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Have you ever fallen over/tripped and hurt yourself?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever fallen over/tripped and hurt yourself?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have and a lot of the time it is while walking my dogs.
Last time THEY tripped me (am I clumsy?), I had bleeding knees, hands but nothing broken. I don't think, touch wood, that I have ever been really hurt from a fall - just grazing, bruises and bleeding and usually able to get up straight away even though I have been told I have "very thin bones" whatever that means.

I think as we age, our balance deteriorates, and I did Tai Chi for this and other things - I believe it is important to try to stand on one leg !
by Finy
I have done Tai Chi also and have improved my balance.
by annfi
Tai Chi is certainly a brilliant and gentle tool for us,especially as we get older,and It is very popular here in Nth Qld where I often have seen groups doing it in the many lovely parks and gardens here! I have tripped over one of my dogs in particular ,as she always seems to lie in the most awkward places in my house!! She aways seems to know that I have hurt myself though and immediately tries to comfort me!! Bless her beautiful heart!!!.
Aaaah! The things we get up to!!!!
by Jules
How do I tumble . ? Let me count the ways . . . I tumble to to the length and breadth and height of well, pretty much everything. I fell over my corgi once. I fell down the stairs, I fell up the stairs, I bounce off doorways and look like I am a battered cod. . . I mean wife. I fell badly on both knees by tripping over a hump in the carpet - at full speed. That was a beauty. If I try to get on the floor to do anything I usually do a Willie Wonka and end up where I didn't intend to be. The dogs love it, I'm forever ending up where they can kiss me all better.
by Rice
Oh dear Rice. I am sorry to hear of your problems but the way you put it is very funny. You sound like quite a character.
by annfi
Oh Rice!! You and I could make a great Comedy double act,if only we were not in such dreadful pain!!!!! I believe I would trip over my own shadow if it was possible!!! I fell onto my right middle finger,breaking it so horrifically that 2 years later it is STILL totally disfigured and bent out of shape The doctor was extremely impressed though, with the temporary splint I created from two of the propellor-shaped ice cream sticks which the Magnum ice creams use!!! These are such brilliantly shaped little items that I now keep several in my First Aid kit,and the doctor has said that he recommends them for such a use to many people now!!
by Jules
Oh lordy, lordy, now I have visions of you in a propeller cap as well . . !! Hahahaha.
by Rice
Rice, Corgi? You fell over your Corgi?
Sorry, but that 'mental picture' has sent me into a fit of laughter!
I owned, & bred Welsh Pembroke Corgi's for over 25 years', always owning at least two at a time, but never once did I fall over any of them!

I wonder if Her Majesty, the Queen's ever fallen over any of her's?
by donjo
Well, donjo . . . he was very small compared to the other two huge dogs I had at the time and he was sneaking up behind me (my story and I'm sticking to it) and I moved backwards, felt him there, lost my balance and sort of fell and flew over him so as not to squish him. Wooden verandah, luckily . . . just a few bruises. I will, however, never forget the look on his face. Can Corgis possibly look smug?? I just bet Her Majesty has fallen over a few in her time so I claim to be in good company. Ha ha.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, says she *more laughter ensues*.....
What a silly question!
Of course, a Corgi can look smug! They OWN the art of it, AND every other look you can imagine!
My beautiful girl had THE best smile, especially when she was being brushed after her bath! AND, I've got a photo to prove it! Lol!
by donjo
I have always been quite agile on my feet. Fortunately as an adult it has never happened to me.
I have tripped and fallen quite a few times. I can be quite clumsy. Never seriously hurt myself though.
by AJ
. . . i am whispering that i have never had a broken bone . . . . so far . . . quite amazing given my klutziness.
by Rice
I've had a few serious tumbled, two when I was younger and another about four years ago. The first two were within a year of each other, the first I was working on a construction site and fell off some scaffolding. I caught myself on the way down, saving me from a serious fall down a flight of stairs but instead I ripped a lot if muscles in my pecks and arms. The second one was a slip on ice while walking to work, I'm betting it would gave looked really Chatlie Chaplin-sequel for anyone watching, but it hurt like hell. I still have back problems in that area of my back. The last fall was much simpler, I rolled my ankle whole hiking, I was just unlucky enough to whack my knee on a rock on the way down.
Ouch, ouch and ouch :((( - glad you are still in one piece!
by Rice
Ha! I'm surprised you could even make out what I was trying to say. One day I'll learn that I shouldn't answer questions on my iPad. I typo often enough when on my computer, but I can't really re-read and edit on the iPad.
You were so fortunate! I do hope that ,like me,you are very careful with all you do now......
by Jules
I used to quite a bit as a child, but not so much as an adult. I did fall twice last year with no injuries. I was on medication that caused poor balance as a side effect. I went to hospital for a medication review, and have been taken off those tablets, or had the dosages severely reduced, so as not to be dangerous anymore. My balance and coordination have returned to normal.

