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Have you ever had a migraine or know someone who gets them?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had a migraine?

Do you know someone who suffers from them regularly?

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Top Answers
Luckily, and touch wood, headaches are something I rarely get.
It must be SO debilitating getting a migraine - I do know two people who get them, and it is horrible - they are so sick and one has to stay in bed in the dark for a few days - this was some years ago however, and assume medicines have improved and it is not quite so bad?
I Really know nothing about them apart from reading there are new drugs - a friend's daughter still gets them regularly and is sick when she does.
by Finy
I suffer with frequent headaches, fortunately I have only had one that was probably a migraine. It lasted for a day and I was completely debilitated. I couldn't stand light, sound, movement or smells.
My grandfather used to get them and I have a couple of friends that get them. I really sympathise as it is horrendous.
One friend told me face to face that she had a migraine. In the next breath she bobbed down to the ground to get something and straight back up. I couldn't even do that with a headache so now if she tells me she has a migraine I take the news with a pinch of salt.
Thankfully no. I have a colleague who suffers from chronic pain. I feel very sorry for her but cant really cant really help. She is a rael trooper who doesnt let it get her down
Unfortunately yes. Every few months. Luckily there are great drugs that really help.
I have had a migraine once in my life and it was horrific!! I couldn't do anything. It lasted three days.
by AJ
Yes, I get migraines and so does my daughter. I haven't had one in such a long time !!! My daughter gets them all the time. She comes home from work and has to go straight to bed. For me, stress was often a trigger in my migraines. I still get a lot of stress, but the migraines don't seem to be happening, thank goodness
I use to get them all the time, have not had one for yrs now.
They really are best treated if possible by a doctor.
Just awful things, and can in some cases make you throw up.
They have great stuff available now, so there really is no need to suffer.
My mother, sister and brother all got the dreaded ones where they had to shut themselves in a dark room and, on a couple of occasions, go to the hospital for an injection. Dire. I am the odd one . . .I get them in one eye. I did not think this was possible until both my doctor and eye specialist told me that this was happening. I have never needed extreme treatment like the others.
by Rice
I have only ever had one, but my sisters gets them and they really make her sick. Would not wish them on to anyone.
I have never been one to suffer much with headaches of any type, though when I had Ross River Fever a few years ago, I did get a migraine which was the most debilitating thing!!! I was vomiting and couldn't bare light of any strength at all. It was truly ghastly! It made me feel so much compassion for a dear friend of mine who suffers with them regularly. Usually a migraine in this friend's case, means a loss of two full days at least. Thank heavens that medications are improving for this awful ailment. I do count myself very lucky indeed to not be a 'headachey' person, as even a regular headache can wipe the smile from my face on the rare occasions when I have one.
Yes, my ex and his mum suffer regular migraines. For sometimes up to 3 days. They would suffer excruciating head ache pain, light and touch sensitivity, vomiting, and no effective pain relief even with codeine.

I got a migrane once and thought I was going blind, I feel sorry for people who regularly get them and vomit and are bedridden for a couple of days. It must be awful for them.
No, I've never had a migraine, thanks heavens, & I don't know anyone who does have them.
by Miro
Yes I have suffered from a migraine, my husband suffers from them, and so does my son.
have never had a migraine, a relative suffered for years from migraines then developed tic dolero never had another migraine although the tic dolereo was by far worse I have often wondered if there is a connection between them both.
Apparently my grandfather gets them, but that's not from a reliable source. I had one the other week. I think it was lack of sleep. I felt nauseous. It was terrible!
by Vee
know someone who used to get very bad migraine attacks, then developed Trigeminal Neuralgia (Tic Douloureux): I have always suspected a connection between the two.
My daughter suffers from them terribly, it has been passed down to her from the fathers side of the family.
It is a horrible cross to bear but with lifestyle changes, understanding your body and awareness she is now able to recognise the signs that one is on the way and most of the time can prevent them from being debilitating for too long.
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