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Have you ever had a bad argument with a close member of your family?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever had a serious argument with a relation and/or close member of your family?

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Top Answers
Yes. Our family has had a biggie!!! My sister won't talk to any relative. She moved up the country with her husband and has cut herself off from us all. We are not to contact her or she will call her lawyer and take legal action. No one knows why. Everything was good one day and the next we were cut off. Its sad really. Mum did contact the Red Cross to enquire about her after bushfires destroyed a lot of her town. She received a nasty letter from a lawyer afterwards. This was only a few years ago. At least we know she is still alive. I was only about 19 when she did this, and engaged to be married. Most of my life has been without her now, but it is her choice, and we must respect that.
Wow. That's a real biggie. She must have serious problems/issues. How sad.
by Rice
by dwatk
I actually don't think I have until last week!
Now the whole family is split, and not talking to each other.

So sad, especially when two of my children have died -hard to comprehend this type of thing for me as I am not used to it!

It is partly about my will, would you believe!!!
As my last husband used to say, it would be easier if I were a postman and had no money....no idea why he picked a postman but this was years ago when postman used to walk the beat, so to speak.
by Finy

That is very interesting....I do hope they were not angry, because they were not happy with how you have written your will.

Take heart: it is one of the 'things' people do fight over.
by jonaja
yes, they were angry about my will!!!
by Finy
Oh! Finy, the old saying's very true: 'where there's Will, there's a relative'.
Hope all gets sorted for you........ C
by donjo
Finy, how do they know what's in your will?? Doesn't sound like any of them deserve one cent !! Behaving like that. Just greedy.
by Lluxi
Glad I only have one child. What a nightmare for you :(
by Rice
I'm sorry to hear that too, Finy. It makes me so mad to think these things happen because of material possessions and money. And what timing! Just before the holidays.
by Vee
Not really

My daughter in law 3 months ago.

I deeply regret (answering her back) as she lashed out at me.

If only I had kept quiet.

I didn't say much, just 'how dare she talk to me in such a manner'.

If someone is very angry....they say a great deal in that moment.

If the other party says nothing, the next morning....the universe can only echo one voice!

And it won't be yours.

The silent one, is the winner.
Jonaj -you r so right -I had it at my volunteer job again this week -they emailed me and told me how rude I am and they totally misconstrued an email and are so RUDE and nasty to me! I wrote a reply, and sent it to a friend who often fixes them up for me as I am very blunt!
In the end we decided it would be better to delete the reply -that would probably annoy them more! only one voice, as you say
by Finy
we live & learn :)
by jonaja
I'm on your side. For you to have made that response, she must have said something disrespectful. (I bet your son is paying for it, too, she will doubtless be earbashing him about you.)
by Rice
you're dead right :(
by jonaja
Yes.Sadly I have not spoken to my sister who is 2 years older than me, since January 1998! It breaks my heart ,but I can only build the bridge,I cannot force her to cross it!! We were never terribly close all through my childhood,but I did not realise that she harboured such dreadful grudges against the entire world until I asked dad if he had much contact with her,and he told me that he doesn't. She has always been sadly lacking in self esteem,and just does not seem to have the skills to communicate other than very defensively.I cannot say we actually had a proper argument all those years ago.She just stopped staying in touch after a rather nasty phone call she made to me.I do believe that ONE day,some day she will realise how much she is loved by her family,but I cannot hold my breathe waiting as it hurts too much.
wow that is very sad....I hope she will one day contact you.
by jonaja
Never. It makes me quite sad to read your answers here. I have a brother and a sister and we have never had a cross word in over 50 years.
by Rice
Yes, aren't we all human? I would be an angel if I was that good!
I had an argument with my sister 14 years ago over who was going to spend christmas with our mother. I lived overseas and only came home once a year and we planned to have christmas lunch at the sheraton hotel in sydney and stay in the night in the suite on the top floor. My sister was spending it at home and then she was visiting friends so mum would have been on her own for the day except for lunch which she would have had to prepare. I said she had all year with mum and could take her out for any other occasion but she didn't want that. Haven't spoken from that day to this.
that is really very sad to hear, you were quite right from what you say.
by jonaja
"Bad argument" would be an understatement. Things are amicable though.
by Vee
Yes Ive had an on going fued with a sister who finds pleasure backstabbing everyone she meets. I have nothing in common with her and I dont like to surround myself with negative people regardless of being a blood relation. I think others would find this cruel but if she wasnt my sister I would never have her as a friend. We cant pick our families but we can pick our friends.
Sadly yes, with my step brother as usual caused by preferential treatment involving Stepfather Wills and other.
In many ways it has been better to just sty away , not speak and therefore not get bitter.
Sadly though the hurt is still there with the memories.

Unfortunately yes. It feels terrible to be ignored and shunned and purposefully overlooked by family members. I try not to let it get to me. "Family" is changing it seems; some people who are not related to you are sometimes more like family to you than those you are related to by blood or marriage...
Thankfully, I've never had a serious argument with a relative or close family member
by AJ
yes. there's a reason I don't speak with any of them anymore
I ignore most of mine. best decision ever made
Yes, all the time, all my life. But, if anyone else puts their head into our arguments, then we all immediately stick together. The in-laws, like my husband or my sister in law or brother in law think they might have a right to become involved, they learn very quickly to butt out. Crazy
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