often. its not my fault, though, things like street sisns mysteriously move and I cant help but fall
I have always been a bit uncoordinated. I fall and get up quickly in denial that I may have hurt myself, I do that even when alone. Last fall was an act of idiocy where I was trying to stand on a chair on an outdoor table. The table toppled taking me too. It was sobering as I knew that a fall like that could be serious. Fortunately I only had some beaut bruises to show and learnt a lesson.
I slipped going down the steps and grabbed the handrail. I did something nasty to my shoulder that incapacitated me for over 12 months.
My physiotherapist told me that I have flexible ligaments. I thought that was a good thing, but she said I possibly wont break a bone but may wish I had as the resulting tearing is extrememly painful.
Hmmmm . . sounds like me and the chair that wheeled out from under me when I was half on, half off, a desk trying to close the bolt on the top of a door. . . wheeeeeeeee! Yep, did the same to my shoulder as you did. My doctor was not happy, she despairs of me. (and the way I laugh about it. ooops.) ^_^
by Rice
Oh! you poor thing!!! I also am not one to break bones easily,but rather damage tendons and ligaments,which take utterly for EVER to come good,if ever!!! This last fall though has done so much damage to all of the above though,that I am going nuts!!! I have to keep my leg elevated as well for as much of my time as possible due to the shocking type of wound I have on the shin,as well as keeping the shoulder in a brace type of sling!! I do feel like a total nincompoop this time,but I insisted on coming home to heal instead of staying in hospital! At least I have my dogs and all of my precious old books to enjoy at home!!!And,of course,the laptop,now that I feel able to use it just a bit!!
by Jules
Let's face it - we're crocks! LOL. When I think of how I used to dash about everywhere at full speed . . . . maybe it's Karma. I should have listened. I was always told to slow down, by everybody, as a child . . . "SLOW DOWN!", they'd say, "You'll come a cropper." I was a dasher until about my mid thirties and then I became a crasher. *splat*
by Rice
No - must be lucky I guess.
As a child,I was so accident prone that my parents took out 24 hour accident insurance!!! And they claimed on it so often as to be embarrassing!!! I have had some very nasty falls and trips as an adult as well,but dare not go into the details as they are so traumatic to even thingk about,having landed me in hospital for many days each time!! The most recent though,was just 3 short weeks ago when I broke my shoulder and tore a huge piece out of my shin!! Both on the left side thankfully as I am Right-haned!! I am having the leg wound dressed every 2 days,and this could go on for months according to my doctor who has been just brilliant with checking it every single time!!
The shoulder break will never join as it was so badly displaced,but the ends should slowly heal over.,Just another body part which already was arthritic,and which now shall give me even worse problems! I was checked last year for all manner of reasons why I have been blacking out,but nothing is showing for the neurologist to discover could be a cause.! I do take extra care wherever I am and with whatever I do. This last one was due to me not being wide awake at 2 am when my very old dog needed a drink of water.So it had nothing to do with the blacking out,but just my own over-eagerness to help my darling old Fur Baby when she was very hot and thirsty!! I shall be sure to wake myself completely before ever helping her again!! i shall still be healing well into 2017 with this last fall!! What a silly old sausage I am,and no exaggeration!!!! But then,my dear old dad who is now 86,always HAS said that I never do ANYthing by half measures!!!!
Oh dear Jules. You have been in the wars. Your blackouts sound like a worry. I am glad you are home to recover. You would be much happier than away worrying about your dogs. My Westie gets underfoot as she runs in front of me in her excitement to help me. We have had some near misses that could have ended badly, so far so good.
by annfi
Thank you so much for your kind words! Yes indeed,the blacking out has caused many concerns,but my neurologist has done every test imaginable and also got the cardiologist to check my heart by wearing a 48-hour monitor.Thank heavens all is well on both fronts,so it is just a mystery which I control by being EXTREMELY careful!!!(apart from when I had this crazy silly fall!!!!) I am definitely better off at home with the dogs as they keep me smiling and cheerful! I think we all know how easy it is for our furry friends to get right underfoot sometimes,but we would NEVER be without the darlings!!
My thanks again for your kind thoughts!!!
by Jules
In the last five years', I've tripped UP steps, with both hands laden with grocery bags, a few times'.

I 'missed' a step going down, & fallen, twice.

And I've tripped, & fallen over 'bollards' a couple of times'.

Foot got caught in a chair leg, as I was carrying a tray of food, & went flat on my face. Very embarrassing, as many people in Restaurant.

Now, I'm exceptionally CAREFUL in every step I take, & when going up or down steps, ensure I've a good, firm grip on hand rail!

Amazingly, no broken bones eventuated from my clumsiness, just bruises, & sore muscles!

I'll just keep-up horse riding!
It's safer for me, I think!
I can't do it any more, but you are so right . . .I never got hurt on top of an equine friend! Much safer.
by Rice
Y es I have, in the city where the pavers are some a bit higher than others.
Can't top Rice's answer. I bow to greatness.
Yes. I have Addison's Disease and have to be on steroids which supposedly causes osteoporosis or fragile bones. I am supposed to get an expensive test every few years and last year I fell down the steps and twist my ankle and fell hard. Nothing broken or sprained. Saved myself $300 and a trip to the doctor!
YES, I have tripped over, but haven't hurt my self!
I was walking quickly to the train station, near our daughters house, (with our daughter & my husband), when I tripped over a speed bump, near a round about, (which I thought was the crossing) which was actually next to it. My daughter helped me up, while my husband thought it was very funny, & said I should look where I'm going! Luckily there weren't any cars coming towards me, when it happened!!! (Yes, we were able to still catch the train!) As I was wearing black leggings with my summer dress, no-one saw my undies!
by Miro
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