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Have you ever eaten alone at a restaurant?

by Finy (follow)
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eating alone
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Sometimes I have been in a situation where I am away and have to have a meal alone. Has this ever happened to you, or do you regularly eat alone in a cafe or restaurant?

How do you feel about eating alone?

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Top Answers
I did once, go into a little Cafe and had warm Apple Crumble and Ice Cream..

I was unwell, and it made all the difference.I had not eaten for some time, boy! it was soooo nice, I even think about it 25 years later.

Oh! jonaj, I find it amazing that one can have a meal, yet remember it so many years' later!

I was flying Sydney-Melbourne one time, & the porters' went on strike! It backed up the flights no end. So was stuck for awhile, & airport food I never eat.
When eventually boarded, I was starving, & was served piping hot Prawn Chowder! It was absolutely delicious! Just what I needed! I can still taste its' velvety smoothness, & the beautiful fresh, large Prawns! Lol!
by donjo
Well I guess I should say that I was also in a very violent marriage, and I ran out the house to get away that day, unwell from all the abuse, and alone...So yes it had a very deep lasting impression on me for all these years. :)
by jonaja
When I was traveling I ate alone regularly. I went on a gastronomic walking tour of France and happened to be the only person on the tour at the time, so I ate alone in fancy Frency restaurants every night for a week! Lucky for me, I was going through a "finding myself" phase, so this suited me perfectly. I was armed with a good novel and a travel journal, so had no problem amusing myself while I enjoyed my meals. It probably helped that the food was amasing and the French hospitality (in Provence) was lovely!
Sarah, I think somehow when you are on holidays, it is a little different. As a single person, I probably meant, would you do it here, in your home town. e.g. sometimes I feel like going out to eat on the spur of the moment and quite late and most of my friends would have eaten or have family, so I get take away instead of going to a restaurant on my own.
I was wondering if others feel this way, or if they are OK going out alone.
Your tour sounds fabulous -didnt you have the guide with you?
by Finy
I used to have to eat alone often, also while travelling for my job. Now sometimes I prefer it. It gives me the option of reading a book and enjoying a meal. Something I couldn't do if dining with company.
by Gwen
Eating alone is great - take a book, order your favourite thing form the menu, and enjoy the peace and great food! No bill splitting either.
I have.Only when I travel alone.I hate it !
For me a meal tastes better when shared with my loved ones.
Yes, when I was on a business trip. Eating along does not really bother me.
I am quite happy to eat alone at a restaurant. But I will more likely go to a cafe or a food court if I am eating on my own.
Yes, and I think it's great to do it and feel fine about it. When you can learn love love just being around you, then others will feel the same too!
I don't mind eating alone but it can be a bit boring while you are waiting for the meal to arrive. If I have something to read I don't care and I certainly don't feel self conscious about it.
Not at a restaurant, but in cafes plenty of times ... especially when I travel.
Yes, I have eaten alone at many but really is more fun with my wife or other people
I used to eat out a lot on my own when I was younger especially when travelling and you get to meet lots of interesting people, others eating lone but last week i stopped to have some sushi on my own and felt very odd like 'Billy no mates'.
ah, thank you -a good way of putting it! that is perhaps how I feel if I go alone...
by Finy
I think there is too much judgement around eating alone. I recently moved to Sydney with my partner but he was sent overseas for work as soon as we moved here. I like to explore and try new foods but I find I get judgment when I am alone, as if it is something to be ashamed of. Of course I enjoy meals with others but it shouldn't be a social crime to enjoy a meal alone either!!
I don't think it is Samia -I think the person sitting alone can possibly feel awkward -speaking from experience, however I was not meaning to suggest there is anything at all wrong with eating alone -just whether you feel comfortable doing this.
by Finy
Yes I have. When I travel long distance by public transportation I sometimes stop and have a meal alone.
I am fine about eating alone , value the freedom to make my own choices and live with the mistakes. Without being constantly reminded of them.
Eat and enjoy at my leisure.
People watching at these venues makes for an interesting day out.
by Zen
Yes I have eaten alone in a restaurant a few times. A bit weird, but not a big deal once the food is delivered. I have also gone to the movies alone - now that I like. I get all the popcorn to myself and no one talking in my ear during the show!
Aleigha, A few years ago now, (I think it was back in the '90's) I used to attend the SFF on my own, from 10am-5pm. I did this for 4 years. It was heaven for me! I'd take my own food to eat between the films, (but no, I wasn't eating all day!) Before each movie started, (about 5 day) I would read my book. I know it's not like eating alone in a restaurant/cafe though, but I just had to let you know as you said you enjoyed going to the movies on your own!
by Miro
Have done so all my life. Have never had a problem with it. Did it many times for work, here & many cities' overseas.

Go to the Theatre, Travel by myself. Again, never have had a problem.
Men do it all the time, so why do females' have to feel 'guilty' or 'strange' doing it?
P.S. Female in photo holding her knife like a 'pencil'! Looks terrible! Yuck!
Obviously never taught the 'correct' way to hold a knife!
by donjo
Donjo, Your PS to your self, made me laugh. How very true of cause.
by Miro
Yes, and I do not like it. But if I do not take me out, I do not get to go to a restaurant. It still feels weird after all these years, and I usually try to have a book with me.
Eaten at a restaurant alone on several occasions. Doesn't worry me. If the waiter knows his/her stuff, they will seat you in a mores secluded table, i.e. not in the middle of the room
I love a peaceful meal alone. I feel quite top shelf being the only one looked after by the waiter. LOL
by Rice
I have no problem eating alone and I am surprised that this question came up. While waiting I am comfortable watching the comings and goings of other diners, or I check my emails etc or pick up something to read. I regularly eat lunch alone and have eaten alone when traveling. I usually have the company of my husband but I am going to go out to a restaurant alone next time he is away to see if it feels odd.
Yes, I often eat alone at restaurants and it doesn't bother me in the least.
Yes, numerous times. Being a seasoned solo traveller I don't really have a choice! Don't particularly enjoy it but...
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