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Have you ever had an illness that required hospitalisation?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had an illness that required hospitalisation?

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Top Answers
It is the lucky few who have got to my age and not had an illness that requires hospitalisation -however, I know of several people in that category!

I am not however -have been in for a melanoma and cancer apart from other minor problems, oh and once when I had hook worms after an overseas holiday! It was a rare strain so it was difficult to diagnose and I was in the Qld Medical Journal - LOL.....though not funny at the time.
by Finy
I have only been hospitalised for operations, not any illnesses. I have had my tonsils, appendix and gallbladder out. When I had my gall bladder out, it turned into pancreatitis so I had to stay a few longer. I thought I would have to go to hospital as I had what I suspected was pneumonia. I didn't go to the GP because I didn't want to go to hospital. I battled it out and it went away after about 4 months. It took a while to recover though. I was really in a bad way. I probably should have gone in retrospect.
Yes, Lluxi, pneumonia can be deadly!
I had a really bad respiratory infection, & I had to 'phone my GP every two hours' with my Temperature reading, for a day.
He told me I was within 'an inch' of his hospitalising me, & what stopped that was I don't smoke, & had very strong lungs from competitive Swimming for years'.
I was off work for THREE weeks recuperating, & honestly, had never been so sick in all my life!
So, next time, go to your Dr immediately!
by donjo
I have had pneumonia before so I know what its like. It was the same symptoms. I caught shingles off my daughter when she was a child and it turned into pneumonia. I had a near death experience that time around. I had been to a GP then, but after the near death experience, It was miraculously 'cured'. This latest one happened last year. I have never smoked either and I am young and fit.
by Lluxi
I got acute tonsillitis and had to have them removed at 28. I have not been hospitalised for "illness" only operations.
by Rice
rice -what is the difference?
by Finy
Well, I thought the question was whether an illness like malaria, leukemia or diphtheria caused the hospital stay. I sort of see operations as fixes, not illness. All my ops have been fixes and not for a malady. Now you have me thinking . . .
by Rice
No illness, just a few broken bones
Yes. and Yes.

I won't go on about 'why', but hospitalisation and me are old old friends.
I have had more stays in hospital than I can count,so I am the best of patients with a very easy going attitude to hospital procedure! I had 13 operations within a 3 year period in the mid nineties,and that is just ONE of the 'multi' episodes of hospital stays.They began in very early childhood,and I bless my parents who back in the early 60's managed to be so knowledgeable and kind,so loving and stable as well as generous of spirit,in a time when much less was known about illnesses which today are so much more easily treated than they were back then! I am so blessed to still be here,and though I am unable to do many things which others take for granted,I love life and get such immense joy and pleasure from all the simple things which make me smile each day! I have been so lucky that every visit to hospital I have had,has been made so much easier by such truly compassionate and empathetic staff who all deserve medals for their wonderful bedside manner.Without their kindness and understanding,these stays would have been rather frightening and unpleasant,I'm sure!!
Unless a Pregnancy is classed as an 'illness', then only once!
I take it Q means 'at least spending a few nights' in Hospital'............

At 23, had a Tonsilectomy, just three weeks before my final AMEB S & D Exam! So op. put paid to that!

Couldn't talk for two weeks. My dear Mother thought that was bliss!

Spent a few days/nights in the old Mater Private here. It was only two miles' from my home, which made it easy for my Parents' to come & see me!
I was in The Wesley and to everyone's shock and horror . . .I never stopped talking. Bahahahahahahaha!
by Rice
yes, heart bypass surgery, back surgery on 4 discs, and recently hip joint replacement which was by far the most painful.
However life goes on and these things are just a temporary setback.
Regards Farley
Yes. When I was 17 a Greek boy and myself had some unknown illness and nearly lost our lives. He made the front page of the newspaper at the time. We were both under a professor at Sydney hospitaland to this day it is still not known what it was. Fortunately for me at the time I had penicillin poisoning which required me being transported toSydney hhospital otherwise I probably wouldn't be here to tell the tale. I also had radical hip resurfacing about 19 years ago and that's resulted in pain free living ever since.
Back in 2001 I spent a few days in hospital with pneumonia. It made me realise I needed to look after myself and my health, not just that of others.
Hi Marie
What are the symptoms of pneumonia ? What did you experience ?
by fran.
It started with a sinus infection. I often got sinus infections at that time. However, this particular time it wouldn't clear up even with a course of antibiotics. My doctor prescribed a different antibiotic which made no difference. He gave me an injection of antibiotics.That didn't help. I was so tired, coughed a lot, had chest pain and found breathing difficult. It took so much effort to walk around the supermarket even and usually I did quite a bit of walking.

I went back to the doctor again, guess it was about 3 weeks after my first visit. He suggested I be admitted to hospital and I readily agreed because I felt so exhausted. In hospital I was found to have pneumonia.
No, not yet. I've only been in hospital for 2 births, but as I'm now 70, I guess my time will come!
by Miro
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