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Have you ever flown business or first class?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever flown business or first class?

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Top Answers
Yes I have -I have so many frequent flyer point that I still have enough to go twice round the world business class.

It is just SO different, having gone once I would not go again as an "ordinary" passenger. I hate planes but at least in business class you can lie down properly and there is a divider between you and the person next to you.
And the food!! It is brilliant and you can order from a menu whenever you like -not just thrown at you with little choice.

It is just SO, SO very different and for me, worth the extra money.
However on saying that I no longer want to travel - too difficult after an accident and unable to stand for long or carry luggage and even with business class and going to lounges at all airports, I have lost the will to travel, so guess those points will go to my son and family.
by Finy
Wow. Lucky you. I really like flying. My husband is an aviator and took me flying on our first date. Needless to say , I was impressed. Understanding what is going on takes a lot of fear from flying.
by annfi
Wow. Lucky you. I really like flying. My husband is an aviator and took me flying on our first date. Needless to say , I was impressed. Understanding what is going on takes a lot of fear from flying.
by annfi
Hello anfi, yes 'FoF' is a problem which is increasing, as more people have to fly, & certainly not helped by constant 'hijacking' these days.

There're courses for this conducted by QANTAS, at Sydney Airport. They book out minimum six months' in advance. They've been running for many decades'.
by donjo
No. I'm not bothered either way. I'm short so cattle class doesn't bother me that much, even on long hauls. My other half, on the other hand, won't fly first class even though he is 6'2" and heavy because the statistics show that plane crash survivors are most likely to be in the rear of the plane. I just love to fly, I never think about plane crashes AND always watch Air Crash Investigations. LOL.
by Rice
wow, fancy never thinking about plane crashes -I think it every time I get on a plane -possibly a small part of why I dont want to travel....
by Finy
My daughter is the same . . . . every time she goes to Germany she has the conflict of not wanting to fly and wanting to get there. I'm just like . . ."Woohoo . . up we go!!!"
by Rice
Cattle class, lol. First time I've heard that expression. Learning much from you, Rice. ;-)
by Vee
Americans say "coach" . . . we sure do have some weird expressions in this old world, Vee ;-))
by Rice
Oh! Vee, 'cattle class' has been used for 'squashed economy aeroplane travellers' for about 25 years now! Lol!
by donjo
Ladies, THE most structurally strong part of an aircraft is where the wings are attached to the fuselage, so middle of aircraft.

In Economy, I always request, & get a seat over the wing, & sometimes it's one of the exit rows. The check-in staff 'size you up', & ask you questions, as you MUST have the ability, & strength to lift up, & throw out that window, for aircraft evacuation in emergency!
by donjo
Never flown at all.
I have only ever flown domestically. I am only ever in the plane for a couple of hours, so it really doesn't matter to me.
Yes. First class. Only once though. It was a surprise from my husband. Best flight experience ever. Granted my son hogged my seat as he slept. As expected. LOL. :-D
by Vee
Moo. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. (me from the back row.)
by Rice
Hahahaha. Oh the delights!
by Vee
I flew between New Zealand and Fiji business class. It was lovely. It was un unexpected surprise organised by someone at work.I wished it was a longer flight. I would love to be able to upgrade for a long flight sometime. So much more comfortable.
No,I haven't.But then I have not flown a great deal at all,and all of that was many years ago.I found that I was very comfortable in economy and back then on Singapore Airlines,the food was delicious,and the service impeccable!! I must say that for a long haul flight now that I am older and in constant pain due to a rare illness, First or Business Class would definitely be a better option for me.
Heehee . . . Randy Newman . . "Short people got no reason . . "
by Rice
HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!! BUT..... Great things do come in small packages!
by Jules

Never been lucky too!
I go into ''Cattle Class''
Yep. My job involved much flying, mostly overseas, so my Company sent me First Class.

When Business Class came into being, I flew that as well.

Thoroughly enjoyed either. It's an 'experience', IMHO, & definitely one to be savoured, especially now with the 'beds'!
If travelling now, I won't go in Y, so still go 'pointy end'!
Only way to fly, if funds or 'points' available to do so!
No, I've never upgraded my flight to first or business class. I'd love to do so one day, just to see what all the fuss is about.
My last trip was quite a long one and it was the first time I'd flown Qantas. Have to say that there is a difference between airlines and Qantas offers more comfort these days in economy than some other airlines.
True, Sarah! I love flying QANTAS!
by donjo
What a way to go, but it is so costly when your paying yourself. When I was flying with the government it was great, but now I can't afford to go anywhere.
Yes, its so expensive but I think for long haul flights its so worth it!
No, and even though I would love to, I can live without it . I would really like to book a trip for my mum though on a first class ticket. She lives in a different continent and the flights from there to Australia are easily 18 hours. She is unable to visit me due to her knee problems. Only if we could afford a first class, where she could stretch her legs and lie down !
by BK
Yes both and it is so much better than coach..
Ic2i2, Is coach the same as cattle (class)?
by Miro
Ic212, In Oz, we call 'coach'...'cattle'!
by Miro
I have flown business class once, the airline did some mistake with my ticket, so they had to put me there, I didn't mind, as I was flying to Europe.
Only in my dreams! Sigh...
Poppy, We've recently returned from a nephews wedding in Bali, via 3 days in Singapore, so he managed to get us business class to Singapore. (Q don't fly to Bali anymore.) We had to fly home Jetstar, & did manage to get into business with them as well, but it wasn't nearly as nice as Q business. Just as well the flight was only 5 & 1/2hrs. We fly to Melbourne from Sydney 4/5 times a year, but because of my husbands low ranking now, we hardly ever get into business! he's entitled to the discount until he's 92, but he says he'll be long dead before then! I think we'll just be over flying before then! We used to go to the US to pick up at cruise, but how we'd rather take Sydney returns. No flying!
by Miro
My husband is ex Qantas, so we have flown in business a few times, but now he's retired, he's on a lower 'ranking', so it doesn't' happen very often now esp.' since staff travel had made the domestic flights the same price as business, (for staff) but now we're only flying to Melbourne, 4/5 times a year, so it doesn't matter so much. So out of about 120 flights I've done with my husband, I'd guess we've only been business about 30 times. But bless his little heart, he tries to get us an upgrade, out at the airport! No harm in trying!
by Miro
'only' about 30 times? Gee, you poor thing!
by poppy
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