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Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Did this relationship last long?

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Top Answers
I don't believe in love at first sight.
Many times but then I realised it was not love at all, just infatuation, one-sided. Love happens gradually. It grows on you
Thankfully, NO...!!
I've never fallen in love.
No, it snuck up on me very gradually.
Yes I did fall in Love at first sight.
It is possible, I know too well.

It lasted just over 6 years.
Yes, and then fell out of love just as quickly when I discovered the actions didn't match the picture.
Yes, but they never developed into anything romantic/intimate because it wasn't reciprocated. One of them did ends up becoming a life-long friend though. My "lasting" relationships have usually "crept up" on me (as per Jennifer's comment), the main one of which I first met when I was 18, became an item at 22, engaged and married at 25, and we are still going strong 21 years later.
by kimp
I think the reason love at first sight doesn't work most of the time is because it is based on so little information, whereas lasting relationships typically occur when both members of the couple are compatible in their values etc, which I don't believe you can determine from what is essentially equivalent to a photograph or short video.
by kimp
To truly love someone you need to be prepared to take an action for life.
That is to decide to love someone until death do us part.
In my experience women think love is a feeling so when they have a change of circumstance or hormones they feel out of love leaving men shattered.
The sooner we understand that loving someone is an action and not a feeling the better off it will be for adults and the children that are the result of the love making. Movies and romance novels set people up for failure.
Gods word clearly describes how men and women should behave on this subject. It is worth a read.
Oh! kstew......what you say re: women, seems like you've tarred any female you've met with the same brush. A tad misoginistic?
Maybe you need to look at yourself as well. Takes two in a worthwhile relationship.
by donjo
Yes, & across a crowded room!
39 years' at last count!
That is so beautiful. I hope you realise how lucky you are. You don't know how envious (not jealous!) I am.
by poppy
Ah yes, I was about 4 years old. She was sophisticated and elegant, tall and blonde with scads of money. Oh but that lady Penelope, International rescue have the best!
No, not at all. That feeling you get when you see someone for the first time is usually lust, not love. Love develops over time as you need to get to know each other over time to determine if they are someone you could love. You must have the same ideas, values and interests, and be compatible before you can fall in love. This can not possibly happen in seconds, when you first see someone. You may like what you see, but it takes time to build a solid friendship and love.
Only with my black Oriental cat when I first saw him as a kitten! He was/is My Love, My Life, the Love of my Life. And always will be.
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