!
by donjo
I recently went to my first ever high tea and hope it's not my last. It was held outside under a large verandah and was lots of fun. The weather was beautiful and the food was superb.
Yes - several times, in various countries, particularly the UK..Really enjoyable and leisurely. In this hectic world we live in, a very elegant way to partake of "high tea" be it morning or afternoon.
I love them! My husband & I had a 2 for 1 deal in a cafe once, then he found another 2 for i deal at a top Sydney hotel, in Market street, up on the 7th floor. We sat by the window, so it was nkvd looking down onto the street below. I was also taken to 1 at the beautiful Carmella Gardens, in the Sutherland Shire, when I left my volunteer job, after 22 years & 2 months, to the day!! I have a friend who must have been to every high tea, with her girlfriends, in Sydney! She’s also been to 1 or 2 in Melbourne! I just love them. It makes me feel like I’m in another world!There’s always been enough to eat as well.
Sorry...I should have written : 'good' NOT : 'nkvd' Ops!
by Miro
I have never been to a high tea, but the food I've been told is lovely.
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