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Have you ever eaten steak tartare?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever eaten steak tartare?

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Top Answers
I just love this -I know a lot of people will say "yuk" which I was taught not to say about ANY food -however until you try it, how would you know?

It is beautiful with an anchovy, egg yolk, bit of onion but the meat has to be very high quality.

Delicious on its own or on thickly spread on a piece of toast.

I also love carpaccio -a very very thinly sliced best meat with spices etc on it.
by Finy
No. I have a penchant for very well done meat if I can stomach it at all. I quite often go for weeks without meat, so I could not see myself trying steak tartare.
by Rice
O M G !
I too go without meat for weeks.
by jonaja
What are you two long lost twins or something?
by Vee
Vee it would seem sooooo lol!
by jonaja
Rice what yr you born?
by jonaja
1954 (June) for me.
I was just making sure we were not twins!!! split at Birth.

by jonaja
No I have not.
I do understand the concept.....and.....know it works well.

For my brain, it would not work well.
I would be unable to eat it, and it would make me give up meat for life.

Whoever came up with the idea, must have
had extreme thinking.Sounds like a Frenchman would have done this, just saying?

Something Wilma would have made for Fred!
nah, Jonah -European -my parents had it regularly and with the things you put in, it is absolutely delicious -Australians I find, are not as broad minded with food as Europeans ! (not English)
by Finy
Words out of my mouth, jonaj!! Yes, if I start thinking about calves and lambs or cute little piglets . . . I am done. Some days I can't even do eggs for thinking about chickens and yet I know they are not fertilised eggs. *softie*
by Rice
Not wanting to eat eggs because of the chickens actually makes sense, Rice. Though the eggs are unfertilised, in commercial egg farms they kill the male baby chicks by throwing them live into a grinder. Seriously. So buying the eggs supports that system. I only eat eggs from my own backyard chooks, which not everybody can do, and even that's not perfect because the place we bought them from presumably kills the roosters. When we eat animal products animals die.
by Rice
What about 1956?
I'm pretty sure that's the year she was born, LOL.
by Vee
Jennifer, by the sound of your comment, you seem you'd prefer not to eat anything at all, due to its' provenance.
Where'd you get taught such 'out of left field' food ideology'?
It's strange, to say the least, & it must cause you much angst, although you'd never admit it, I bet.
by donjo
Nope, I prefer not to eat most animal products (I eat honey, because I don't particularly care about bees) for ethical and health reasons. That's actually a pretty common idea, hence the reason there are many vegans in the world, and thankfully now restaurants that cater to them. That doesn't mean not eating anything at all. I love food, and have plenty of plant based favourites. In particular, if you are interested, cupcakes, chocolate fudge and cashew mac and "cheese" spring to mind. I'm surprised you find it surprising. You must have a fairly conservative social circle.
I don't think I could stomach this, Finy. I don't like to smell of raw mince. It makes me feel icky to the max.
by Vee
I hate going into a butcher's shop for that reason. Other half took me into a huge one a few weeks back and I ran through and straight out of the exit. Nearly barfed.
by Rice
Well, we're both from the UK . . . LOL . . . naughty, naughty parents!
by Rice
Hi Rice.......am curious about your above comment, don't understand meaning, please explain!

I DO know how you must've felt tho. With BOTH my First Trimesters', even tho no morning sickness, I could NOT look, touch, smell, let alone EAT red meat. My stomach literally churned at any of those senses. It was a weird time for me, as I normally just LOVE my meat! Needless to say, I cooked, & ate much Chicken, Fish, & other seafood, & drank 'Maison'!
by donjo
Oh, I had morning sickness. It put me off my favourite food: CHOCOLATE. Can you believe it?! It was terrible.
by Vee
Oh dear . . the parents comment or the barfing comment . . ? Sorry to confuse the issue.
by Rice
Rice, 'from UK' & 'naughty parents'.......
by donjo
I don't eat red meat so I have never eaten it
by AJ
No I haven't. I'm not sure I know what it is. It looks like steak with a raw egg on it.
But I enjoy rare steak, but definitely NOT 'blue'!
No I don't like it blue either but I cannot bear going to a barbecue where when all the meat is cooked and kept til it can be dished out to the guests and all the meat is "overcooked". Dreadful Australian trait.
by fran.
I'm on the right track now, donjo . . . it's the smell of the butcher's shop that I can't stand. It doesn't seem to be meat per se. I think it is the combined smell of meat, bleach, metal and fat. The particular one the other day was awful as it was huge and had the entry at one end and the exit waaaaay up the other end. This meant that when I walked in and realised I couldn't stay there I had to bolt through the whole place to get out. The fresh air was fabulous.
by Rice
Oh! fran, with a big BBQ grill plate, one steak at a time, being cooked, to suit an individual, just isn't going to happen! Waste of 'fire' or 'gas' energy, too! If you want it rare, eg, ask the cook, & he'll do it for you, along with the other meats, giving yours to you earlier! This I've always done, & never had a problem..

