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Have you ever experienced poor customer service?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you had any instances of bad customer service in any type of shop?

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Top Answers
I have often had poor service in various shops.

One is a hardware chain where it is very difficult to find someone serving on the floor, in order to ask questions.

The worst offender for me are the supermarkets.

They have so many lanes they are able to open, yet they only seem to open 3 at a time, and they have huge queues.

This makes me so angry when there always seems to be staff walking around.

I now shop online as i find this just too annoying each time I had to go through a checkout at the large supermarkets.

Myers is also sometimes not so good at finding someone other than at the Cashiers desk -I do not think they have any other staff any more.
by Finy
Neither has David Jones'.
You can look around a whole floor & not see a staff member to serve you. They've actually DECREASED the number of pay counters' so customer just has to walk further to give them the money! Absolutely ridiculous! I phone their switchboard on my mobile & ask for a 'sales assistant' (oxymoron alert!)
by donjo
Well yes I have but I tend to be very forgiving, am very capable of putting myself in their position and realizing also things are not just 'all about me!' I think one need to have some empathy for the human race, we all have bad days. Saying that....it can be very annoying if too bad...
by Fran
I have had plenty of bad experiences in terms of customer service. I can understand if somebody is feeling off - I know what it's like to work in the service sector and have a crap day. But, what I can't understand, is rudeness.
by Vee
by jonaja
Oh! you mean when I made an appointment this morning for 5 pm late today....Only to have to stand and wait another 20 mins at the Hairdresser.
Then I was told I could take a chair, and she then started to do my hair.
No idea 'why'? I had an appointment, in the first place?#!!!*
I know that I have had this kind of bad service,but it was a long while back now! I am very fortunate that where I now shop,the stafff all seem to be delightful and do their best to always help customers above and beyond what is expected.
Yes, but I can't remember anything other than the fact that it has happened.
Yes plenty of times - what ever happened to 'the customer is always right'
by AJ
Business 'rules' have changed in the last decade, & this is no longer an accepted 'phrase' in business whatsoever.
Cannot be used 'legally' in any shape or form at all.
by donjo
Definitely. I've been spoken to harshly without a just reason, by a cashier who seem to have been having a bad day. I've even been told that if I don't want to purchase the item I should go somewhere else.
.........and did you?
by donjo
Yes, multiple times. Sometimes I try to understand their situation since I have worked in a convenience store myself , but sometimes they are just either discriminating , or too laid back. That is bad.
by BK
I recently rang a company to purchase $3,000.00 worth of gutters for my home.
When I attended the factory unit to make the purchase and identify the profile of the gutter I was greeted by a young man of 18 yrs.
He had his I pad on with his ear phones still in his ears.
What do you want was his response so I explained my request to him while he bopped to the music bending his knees and swinging his shoulders to the music? It may have been a good tune but it was not shared with me. I had watched this display in silence.
I asked to see the profiles so he pointed across the room to a display.
I asked the still dancing sales person if he had a price list and he said nup.
I selected a profile and requested if he had a price for this design per meter of product. In the first attempt to provide some service he pointed to a different profile and then said I know what the price of this one is pointing to a completely different item. I said thanks for that but I wanted to know what the price for the one I had selected was.
By this time I was on the verge of spitting the dummy but suspecting that I was on the set of Australia's funniest home videos I decided that to retreat to the safety of my home as far away from pimple faced teenagers was the best option.

supermarkets rarely enough checkouts open just go to customer service desk and complain they soon open another checkout .
but in saying that what about the self service lanes they have now , further cutbacks of checkout operators and no fast check out when only buying two or three products
best to shop early in the week not many shoppers out then so can be little quicker through the checkout thats if what you want to buy is on the shelf that early in the week
Usually I find customer service is good. I do recall one incident where I felt frustrated. It was mid summer and very hot. I had to get a new fridge for work and needed 3 quotes. There were three electrical stores in town so i had no choice of where I went to get quotes. I walked into the third store which has branches all over Australia. It is a big company and their store was large.

I started measuring fridges and jotting down measurements. the fridge had to fit into an alcove. No one came near me to see if I wanted assistance. i think it was obvious i was a serious customer. After a while I went to the service desk and asked if I could have some help. An assistant came over eventually but wasn't very helpful.

When I got the quote print out it was very faint. The store also sold printers Work didn't buy the fridge there.

The much simpler question is 'Have you experienced good customer service, and Where & When?
Bad customer service is the standard in Australia. There, I've said it!
The salesbod does not give a damn about you - only wanting a Sale to make their employment justifiable. Not a smile, no help, no product knowlegde, grumpy & often rude when customers ask questions.
As for Waitering staff - clearly they have never heard of Eye-Contact!
Eye Contact is necessary to ascertain if a customer requires service or even assistance. How many times have you tried to attract a Waiter's attention, only to be frustrated at every attempt by their failure (refusal) to make Eye Contact?

A TIP is due when good service has been given. Many Wait staff regularly complain that Aussies are cheap or tight. They shld examine their own behaviour first. Just taking an order & delivering that order is not enough to warrant tips.
Service means Good Service. When Good Service is given with care, MANNERS, and a smile, then Tips naturally flow.
Pity this is so hard to find in Australia's alleged service industries.
Not all - just far too many for their, and our, own good.

I was in a 'supposed' top-notch Dept Store, looking to purchase one black & one purple scarf for a 'themed' night function.

Spotted in showcase EXACTLY what I wanted, but the 'snobbish' sales assistant said to me, 'oh, but they're XXXXXX', (an expensive brand), insinuating I couldn't afford them, as I was only dressed in my work 'Neat & Trim' Uniform, as this was in my Lunch Hour!

I purchased them, & went back to work, with time to spare, so rang that Store's Personnel Manager, & told her what I thought of their 'Customer Service'!
Yes many times, usually from younger people, who seem to not really want to be in the job they have.
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