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Have you ever done anything stupid?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever done anything stupid?

Did you regret it later?

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Top Answers
Yes, I have done lots of stupid things. One of the stupidest I did was staying 15 years in a bad relationship with an emotionally abusive guy.

I was scared of being alone and losing my farm and all the animals however this all happened anyway, and now being alone, I love it!

So while it was stupid and I regretted wasting so many good years of my life, the end result was better.

There are many other stupid things I have done -too numerous to mention.
by Finy
Yes, like everyone else I have done many stupid things in my time on the planet, maybe not as often now as I have become less uninhibited and spontaneous and tend to think things thru more (perhaps am more boring too though!).
by fran
I have done many stupid things in my life. But I don't have many regrets - regrets are from lessons not learned.
by AJ
Oh plenty. I'm fairly reckless with few inhibitions, I often appear silly to those around me. It doesn't really bother me what anyone else thinks so I rarely regret anything. Most of my regrets are about things I haven't done, not those I have.
Good heavens, NO. I'm practically perfect - like Mary Poppins.
Oh, yeaaaah !
by sjcmm
Would you believe I can't recall anything just at the moment?
by lynne
Yes on both counts. Doesn't everyone? We live and learn.
Well..of course, but nothing I'm going to admit to here.
Is this a trick question!? My answer is absolutely yes, and more often than I'd like to admit! Overall I think I've learned from all the stupid things I've done, so there is that bit of good to come out of it.
Too many to mention. Looking back I wonder how I ever did some of those things.
Of course.

It was not until I became 'mature' as an adult, did I see just 'how' stupid, my mistakes were.

We grow up most of the time, no matter how well our parents have taught us, with our very own set of 'blinkers'.

Call it being human, or just lacking in good old common sense, or wisdom.

If we are lucky... and our mind has a conscience, we learn....and do not repeat that stupid action, again.

Sadly, I can say a lot of people do.

You would wonder 'why', but it becomes part of their very nature.
They continue to repeat the same mistake, & the sad part is ....some do it willingly.
Not caring who it effects, or the damage it will cause not just them, but others.

I'm sorry but what sort of question is this?
There is no such thing as a person who has never done anything stupid. And regretting it? It would probably depend on the enormity of the mistake.
Oh yes, but I am not telling anyone what they (naote plural) were :-) Best way to learn the Lesson of Life.
Too often to be funny :-(
Yes. Many things. Many times.
by Vee
Yep. But learned from the 'experience'!
Not too bad now, as I an old chook!
Haven't we all at some point - that's human nature.
Told my ex husband that I was pregnant 20 years ago.
Yes I have, & I did regret it later.
by Miro
There is not a human being alive that has not done something stupid.
Some people learn, 1st time and go into a 'mode' of not wanting it to ever happen again.

Others sadly I have worked with so many of them, continue over and over to do it.

My most stupid thing? Naaa won't go there.
oops...sorry double answers(must be old question)
by jonaja
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