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Have you ever eaten Sweetened Condensed Milk off a spoon?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever eaten Sweetened Condensed Milk off a spoon?

#Sweetened Condensed Milk
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Top Answers
ooohhh, this is one of my all time favourite foods!

I just LOVE it and used to hide it from my children when I opened a tin.

One of my children who obviously also loved it, used to find it, no matter how I hid it, which really upset me.

I had not eaten it for many years as it is so unhealthy, and recently bought some and ate the tin in two lots!

It had not lost any of its delectable taste, and I had problems not eating the whole contents of the tin in one hit...
by Finy

by jonaja
Aaaah! What a question!!! And Aaah! What a like-minded Child at Heart you must be to me! I wonder if you also like white chocolate which I adore!! This is a subject almost as close to my heart as my love of books!!! The thing is that I can enjoy both at the same time as long as I am very careful not to waste any by missing my mouth while I am reading!!! Hee Hee!!!
by Jules
Oh I love this and white chocolate !!
by BK
A couple of times, not a taste I like.
Way toooooo sweet for me.
I never done this. I have only ever used condensed milk to make toffee
by AJ
You really must give this delectable treat a go!!! And oh! my goodness!!! Your fudge must be utterly To Die For!!!!!
by Jules
I certainly have, I find it irresistable. I've also filled up spoons from the tubes. I don't keep it in the house any more because if I'm craving something sweet that's what I'd go for and it's hard to put down.
Why even bother with the spoons?!!!! They just make extra washing up! As long as no one is going to share from the tube,the spoon is a totally unnecessary hindrance!!! Hee Hee Hee!!!!
by Jules
Gosh !!! YE-E-E-E-E-ES!!!!!!!!! I always have an opened tin in the fridge with a special plastic lid on it to keep the contents fresh!!! Not that it lasts that long,as I tend to enjoy it far too fast!!! I have adored this guilty pleasure ever since I was little,and as a child I literally made myself sick from eating too much of it,on more than one occasion!!!
I believe that my love of the really top quality White Chocolate comes from my worship of Sweetened Condensed Milk!! Mmmmmmm..........

ooh, yes we are often alike! Jonah and I used to be!! how could anyone NOT like sweet milk. just made a lemon dessert out of a tin! had trouble even making it, had to stop myself eating it before it got made.
by Finy
I have trouble making ANYthing with it!!!! I just see it starting to ooze from the tin as I open it,and have to start eating it!!!! How hopeless is THAT?!!! It truly is a genuine GUILTY PLEASURE,no matter what age we may be!!! I now have to go and get the opened tin from my fridge and enjoy some.......
by Jules
Jules, I have had a tin of it in my pantry for about 5 or 6 years, just in case I need it for a recipe. I see it up on the shelf all the time, but I've never been tempted to open it, just to eat it, but I do love fudge! I used to love eating it straight from the tin with my finger, many years ago.
by Miro
Yes, when I was a child at boarding school in Zimbabwe we used to have 'midnight feasts' in the ablution block and condensed milk was a fav....too sweet for me now though
by fran
Haha yes I have done that a lot !! It is so delicious but so unhealthy ! I use it in rice pudding sometimes to make it thick and creamy. So yum !! But I try to not to stock it because I will just end up eating it in everything or just plain.
by BK
Oh yummo! I have it with crushed walnuts when I am making oblatne. So delicious!
by Vee
by Finy
Yes, check them out. I have them in my RecipeYum profile. They are cakes: all you need to make them is condensed milk, wafers, and walnuts. ;)
by Vee
Cold, straight out of its' tube is much better!
Yes donjo, and less messy than from a tin or a spoon. Once I start on a tube though, it lasts a matter of minutes. I also think that buying it in a tube is more ladylike than buying a tin. It certainly feels very dainty when piercing the second tube too.
by fran.
Lol, fran, just lol!
by donjo
My grandma used to make condensed milk and apricot jam sandwiches - and then you eat the remainder with a spoon!
so healthy -LOL but oh so good that sounds too -I have just made a lemon mousse using it -I also do not keep it in pantry as would eat it all.
by Finy
Yes. I'll say no more or I might incriminate myself. *drool*
by Rice
I must have lived a very sheltered life, as I have never heard of this. I just use condensed milk to make chocolate truffles for Christmas.
Oh, Lluxi, Lluxi, Lluxi . . . . you haven't lived. However, I don't want to be responsible for turning you into an addict. Of course, I would never encourage you to try strawberry jam and condensed milk on bread, you know, if you happened to be craving a sweet treat. Nope, not me :-)
by Rice
I used to love this, especially straight from the fridge.When my son was young he loved it too, and I am ashamed to admit I used to hide it in the back of the fridge so he couldn't find it. Nowadays I find it just too sweet to eat.
I used to make a cheesecake with it, about 1/2 a century ago, but I never ate anymore than I needed for the recipe! (I'd put it back in the fridge, & forget about it, then months later I'd have to throw it.) Too think I could have eaten the rest with a spoon, & then buy some more, IF I was to make another cheesecake!! Does 1 make fudge with it? YUM.I've always loved fudge. I'll look up a recipe after I've been on my morning walk!
by Miro
I am smiling at your response to my answer to this one!!! I too would (sneakily) dip my finger into the o[ened tin of this when I was little, and then one day I got caught!!! 'DO please use a spoon instead of your fingers! At least I know that the spoons are CLEAN!!!!' was Mum's retort!!! She secretly loved the stuff as well!!!!
by Jules
Yuck! No, my older sister absolutely loves doing this however! Vile in my opinion! Far. Too. Sweet.
yes and still do ,I also make scotch tablet and slices with it,
been eating this since I was a child ,and am now 80 yrs old
Yuk! Far too sweet for me. Only use it in cheesecakes.
Sweet condensed milk yum! I just can't stop when I start, and I used to like the one with coffee in it as well.
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