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Have you ever eaten rabbit?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever eaten rabbit?

What did it taste like, and do you like it?

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Top Answers
I have in the past and think it tastes like chicken.
It is a long time since I have eaten it, as I find it hard to buy nowadays.

It has probably been 20 years since I ate rabbit. Odd that it is not on menus at restaurants.
by Finy
Probably because people keep them as pets so it's harder to make that separation between the meat on the plate and the live animal.
there are no rabbits left to buy and eat because "we" killed them off! "we" gave them myxomatosis to reduce their population


I have eaten rabbit cooked in red wine overseas and it was delicious
by brigi
We had quite a lot of rabbit when I was growing up, we lived in a rural community and rabbits were seen as pests and food not cute fluffy things. A friend of ours bred rabbits for eating on his farm and often gave us one. My mum made rabbit pie, rabbit stew, jugged hare, roast rabbit.....
It tastes nice but there are a lot of small bones so it is fiddly to eat and as an adult I just can't be bothered! The taste is a fairly strong gamey one, nothing like chicken, and it shouldn't be tough if it has been properly butchered and hung. Same goes for most game meats really!
Yes, but prefer the chocolate ones.

In England, and not keen on it.
It was slightly tough, that I remember well.
Unless I was unable to eat anything else, I would not eat it again.
Nope, I haven't but I have heard it's same as chicken (?)
by BK
At the White Night Cafe in Dublin back in 1970, we ordered "chicken". My older and wiser Contiki companion, a bushie from way back, revealed all.
by grann
My first husband's mother cooked it once when I was there, I was not used to it and was mortified to think of the little rabbit in a stew! I remember it being a strong flavour and quite an aroma...no not for me again
by fran
Mum used to raost rabbit when we were young. I have a vague memory from when I was around 10 of roast rabbit being carved at the table. It was the worry of Myxomatosis that removed rabitr from the table.
Is that comminicable to humans? I wouldn't have thought that the government would have introduced it if it was.
No idea Jennifer but I remember it being a concern when we were young.
I didn't like it when I had it, the person who cooked it really wasn't the best cook. I'd try it again though.
No I have never tasted it and I don't intend to either - rabbits are way too cute to eat!
by AJ
I think its a waste of an animal to eat rabbit because there is so little meat on it. I have eaten it before an it was ok. The Legs are great for stewing and the breast is great sauteed or given a nice sear in butter .
by Gia
I don't think I have. My husband's grandparents used to make rabbit stew all the time and he said it tasted good...
Once, years ago. I remember it being similar to tuna, only without the fishy taste, if that makes sense. I was not a fan.
Yes as a kid but not as an adult
Yes as a kid but not as an adult
my mother would bake the rabbits or make a stew yummy , that was a long time ago. then the rabbits were infected with Myxomatosis, it was introduced to kill the rabbits as they were in plaque proportions and people then stopped eating them. Rabbit farms sprung up but these rabbits were never very popular for the table
The rabbit farm that was near where I live had a reasonably good trade with restaurants in Adelaide. They also sold their meat in the Adelaide Central Market. But as I wrote elsewhere, their business has closed. I'm not sure where I can get rabbit meat from now, unless my husband was able to shoot and butcher one of the wild ones living close by (which by the way would never happen).
Yes. Mum used to cook it when I was very young. I didn't mind the taste (it didn't taste like chicken!) but it was always a bit tough.

My Mum did not like cooking it although it was one of my Dad's favourites. She said it reminded her too much of a new born baby.
by grann
Yes, and I didn't have to chase it around a greyhound track for the privilege.
no i have never eaten rabbitt, and also have never seen rabbitt meat at the local butchers
When I was young we ate rabbit quite often. I haven't had it in years. Rabbit stew is nice but chicken is better and less fiddly.
Last century in days when it was more popular
I used to eat rabbit as a child, and again as an adult. I agree that rabbit tastes quite like chicken. It's a relatively lean meat, I think, and has been 'farmed' in various country areas. I can remember eating lovely 'rabbit schnitzels' about ten years ago, when there was a rabbit farm quite close to where I live. The rabbits were raised indoors, and cared for to grow them, and then humanely slaughtered and butchered.
The business has closed down now, I'm not sure why. But I can definitely say that rabbits have not been wiped out by disease in my part of South Australia, I see many of them where I live, hopping across the road.
Yes, but prefer chicken.

When I had my beautiful, British Blue cat, for a treat, every now & again, I'd cook him rabbit in the pressure cooker.

He would sit on the kitchen floor, looking up at appliance, & when it 'popped its' top' he would come & find me, yowling to me 'rabbit's cooked, mum'.
He then had to wait until it cooled, but I'd speed up the process by putting ice cubes on his portions, so he could eat straight away!

He absolutely adored his rabbit.
He was literally 'skin & bones' when he came into my life when he was two, according to Vet. I'd NEVER seen a cat SO thin....poor littl' fella.....
I had him for 19half years', when his kidneys' failed, probably as a result of neglect from kitten to two years' old. So he was 21half when he died. That was 29 years' ago & I still miss him terribly.
Even though I've had little furry friends' since, somehow he meant much more to me. RIP my darlin' boy.
Yes. Mum cooked rabbit once when we were younger. She told us it was chicken but I was suspicious as there were many small bones. I can't recall it tasting any different to chicken. Only last week I saw rabbit for sale at Pendle Hill meat market for $23.00 but I wouldn't cook it. My husband's brother in Germany used to breed rabbits for show and they were huge. I asked what he did with them when no longer showing and was told they eat them.
Only when my mother cooked it, after we siblings were vegetarians.
by Miro
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