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Have you ever experienced snow?

by Radhika (follow)
Radhika Ram
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Have you ever experienced snow? Did you like it?

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Top Answers
It usually snows at some point during the winter where I live. I love it when the first snow falls. There's a lovley piece and it's great fun to play in. It's less appealing when it's half melted and slushy though.
Not yet..!! Look forward to this year..
I love snow, and growing up in the UK we had plenty of snow fall when I was a child. My parents remind that I once loved snow so much that I wanted to save it from melting by putting a snowball in the freezer. I used to love building snow men and sledging down hills. I do miss the snow now that I live in Australia, and think one year, I will have to take my two boys somewhere that has snowfall so they can experience the magic of the cold white stuff.
Snow is awesome.
I was born where it snowed lot, and the funny thing about it is it's not always cold when it snows.
One thing that is totally great we use to do was do swimming in outside heated pools, and it would snow!
I loved the experience....something everyone should try to do once.
Had that experience in Canada, jonaj. It was wonderful, but when we returned to our car, the mountain goats serene beginning to chew our mudflaps to get at the salt which is spread on icy roads. I hate predictive text! Must learn to turn it off.
by grann
by jonaja
No I have not yet experienced it..
Yes. It never snows where I live so I saw it for the first time when I went on a school exchange to Germany when I was 15. It was very exciting to me, and I thought it was beautiful, though there wasn't enough of it to make a snowman so it wasn't like in the movies.
I was on a holiday, and our train stopped in the Italian Alps. We could see snow falling so delicately, like feathers as there was no wind. I put my arm out the window, and the individual snowflakes, each the size of a five cent piece, landed on my red jumper. They were like white lace doilies, each one with its own design. Not the only time I've seen snow , but this was so magical that it's still my favourite snow experience.
As a child we would go to the snow every year and I was a pretty good skier. Now I am petrified to ski as I am scared that I am going to fall off the cliff. I know that sounds very strange but I think I will stick to the warmer months where I can enjoy the sunshine and beach! : )
by SJP
Yes, when I was seven, my family and I went to Europe to visit family. I don't remember much, but I was excited about seeing snow for the first time in my life.
by Vee
I first experienced snow when I emigrated to Canada in 1971. As the train wandered over the Rockies between Vancouver and Prince George, the snowscape reminded me of the illustrations in my childhood Little Golden Book Peter and the Wolf. I soon caught pneumonia and pleurisy and decided the Australian climate was best for me.
Only once when I was overseas. I had especially gone on a day trip to somewhere I knew it would be snowing. I found it to be beautiful, but much too cold for me and something I could happily tick off my bucket list without ever wanting to repeat.

Yes once when visiting Mt Wellington in Tasmania (in shorts and a T-shirt - followed closely by pneumonia) and once cycling to work in Melbourne (melted as soon as it hit the ground though). Not in the last 20 or so years though...
by kimp
Yes! It is one of the most beautiful feelings to literally hold in your hands - absolutely gorgeous beauties of nature!
Only once in Australia and it was at the end of the snow season. It was rather surreal as the sun was shining and we were skiing in ski pants and T-shirts as it was quite warm.
Not sure I would have enjoyed it as much in the freezing cold!
Yes I experienced the feel and beauty of snow. I like the day after it snowed as it makes everything look beautiful.
Oh Yes and it is super fun.I still remember the construction of my first snow man and it was quite disastrous. :)

I have. Been to the snow in the US and also in Victoria. Great fun - but I can't ski to save my life, sadly.
I haven't experienced snow. I would like to. I have no desire to try skiing but I would love to build a snowman. I am creative rather than sporty!
Whilst touring the NP's of Western Canada, was in Glacier NP & it snowed!
WOW! Had never experienced it before, & just stood out in it, revelling in the surprised warmth of it!

The Europeans' on the Tour couldn't understand why these 'stupid' Aussies' were standing out in the snow, until the Guide explained to them, the city we came from it NEVER snows! They couldn't believe there was a place where it didn't snow at ALL!
I was born and brought up in Scotland, so - yes - I have experienced snow until we were sick of looking at it. Great fun though when you are a kid, skating on iced over rivers, snowballing, building snowmen, sledging, doing the "snow angel" thing was big too!
Should have added that now I live in sunny Brisbane, I never see snow over here.
by norma
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