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Have you ever had a wart?

by BK (follow)
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A wart is a small, rough growth on the skin. They are mostly harmless. Have you ever had one? How did you get rid of it?

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Top Answers
Ouch! Not there I haven't, but I've had one on my little finger when I was a teenager. I had it frozen off.
The reason I asked this question is because I have one on my thumb right now. It is so irritating. I keep trying to pull it off and have actually created bit of my wound on my skin there . I really don't know how to get rid of it !
by BK
Picking at it might make it spread. You can have them burned off at the doctor's, which is really painful, or you can buy stuff at the chemist to get rid of them. I found something in the UK (forget the product name, sorry) which worked and didn't hurt. They have these little pads with stuff on them that eats away the callous protecting the core of the wart so the wart dies. You stick the pad on, put a band aid over it, leave it for about a week then pull it off and the wart's gone.
Thanks Jennifer. I went to the pharmacy and she recommended I go the doctor. I was scared by the thought of doctor cutting it off. So I tried bit of salicylic acid ( used for acne) for 2-3 days and it dried and dropped off :)
by BK
I once had one on one of my toes. It went away after a while. Actually, looking at that picture, I don't think that what I had was a wort...hmm.
by Vee
I've not had a wart (I think, though reading your description makes me wonder.... I do sometimes get small growths of rough skin on my fingers, I just thought it as from constant wear!) but I have had a verruca on my toes. Nasty - and NOT harmless! I had it frozen off.
No I don't think I have.

I have all manner of other skin complaints due to having spent my weekends on Bondi Beach and being fair skinned.

As I age, I get more and more marks, ret dots, brown spots, moles etc, but no warts!
by Finy
I have very small warts on my face. I'm not sure myself how I'll get rid of them.
My sister had a lot of trouble with them on her hands from gymnastics training, after another girl in the club spread the things everywhere. Because they've got 'roots' they have to be burnt off/frozen like weeds or they just grow again.
I like this question, but, I would love to know the name of the product that you put on warts at home, so that i could buy it and gig it to anyone that has a wart. I only want to know this so that my family or actually anyone that has a wart can fix it at home and stop increasing the income of local doctors or GPs.
Too many people running off to doctors that have problems like warts or corns or whatever.
Fix them at home, cheaply OR maybe ask your grandmother.
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