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Have you ever had a recurring dream?

by Finy (follow)
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We all dream, however have you ever had a recurring dream i.e. the same or very similar dream more than once?

Many of our dreams we do not remember, however a recurring dream is easier to remember.

If you have had one, what was it about?

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Top Answers
Yes- I keep seeing my imminent death in my dream - it's been happening for over 3 months and I always wake up with a cold sweat at 4am :( I've tried to watch comedy shows prior to sleeping, listening to music, white noise, drinking peppermint tea, but nothing has worked (so far) to soothe that overstressed brain of mine.
Xarah, that is an awful one.
Do you have it often?
by Finy
Unfortunately, it's almost every night of the week - that's why I'm always sleepy during the day - because of the lack of adequate sleep :(
by Xarah
If you read up on dream interpretations, death in dreams means transformation. It's a good thing :) Perhaps you're going through a transition that requires some attention, or perhaps there are some worries that you need to address regarding that transition.
Xarah the clue to this dream could be in how it makes you feel. Are you frightened about what is going to happen, resigned to the fact, happy to see new possibilities ( although it doesn't sound likely)? Sometimes bad dreams come from medications, sleeping too hot or something eaten , like cheese. Sometimes dreams about your health can be a message from you unconscious to see a doctor for a checkup.
Try eating an orange before going to sleep. I have found it helpful when I have has bad dreams. Good luck.
by annfi
Xarah - another thought just ocurred to me. My Grandmother used to wake at 1 am with her chest pounding and breathing trouble and a sense of doom. After seeing several doctors, the naturopath suggested that it could be because her blood sugar had dropped, and the adreneline kicked in. Her solution was the my Grandmother should eat a biscuit or a handful of jelly beans as late as possible before falling asleep. It worked!
by annfi
I used to have the being chased dream, also the falling dream, however this must have been part of "youth"!
I asked the question as I wondered if others have had the same dream, experience?
by Finy
Probably out ran them. ;-)
by annfi
During college days, it was a nightmare which came often. That I've blanked out in the exam and can't remember a single thing to write in the paper.
No I never had recurring dreams.
For many years I regularly had a dream that I moved to a city which really felt like home for me. Many years later I came to Melbourne for a holiday, and realised immediately that this was the city I had been dreaming about. I now live here and absolutely love the lifestyle.

I had a recurring dream since I was in kindergarten all the way until I hit 20.
The dream is about jumping Chinese zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Although the sequence of events and the zombies were always the same, the people around me running away from them in the dream would change, featuring the different groups of friends I made over the years. I always woke up extremely frightened and sweaty as my friends always got eaten while I was hiding under a table, not able to do anything.
(Thankfully I haven't had that dream since my 20s.)
Yes!! As a child in particular,I would have many recurring dreams,which bordered on being nightmarish! As an adult,my recurring dreams have been just that:dreams. I dream in colour so they can actually be rather pleasant to wake up from.I cannot recall the last time I had a disturbing dream,but this could be due to me being a content and happy person.
I dream with credits at the end. I know, I'm a loon.
by Rice
Oh Rice- you brighten my day.
by annfi
I often dream I can only move in slow motion. It's very frustrating.


I use to have a dream about a house.
It had 3 levels, but then there was one above the 3rd one in it was a most dreadful room.
This room was very dark, and the whole vibe was something that would shock me into waking up.
Yes. Over the last 50+ years I have had several. One is about a pig, a witch and the man in the moon, then I am suddenly blind and helpless. Eek.
by Rice
Yes. I have several recurring dreams. This could be a long reply. I have a very active dream life and was once part of a scientific study about dreams , in particular dreams that foretold the future- as I have had a few of them.

In one recurring dream I enter my house and it is decorated with the most beautiful colours and just looks amazing. As I walk through I discover more and more rooms or levels all in a kaleidoscope of colours. It makes me feel very happy.

Another recurring dream is that we are driving away from the coast and I am sad that I could just glimpse the beach, but didn't get there this time. I feel disapointed - probably triggered because I feel I have missed an opportunity.

In another I am looking into the manhole of my grandmother's ceiling making a discovery.

I frequently dream I am trying to leave home in a hurry, but keep encountering obstacles, lost keys, escaped dog....it is like trying to move through treacle. The more I rush the further I get behind.

I sometimes dream I am on a really long queue for the toilet. When I finally get to sit down there are no walls and a croud watching. I usually wake up from this one busting and grateful I didn't 'go', consequently wetting the bed.

I could think of many more recurring dreams given time. I think they are directly linked with feelings that have come up the day before. The dream researcher I worked with believes interpretations are individual. Where some dream interpretation guides say that a snake represents sex- it doesn't to me, but may represent a threat, or a secret or something else entirely. The feeling the dream gives you is a big clue to what it is saying.
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