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Have you ever had a very young kitten?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had a newborn/very young kitten?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have had a cat that had kittens several times in my younger days. I no longer have cats as the breed of dogs I have had for the last 20 or so years, would kill them even if while playing!

When I was a kid living with my parents, I had a cat called Fifi who I put in my bed as i wanted her to be warm when having her kittens. Needless to say, I got into trouble as my bed was a bloody mess!!! But I thought my cat was warm, and she did not like it in the bed and dragged them all out anyway.
Fifi went on to have another lot of kittens - they were so cute....at the time we also had an outside toilet room attached to the house that we didnt use, so eventually I sent her box up in there and next time that is where she had her kittens.
by Finy
I haven't had a newborn kitten. My daughter has had a few kittens but they weren't newborns. The breeders and the Cat Society have rules as to how old a cat can be before it can be sold and given to a new home. Generally a kitten has to be about 10-12 weeks, as it would have completed its immunisations by then, and hopefully been de-sexed. Breeders can't give the kittens to a new home until the immunisations are up to date, and this applies to animal shelters and hospitals as well. All the kittens we have had have been between 10-12 weeks old when we received them. They are absolutely gorgeous at this age. Now you have me wanting another kitten !!! Cute as hell.

Yes we had a cat that had kittens, I think one or two did die, very sad....
They are so cute, my Mother told me one day when I came home from school....She put them in a box with a old small blanket.

Very sweet little things they are :)

No, I've never had one below 1 yr of age. I'd love a kitten but I doubt it will happen
A kitten started showing up at my home a few years ago. Im not a fan of cats but decoded to feed it so it kept coming back. It even statef going into the bushes and bringing back mice which it killed and left on my doorstep, a love offering you might say.
One of our cats was picked out as a newborn and left with her mother until we were allowed to take her home, however she knew us so well by the time the six weeks came around that she had no trouble settling in and we had her for 17 years. Ah, kittens with their little jelly bean toes . . . so gorgeous!
by Rice
We never had cats growing up. We have always had dogs. I have seen and been around very young kittens as one of our neighbours had a cat but I've never had to look after any young kittens.
by AJ
Oh Yes!!! How precious these teensie babies are!!! Growing up, we had a delightful little persian givn to us at a VERY young age, as the mother rejected it, and this darling was with us for many long years.
When I came to Nth Qld, a nurse, who was a very good friend, gave me a kitten which was just days old as it had been left near where she worked. It was a Blue Burmese, and I had her also for many, many years. She had the most fabulous almost puppy-dog-like nature and would even walk on a lead!! She always remained a very small cat, which suited me just fine.
Was you persian white? Ours in England was. I had a Siamese for sixteen years but that was here.
by Rice
Our Persian was the darkest ever brown and looked black until she went in the sun and lay there for awhile, Then she would become a glorious reddish brown!
We had a siamese from when I was about 3 years old and he was a seal point. He lived to a reasonable age, as all our pets seem to have done and still do!
by Jules
All my cats I've had since kittens. They are such good company but you need to get them used to scratching poles/pads at an early age so they don't ruin your lounges. Mum's sealpoint was her watchdog as she started going deaf in her 40's and Ling would prick up her ears as soon as the front gate was unlatched and her fur stand up so mum had ample warning when anyone was around.
When my children were school aged, they found a litter of 6 kittens. After a week mum the cat did not show up anymore, assumed it was killed. My darling three decided to bring the litter home. They would have been about 4 weeks old. Me not being a great animal lover at the best of times, allowed them to look after them. Needles to say that the novelty wore off quickly and I ended doing the night feeding for many weeks. When they were old enough we gave them away. As cute as kittens are I rather have not the responsibility of any animal.
Yes I have held a tiny kitten in my hand, they are so adorable as with most animals while they are young, I love them as kittens but not when there older, I am definately a canine lover more.
Mum bred Persian cats when I was a child and I vaguely remember handling the kittens. I had a cat as a teen that gave birth to a litter. The mother had been very difficult to toilet train so I dreaded the mess her kittens might make. She had them all litter trained very quickly. This was a good selling point when it came to find homes. As a vet nurse I have had to look after very young kittens until we found someone with a cat that could feed them for us.
Every school holiday when I have the grandies over. Baking cakes or biscuits is a ritual here. The mess is worth it as they just love the activity.
Yes, njsan, I'm sure you'd rather play with the grandchildren, than play with baby
kittens. Me too.
by Miro
Yes, I have held a young kitten before, whilst I'm not a keen cat person, I don't mind it when they are kittens, they are so cute, it;s when they grow up for me they loose their cuteness.
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