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Have you ever forgotten a friend's name?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been in the unfortunate, embarrassing position where your mind goes blank and you cannot think of a friend's name?

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Top Answers
I do this quite regularly!
WQell, not THAT regularly but sometimes I go to introduce a good friend , and my mind goes totally blank.

I now rehearse it before I have to introduce as I get so embarrassed and do not introduce if I get a "seniors moment", and of course I would not tell a good friend, i cant think of your name, or they could have me committed!!
by Finy
Oh No!!! In the most awful way,this is terribly funny,but only as it is not me doing it!!! I do admit that I have sometimes forgotten the names of acquaintances,but never a friend! I think I'd be so mortified that I'd want the ground to open up and swallow me!!! Dear oh dear!!!
by Jules
I have the worst memory, so this has happened to me more than once. I always feel horrible after. It's happened to me where people forget my name and it never bothers me, but I am always so sure that if it's the other way around, the person who's name I forgot is upset.
I do this fairly often. Lucky for me, my friends are forgiveable types!

Thank heavens I can say a big NO to this!!! Oooooh!! Wouldn't that just be the most awful experience?!!! My ex used to talk in his sleep,and all sorts of stuff was frevealed,including other females' names,who seemed more than just friends!!! At least ,while he was still around he never forgot MY name!!!! I did get rid of him ,I am pleased to say!!! Hee Hee!!! HIS Loss,eh?!
Absolutely - too many times! I am so horrible with names - I need to meet them at least 4 times to cement their name in my memory :O
Yes - just the other day I forgot a friend's name and called him something else. Very awkward.
by Finy
Kind of. I made a friend about 5 months ago and for some reason I thought her name was Michelle so had been calling her that whenever I see her for the last 5 months. We recently exchanged phone numbers and she text me her number so that I would have it. It was at this point, when she included her name as 'Jo' that I realised I've had her name wrong for a good long while. Mortification!!!
oh helen, how awful is that -but strange that she didnt say something for so long!
by Finy
I know, I think she might have been embarrassed for me or something. I've even introduced her to other people as Michelle. Maybe she prefers the name hahahahaha
I stood looking at my 3 sons one day o.k.
I was telling them something, and my mind went blank....so I looked at the one I was talking too, and tried to say his name....and he very very slowly said his name to me.
It was quite a funny experience, and has happened more than once...they just laugh, as they tower over me. :)
jonaj -mine used to laugh at me too for mixing up their names and going through 2 before I got the right answer! I even did it when younger so cannot blame it on age.
by Finy
LOL we have things in common girl :)
by jonaja
No, it has never happened.
I forget peoples' names quite frequently when I meet them first but not a good friend's name. Although at times in call people the wrong name - but I think most people do that.
by AJ
Too many times!
by Vee
I don't forget the names of my friends, but acquaintances, yes, I forget their names all the time, but I politely apologize and ask them to remind me their name.
No, but some aquaintances
by Gia
Yes. it has happened multiple times. both during conversations and while trying to start one.
I always repeat a newly-introduced person's name thrice to myself to remember!
And yes, I've forgotten a name, especially these, what I call, 'new fangled' names. Know a lass named 'Demity'; but do you think I can remember it when I need to phone her!
Yes since I had heart surgery my memory has been badly affected, it is embarrassing.
I do it all of the time, my best friend of over 10 years went down to Florida for a vacation. I went in every day to take care of her cat and plants, on more than one occasion i ran into her daughter whom I have know and to this day I can not remember her name. This happens all of the time, and it only happens with names, I can recall all kinds of stupid things, but names elude me, always.
I have a good memory for names, even seeing old school faces in the street after 50 years, but have to confess that I would often call the wrong name to whichever daughter I was wanting, so after the second attempt I would say "oh whichever one you are". The girls thought it hilarious and still remind me of it when I still do the same thing, even now.
Yes. I have even forgotten my husband's name. I sometimes experience a bit of anxiety in social situations and my mind goes blank. Usually I just 'fess up and have a laugh about it. I hope I never offend anyone as I would be mortified. It is good in a way that I can apologise and ask people not to be offended because I couldn't remember my own husband's name once. My friends are dear sweet people who take me as I am fortunately.
Yes. I have forgotten a good friend's and even my husband's names. I am lucky that they treated it as a joke. I can get very nervous and I am really shy. Usually I can hide my shyness until the introductions are over and everyone is happily chatting .
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