And I wouldn't call it 'an Australian trait' at all! Generalisation, somewhat!
by donjo
No. I'm sure reputable restaurants are careful about food poisoning, but eating raw meat just seems like a bad idea. So even if I still ate meat I would give this a miss.
Jennifer, eating some raw meat occasionally, won't kill you!
One way to get Iron, & other 'goodies' into your system.

I wouldn't eat the above 'recipe', as it just doesn't appeal to me, but a small amount of raw, freshly minced Topside Steak, or portion of a fresh slice of Rump, Rib Fillet, Veal steak, can be good for you. After all, ancient humans' ate raw meat, unti 'fire' came along!
But, of course, Pork is NEVER to be eaten 'raw', or even 'pink', when cooked.

And the old rule of 'moderation' comes into play, & this action would be something apportioned to 'less than moderation', for me, if indulging.
by donjo
I usually use fillet steak for steak tartare -it is the nicest, and I do not understand how you can all say yuk when you have not even tasted it! There is nothing wrong with eating it as I have till I stopped eating red meat all my life!
by Finy
I'm sure it wouldn't kill me, but it would definitely make me sick since I have trouble digesting meat (aside from the fact that I don't want to eat it since I'm vegetarian). That ancient humans did something doesn't mean it was a good idea. They also slept in caves, didn't have soap and died young. As for goodies, there are plenty of ways to get good bacteria into your system, no need to risk intestinal parasites for no good reason.

Ah, I missed that you mentioned iron. Meat doesn't have to be raw to be a source of iron, but that doesn't matter to me anyway, since my iron doesn't come from meat. There are tonnes of vegetarian sources of iron.
No.....sounds like a raw deal to me.....
wotsy, having one of those "Darn, I've already voted for an answer to this question" moments. Otherwise my vote would've been yours. (>ლ)
by Vee
Oh! Vee, IMHO, being only able to vote once on this site, is stupid!
It's not a 'Federal Election' situation!

One should be able to vote for those enjoyed responses, no matter how many!
by donjo
I totally agree with you donjo. It is ridiculous. But of course if we could vote more, that would mean more money out of 'their' pockets - and goodness knows we are already being hard done by with the site being broken and all.
by Vee
Perhaps I shouldn't be so harsh ? I do used to do it for the love and the money because I can contribute only a little being at home with our son...now I must do it only for the love.
by Vee
Love it. Even when sent to buy mince steak from the butcher when I was a child, could not leave it alone til I arrived homeā€¦.at least 1/4 of it was gone.
My mother always thought that it was a sign that I was anaemic. Don't know.
oh you are the first one apart from me, who loves it -most people will not try it so they will never know how good it is!
by Finy
Ladies, back when I was a kid, & 'B' shaped bread, wrapped in tissue paper, was all that could be bought, I use to have a 'bite' out of the middle!
WHO can resist FRESH bread!

We lived just opposite the shop, so not a 'long' journey back home, thank goodness, or it'd be ALL gone!

I used to tell my Mum, ' a mouse had eaten it'!
by donjo
Yes Donjo, I used to give the fresh bread a really good serve too. What with the mince meat, the fresh bread, it was a wonder my mother had anything left to give to the rest of the family. I also knew a family (10 children) and when they were to have sausages for dinner, a lot of the time those sausages were almost gone before they ever hit the pan. Ah ! memories.
by fran.
My husband is European so he's eaten it many times but me being Aussie was brought up being told eating raw or underdone meat will give you worms and that's always in the back of my mind when I see it on a menu.
No, I have never tried it, although I do (wrongly) enjoy bacon before it hits the pan. Red meat must be dead, black and crunchy before I can eat it. But looking raw-treated-red meat and or fish is just not for me.

Considering I have eaten a lot of I don't know what in Asia, including some animals most people cringe about, I prob should try it.
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