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Have you ever eaten a custard apple?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Have you ever eaten a custard apple, and if so, do you like them?

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Top Answers
Yes, I love them. Looking at that picture I want one now.
Arent they tasteless, Jennifer?

by Finy
I don't think so, no. Very sweet. I wonder if you had a soursop instead (they are related and look similar). Or we just have different taste.
Yes, I want one too!! Yum.
by Rice
Yes, I have tried one once.

I do not remember what it was like but think it was a bit tasteless.

The fact that I have not bought another one in many years, must mean that I did not particularly like them.

I will try anything however as I like most foods.
by Finy
I have never tried a custard apple. I didn't even know they existed. Next time I see one, I'll buy it and try it.
by Vee
I've just L O V E D custard apples since I was a kid!

In season, I'd probably eat at least 4 a week!
I really enjoy them VERY cold!
Ice cream can be made with them.

It was one of my 'cravings' when pregnant with my 2nd Bub, & who loves them, too! I wonder why? Lol!
Yes, I also love them! I haven't seen them in the fruit shops for a while though. I don't think Aldi's have never sold them, & that's where iI do my shopping. My mum used to buy them for us, about 20 + years ago. Mostly I have found them to be very sweet, but occasionally I have had a 'floury' tasting one.
by Miro
I have never tried a custard apple. I haven't even seen any in the stores around where I live. If I do
come across any, I will try it, out of curiosity.
We used to pick custard apples from an abandoned orchard as kids. We had so many we got sick of them.
As an adult I loved them again.
One day after enjoying Custard apple with my son,I saved half a custard apple for my husband. Unfortunately he was killed on his way from work. For a long time I couldn't stand the smell of them. It would make me cry.
Years later I decided I needed to get over it and bought Custard apples again. After time I can eat them now and enjoy them.
They are in season in May. Leave out to ripen and eat when soft. The fruit closest to skin, is a bit gritty and not so good, but the smooth fruit around the seeds is delicious.

maybe I ate the wrong p
by Finy
Yes I have, can't say it's one of my favourites it has an unusual texture, I guess it's a personal taste, my father used to love them.
Yes it is a beautiful fruit and when really ripe tastes like it has a sweet jam flavour.
Ignore the large seeds the flesh is delightful.
Too sweet for my liking. Mum used to buy them all the time.
I had never tasted these until I came to live in Nth Qld. They are strange looking things to be sure,but I have to say the ones I have eaten ,have always been very refreshing,especially when they are well chilled!! They are fabulous for making Sorbet with, just for something different! I have NEVER bought these,as they grow so well here that friends will always have far too many for themselves,so they tend to be a much shared fruit in this region. They are not my favourite fruit,but I do enjoy the flavour .
Ooooh. Nothing quite like a yummy sloppy custard apple dripping down your chin.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, a watermelon's better! Lol!
by donjo
Yes! Watermelon is actually top of my list; I agree. . . . . of course, mangoes are lovely juicy dribbly wonders too.
by Rice
I have once. It tasted very nice but we cant always get them in South Aust. Maybe they are a tropical fruit. I dont even know where they are grown.
Oh! my goodness I LOVE THEM.!

One has to make sure they are quite ripe...so make sure they are soft,and a tad brown but not too brown.Otherwise if green, they taste like flour.YUCK.. :(

When quite ripe, they are so lovely and soft and sweet...make sure you take out those black pips!
If you want to get one just perfect, just ask for staff to find one for you.
If all are green....you need to wait, till it changes colour.

i just bought one $8!!! dont quite understand what to do with it.......LOL
by Finy
$8 for one!
Well first I would hope you never get ripped off again for a pce of fruit!

Once it is ripe (if not already) open with a knife, then take out all black pips, and use a teaspoon and just enjoy! you will need to eat all in one sitting, they don't keep well once opened. :)

by jonaja
Yes, it's nice.
Yes, recently, they have many positive health benefits that our bodies need to maintain for good health in Western Society. I like the flavour, and it can be added successful to many savoury or sweet recipes and eaten alone delightfully.
My early child hood was spent living on a custard apple / pine apple farm. So yep. I have eaten a few custard apples and i love them
I haven't had a custard apple for years and years, but I do like them. They are quite a subtle fruit, and I suspect they are probably a bit tasteless unless they are ripe.

I love custard apple! It's a great alternative to cream, and can be used in place of cream for some recipes eg maybe muffins, cheesecake? It's creamy and delicious, good with fruit salad. Do make sure it's ripe to get full flavour though.
I finally ate my $8 custard apple last night -I think I should have left it another day as the guy said wait till it is soft, which I did but middle was not as sweet.
IT WAS DELICIOUS - those first bites, it actually tasted like custard....but are they always so expensive or is it that I went to http://www.weekendnotes.com/boatshed-market/
where things are expensive? have not seen them locally....
by Finy
I just buy them at my Supermarket. I am in Australia, and because we are essentially an Asian country geographically, and our north is tropical, we get a lot of Tropical and Asian fruits, vegetables.
by E_law
I have had them all my life. But ever since I moved to Australia, I have always found them a bit expensive. May be I am just looking at the wrong time or wrong place. I like them !
by BK
Yes,custard apple is my favorite.
No, I haven't. I would love to try them.
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