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Have you ever felt like hitting anyone, and did you?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever felt like hitting or punching anyone?

Did you carry through?

Do you remember what it was about?

#Bad temper
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Top Answers
I have several times wanted to hit someone but I do not think this is something I could do!

A have heard of people throwing things at another person but this is also something I could not do.

To me, it is violence and I do not like violence of any kind.

I cannot remember the circumstances apart from one which I will not repeat anyway.
by Finy
When I found an intruder in the home about to hit my partner with a lamp stand I had no issue with taking action.
All he left behind was a stain from his bowel movement by the time I had finished with him.
You don't have time to consider the morality of it all.
I have definitely felt punching people at times - but have never done it - well not since I was a child!
by AJ
O many times I've had the urge to hit people. However, hitting someone may lead to retaliation that you may not have anticipated. You might be at the receiving end of a beat down.
I used to regularly want to hit my son when he was very naughty as a child but used to hyperventilate instead...he can still copy the face I used to make whilst doing it controlling myself... a grimace I guess you would call it
by Fran
Many times, but I never have.
I have hit in self defence and as it basically saved my life,have never regretted it! It is something I prefer not to have to recall or discuss. Enough said.
Hugs Jules. Sorry to hear.
by annfi
Thanks annfi, for not pressing me for more.....
by Jules
I did it once out of fear.

My second husband was in a rage, so I went to the kitchen opened the freezer door, so I did not have to look at him....and put something between us.
He grabbed the door off me, and I thought he was about to hit me with it.I slapped his face....But I came off worst ended up in hospital.
oh how awful!

by Finy
That's awful, Jona!
That's awful, Jona!
Sadly it's life :(
by jonaja
Sorry to hear.
by annfi
Yes I did slap my second husband he was out of control raging at I also came out the worst for wear, he was a very abusive narcissistic man and I did leave and divorce but I should have left many years earlier when I was not so broken.
by morra
morra ......exactly! my story is the same, when I left I too was totally broken, and to this day have not fully recovered, I now have a fear...and it never go's away.
by jonaja
Have definitely felt like hitting (not punching) someone on several occasions but would never actually do it - at least I don't think I would. Depends on the situation and how bad it is, I guess. In Jona's case I'm sure I would have struck out in defence!
Yes, many a time, but self-control took over, & I didn't!

But I accidently gave my husband a whack one time!
My brother-in-law had taught me a few 'self defence moves'.

So there I was, standing at the kitchen sink, peeling the spuds for dinner, looking out the window, & a million miles away, when hubby came quietly behind me & put his arms around my waist!

Well, I got SUCH a fright, I 'elbowed' him in the ribs with great force, turned rapidly around & kneed him U-know-where! He was on the floor very rapidly, in much pain, of course!

I've exceptional strength from shoulders to hands from huge variety of sports. Very fast reflexes, too. Told him NEVER to creep up on me like that again!
He never did!
I'm only amazed, & grateful he'd no broken ribs!
I have not hit someone. When I was a young woman I was standing in line at the Supermarket when a child purposely kicked me in the shins with hard shoes on. It really hurt. His mother was talking with someone In the queue, and looked up and smiled at me and said sorry, then resumed her conversation without saying anything to her son. I told him he had hurt me. He kicked me a second and a third time without her doing anything. I turned my back on the child and stepped back "accidentally " standing on his foot, I turned to him and said. Sorry- did that hurt you? While looking him hard in the eyes to get my unspoken message across.
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