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Have you ever dyed your hair?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever dyed, had tips, or put a rinse through your hair?

Did you do it yourself or go to a hairdresser, and what colour did you use?

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Top Answers
No one is quick to answer this one?
don't want to admit it?

I do -I have a red "strip" down the side of my hair -it is a dark reddish long piece.
The first few times i had it done at the hairdresser, i used olive oil soap which apparently strips the colour and I ended up bright orange.

I also get blonde tips or highlights put in though I am starting to go grey so I have several colours therefore -the grey looks similar to the blonde tips!

My answer is YES
by Finy
I have virgin hair!
by Vee
Okay,so I have just this moment opened my mail and I am proud to answer immediately!!! YES!!! I was extremely lucky when I was younger to have had a very innovative hairdresser as one of my close friends.She would do my hair in exchange for huge fun signs being painted on her window. These events coincided perfectly with when they needed to be done,so I always had rather spectacular hair,even though I was dressed in my painting overalls!!! Her apprentices also would practice all their brilliant and often brave styles on me,so I really was a sight to be seen!! It was such a huge lot of fun for all of us!! This happened for many many years.,until I had my brain tumor removed,and ended up having all my hair very short indeed! Although it grew back really quickly,(and it still does grow way too fast for my liking!),it grew back almost white! I actually liked it so much that I have kept it this way ever since,and often get comments as to who keeps it looking such a pretty colour!! My scalp has since then been extremely sensitive ,so I cannot bear having colours put through it anymore! I save such a lot of time and hassle,by not getting it done anymore!
Yes I have been dyeing my hair forever it seems.....regularly do the blonde myself...I would be pretty much grey all over.....happy to keep up the illusion!
by Fran
Never. And hopefully won't need to until some years into the future :)
Just did mine 10 minutes ago!

I normally go every 3 months to get the roots done, but gave it a tad lighter shade today, and it looks great.
I do mine in part, hairdresser for the roots.
Today we have Top Middle :) lol
well, how is that for ESP on my behalf?
by Finy
pretty good girl...pretty good ...lo...:)
by jonaja
I've coloured my hair to have an ombre copper-red look. Love it heaps! Got it professionally done at a salon in the CBD!
From time I could first afford to buy first bottle of Magic Silver White, gave my hair a lovely purple tinge and washed out in a few washes. Now I let the professionals do it. I am hanging out to go totally grey and then I can give it up!
Couldn't do it but I love to see people with colourful hair.. Wanted a multi colour Mohawk when I was a kid but my mum told me that your not able to dye blonde hair it only sticks to people with dark hair.. Lol
I have never dyed my hairs.
All the dark haired people in my family go grey very young.
For example, my brother was about 50% grey by the time he was 20. It took my hair a bit longer, but now I see a lot of grey when I let the roots grow. I don't like the way it looks so have never let it go without
colouring more than 3 months. As the colour is simple, I do my own hair every time the roots start to show.
Yes, my hair is graying, so I dye my hair on a regular basis. For special occasions, I get highlights. For the regular dying, I do it myself with a home-kit. For highlights, I go to a hairdresser. I also normally get a haircut then.
I have been colouring my "wisdom highlights" for many years. At 48 I'm not ready to go grey just yet. When my hair is shorter, I can do it myself, but as it gets longer I prefer to get it done professionally.
Yes - always with a hairdresser. I did it a couple of times myself when I was a teenager - disaster!
by AJ
Ive been blonde, black, purple, pink and currently red. I have a friend who is a hairdresser and she had done my hair in the past. These days I can see some grey hair coming through and I colour it myself.
Yes and I have done for years. Prefer it when my hairdresser does the job but it gets too expensive so now doing my own. I alway buy the best brand I can afford.
I helped my hair stay blonde for many years, but have been various shades of red for many years - to the point that many of my friends think I'm a natural red head. I let it go back to natural for a year or so - mouse brown with some grey. I was bored bored bored.
Yes, many colours from very light to dark from before my twenties… done myself and at hairdressers, they do a better job especially when one wants multiple colours. However, I am now unemployed at 67 and find cannot afford the luxury! Bummer! I think that grey hair is OKAY with a good hair cut. Natural sure saves a lot of money! Question - how do we feel about men dying their hair?
yes to all of the above!! have done it myself which at time can be a bit patchy if you are not careful but enjoy it more done at the hairdresser, simply becuase I can sit back and not worry and enjoy the kind of head massage and the pampering. I had streaks once which I thought were a bit silly after I had it done given they grow out so quickly and you end up with these funny stripes that dont seem to join your scalp and clearly dont look natural
I wear my grey hair with pride. I've earned every one of them.
I have coloured my hair for as long as I remember. Most colours were good on me but when my hair dresser tried to make me blond/ light brown on my request it was a total disaster!
I like to put a nice warm chestnut brown through my hair in winter. I get the hairdresser to do it these days - it lasts longer.
I have my hair dyed regularly. I hate the white hairs. Luckily, my husband does it.
Yes I have. I've dyed the top of my hair a light brown to blend with golden-brown extensions I had once and have dyed it blue-black a handful of times to get it back to its natural colour. I've been happy with the results if I'm honest.
Three times. First time a big mistake, second time had a professional "fix it", third fixed it myself and have never ever dyed it again. I don't think I ever will again. I guess I like my natural hair color best!
Started colouring my hair at 13, my friend and I shared a bottle of Rimmel Mahogany Silk and did it at school during our lunch hour!! That was 1964 and it got me hooked on hair dye and particularly red shades! Have coloured my hair ever since. At one stage when I had money I did go to a hairdresser regularly to get my hair coloured. However now that I am back to poverty status again I do my hair colouring myself every month or so. Usually stock up on different shades of red/copper. So I have been colouring my hair for over 50 yrs and still have a glossy head of hair, despite my mother in law telling me 40 yrs ago that hair dye caused cancer and my hair would drop out........
I think I have died my hair around 12 times.
First I tried an auburn rinse on valentines day, in my naturally blonde hair.
Then I went from naturally blonde to blue black with permanent dye.
I stayed black for a few months, then bleached it and dyed it orange...... bright orange!
Later I tried bright pink, bright red, brown and bleach blonde.
I did all this myself, never went to a hair dresser, couldn't afford too.
Then at age 28 I paid for a cut and colour and dyed it chocolate brown. That was a few months ago.
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