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Have you ever driven or been on a ride on a motorbike?

by Happy Mom (follow)
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Motorbike rides can be fun to some, but a bit nerve-wrecking for others.

Have you ever owned a motorbike or ever been on a ride on one? Did you enjoy it?

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Top Answers
When I was young I like sitting on the back of them. That was until one day I fell off and burnt my inside thigh on the exhaust pipe. OUCH, OUCH, and OUCH a big listen on the importance of wearing the appropriate clothing to the task. Fortunately I didn't end up with a permanent scar, but I did end up with the memory which made me a little more thoughtful about wearing activity appropriate clothing.
In the good old days, you could go trail bike riding with no license. Unfortunately, I've now paid the price as I'm still in therapy from those death-defying years. I have told my 9 year old boy that I will dis-own him if he ever rides a death ride on 2 wheels. My friends son was in physio for a year after a minor accident on a motorbike. I say leave them alone.
No, I've never ridden a motor cycle. I never want to either. They're far too dangerous.
I have been on plenty of motorbikes when I was younger. I think I would be a bit scared now, but might like to try again if I have the opportunity.
I have yet to be on a ride on motorbike. Unless you count a little scooter.

Great fun - although they look dangerous sometimes.
This one thing I have avoided, I just don't trust the things at all.
I went on my very first ride in 1966.

It was a lot of fun, but now I'm a little too old for it.
In those days it was not something people did as much, as today.
Yes, one of the most thrilling experiences of my life! I can't wait to own one - it takes a lot of responsibility to be able to survive on one of those things, but the adrenalin rush is so good at the same time! :D
Unfortunately, I haven't had this opportunity, but would love to someday.
by Vee
I've been riding motorbikes since I was 10 my dad taught me on a little motocross bike an I haven't looked back but they need respect as there are a lot of dangers an I no from losing some mates
I rode on one once (as a passenger) when I was younger, but never since. My husband rides one to work but I've got no desire to take a joy ride.
I rode as a passenger,(only ONCE!) on my brother's bike, (which he later rode around Australia. I think that bike is now in a museum in Adelaide. My brother had given my a ride to someones house, all up hill, for about 4ks. He screamed at me because I wouldn't lean to the left, as we went around a corner! I thought I was going to fall off! We were only in our late teens at the time.
by Miro
I was a pillion passenger once only on a bike belonging to an admirer of mine. I hated it. It felt as though we were going so fast but in reality it was only a couple of streets to my house. Couldn't wait to get off. Needless to say, romance didn't blossom.
When my husband and I were just going out together back in the 60s (we were teenagers at the time) he had a Norton motorbike.

We went for a run one day and had a crash. Before leaving the house his older sister insisted I wear a crash helmet (not compulsory in those days). I was most reluctant as it would spoil my beehive hairdo. Thank goodness big sister won out and I wore the crash helmet. We skidded on a dirt road and I went flying over Mike's head and landed against a fence. Luckily though, we weren't going fast and I only had bruises.

I was convinced about crash helmets after that experience!
I have to say though it is quite an exhilarating experience riding pillion on a motor bike.
by norma
Yes a few times.....
I've been on a ride just briefly, I've allways wanted a motor bike since my youth but my parents were against it, because my uncle had a bad accident, and unfortunately my mind was made up for me, although I don't think I would get one one now.
I went with an admirer from where I was living to his sister's then to my parents' house. There was no back rest and I clung to him for dear life on the highway. When we got to his sister's, I felt crippled. She must have known as she offered me a hot bath that relaxed my muscles. The next day we headed out to my family home. Such a downpour occurred that we had to take refuge under an overpass.
The engine would not turn over after the rain and he wanted me to sit on it and steer it down a slope to get it started. What a disaster!
I had borrowed a friend's suede jacket; it was not the same when I returned it!
No I hate them, I also hate the noise of them. I think they are dangerous and should be allowed only in whatever places in the countryside permit those quad bikes or monkey bikes or whatever they are called. Particularly in dark, wet weather I think bikes are terribly dangerous.
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