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Have you ever dropped or broken something valuable?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever broken/dropped a valuable object and broken it?

What was it and how did it happen?

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Top Answers
Yes, unfortunately, I dropped several of my collectables, not at the same time, when I was a collector.

I tripped once and the item in my hand smashed into many pieces. I was really upset about this one as it was one of my favourites and was quite rare.

Another time I knocked it trying to get at something else and it broke -my son fixed it but I dont like collectables that have been glued!
by Finy
It's such a awful feeling when things we like get broken :(
by jonaja
Yes but as you get older you realize these are only 'things'....they do not really make you happy for long, I don't believe anyway
by Fran
Yes, yello -good point and quite right -there more important things!
by Finy
Thanks Finy, however I have to admit I still get a little envious of folk who have lovely 'things' so...........have to keep reminding myself!!
by Fran
The most traumatic breakage for me was when I was working in my friend'd gallery and we had just received a shipment of stunning glass from my favourite and most respected Glass Artist,Colin Heaney.I dropped on of his iconic Goblets which way back in the early 90's was over $200!! It was as though I watched it fall in slow motion and shatter into a zillion tiny pieces on the slate floor!! I actually cried with the shock and disappointment at having done such a terrible thing. My darling friend who owned the gallery came over and hugged me before saying 'It is only a glass,don't worry about it.At least you have not cut yourself!! And let's face it,you didn't KILL anyone!!!!" I have never forgotten this incident in all the years since! I bless my friend's candour and compassion,and am glad to say that we are still very close friends!
No I can not remember dropping something very valuable, but I remember chipping a lovely cup on the Tap!
That is where I get unstuck at times.
I have smashed plenty of glasses and cups but luckily nothing has been valuable
by AJ
Yes, we had a Kitchen Floor of Doom in our last house, nothing bounced, everything smashed..... so quite a few pieces from our "wedding china" got broken there. Some others have been mysteriously chipped recently (no-one is owning up to it, but it wasn't me!) so when we get back to England I shall have to sit down and work out what needs to be replaced.
No. I haven't but we don't have a lot of valuable"stuff" just lying around!
I have precious vases which were given to me by a friend, who is no longer in this world. I take special care using them because I don't wish to break them. But so far, I can't remember breaking something that I have regretted.
Yes, the glass top to my Coffee Table. It was 65yo! Got it replaced.
My husband holds the record for breaking good wine glasses; 10 at last count, over numerous years!
No, not me personally, but I was in a friends gallery in Melbourne, Au, holding up my 3 year granddaughter, so she could 'inspect' the tiny glass bottles with insects painted on the inside of them. They were on a little shelf. I hadn't noticed she was 'hanging on' to the shelf, & down came the shelf, & all the tiny glass bottles. Well, I just couldn't help my self, Fran, I too, just screamed & cried for about 15 minutes. My granddaughter just looked at me. The owners came over & told me over & over, that it was alright, & not to worry about it. but I too, couldn't stop shaking. 4 of the bottles had already been sold! I felt so sad for the artist, who'd gone to so much trouble to paint inside these tiny bottles. I offered to pay for the damages, but they wouldn't let me. (I'm guessing it would have been covered by insurance) My grand-daughter wouldn't return to the gallery, (it was only a block & 1/2 away from her house) for about 2 years! I still try & visit the gallery, before collecting our grand-daughters, to take them to the park. The gallery sells paintings usually.
Another time, my mother was having her house renovated a bit, with extra shelves were being added in the kitchen cupboard, that had some china in it. our mother put her mothers beautiful dinner set on the shelves. (THE dinner set my younger sister thought she'd be getting after our mother past away.) (This was many years ago, & our mother is now 95!) Well, after a while, the shelves couldn't take the weight of the dinner set any longer & down they fell! Then there was only about 3 pieces left of the whole dinner set!!! What a disaster that was! (It was white china, with a lovely green pattern, edged with gold.)
by Miro
I don't recall dropping anything valuable, I would find this very upsetting if I had.
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