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Have you ever done any random acts of kindness?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever done any random acts of kindness and what was the last one you did?

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Top Answers
Yes, I try to do random acts of kindness, as when I have had them done for me, they have made my day. The other week I was at a car park and the machine wouldn't accept any coins, a sweet older lady didn't have a visa card with us, was late for her appointment and was getting really upset. I paid for her ($9) car parking ticket and this made her day .
At the shops the other week, a lady forgot her whole wallet, and the lovely guy in front of me paid for her whole shop. At $150 this was an amazing act of kindness.
On a smaller front, I might take in the neighbours bins, bake a cake for a friend, and I try to volunteer at least once a quarter.
I honestly believe that kindness makes the world a better place. The kindness of a stranger though, reaffirms by belief of the goodness in people.
sorry for typos, was doing that from my phone and the autocorrect has added some different words :-)
Helen -that is SO generous of you to pay!
by Finy
I only paid for the $9 car parking...a lovely kind man paid for the $150 shop.
I have done.
The latest and continuing one is helping refugees from Afghanistan. They had no beds and 6 of them were sleeping on the floor so I put a note on my facebook page if anyone had spare beds, and within minutes 3 of my friends sent me $100 each.

I have been helping a group of them since I met them.
by Finy
I was traveling from London to Paris and struggling with the language when I found a young girl crying. She had fought with her dad about Uni results and her ferry ticket went wrong because it was purchased with a bike permit. Her group had left her at the ferry with no money. We talked and became traveling buddies. I helped her with money and she guided me from The Ferry to Paris. She emailed me when I was back in Australia and advised me her life was back on track.
kstew -what a lovely story!
by Finy
That is a lovely story, thanks for sharing
Yes I have. A little kindness doesn't have to cost you anything but is priceless to the recipient. I used to work in a day respite centre and two of the clients have become very good friends. One of them had to go into residential respite for five weeks whilst his parents were on holiday. I picked both clients up and took them out to lunch so that they could catch up. Was lovely to see them both so happy to be in each other's company.
Nor really random but my family recently donated some money to UNICEF Australia.
Yes, sometimes. I helped an old man in an electric scooter get back to his retirement village. The scooter had run out of electricity. It was a long 3k's though!
I try to. There's no better feeling than lending somebody a helping hand. No specific examples come to mind though.
by Vee
Yes I often do little unexpected things for people, not monetary as not in a position to do so but with neighbours and close friends...
by Fran
I have many times.

I don't want to say.
I am currently volunteering with Brain Injury Network of South Australia - initially, I volunteered with a uni elective in mind, but now I do it simply because the atmosphere is great, the people have an empowering story to tell, the volunteers are friendly, and I'm actually doing something useful with my life, apart from studying at uni.
Xarah -I didnt think of the volunteering -i also do 3 -4 days a week volunteering. I would not have looked on this as an act of kindness as I enjoy it!
by Finy
I have done random acts of kindness for friends but not strangers.
by AJ
Yes once I paid for,the person behind me at the maccas drive through. Once I paid for a woman's train ticket as the machine wouldn't take cards and she had no cash and was getting more and more stressed. It's a good feeling to help another :)
I have donated money and clothing. Can't do it now as I am on the poverty line thanks to our Fed and State Govt's but was happy to contribute when I worked. Have supported two World Vision children. It is a good feeling to help out.
We were on our way home from a concert at the Casino. There was a homeless guy on the asleep in a doorway on our way back to the hotel. I woke him and placed $20 in his hand rather than just leave it there to fly away. His eyes said everything. I just hope it brought him some nourishment...
by jonaja
I like to do small acts of kindness whenever I can. I know I appreciate small things like a neighbour bringing in the bin or a housemate bringing in the washing.
I am surrounded by generous helpful people.
All the time
I decided to give someone a takeaway coffee, so I took one to my travel agent when I had to sort last minute trip details with her, one evening. Actually, either she was shy or just jaded, but she didn't really react. I didn't want any thanks, maybe perhaps, a little gratefulness, which is often lacking these days.
Very recently, someone gave me a packet of cigarettes; told me they just needed a couple, for undefined reasons, but did I know someone I could hand them on to? Instantly, I thought of any number of homeless people who have asked me for spare change. Sure enough, the person went off with the cigarettes, and then returned the packet, some time later, minus one or two. I don't smoke, nor would I encourage it, but to someone who's doing it tough, who does smoke, I thought this few might bring them a little 'comfort', at least. So went through the city on my way home, keen to pass on those cigarettes and spotted a crazy)haired guy going through a garbage can for deposit cans & bottles(SA). When I approached him, he said he smoked, but he didn't want to accept handouts. He looked me straight in the eye, with all his dignity and it took me a few minutes then, to convince him I'd been asked to pass them on to someone. I assured him they were newly bought and not dodgy; as he rode off on his pushbike, after finally accepting them - he yelled "much appreciated", back to me. It had been much harder than I had thought, to randomly act out of kindness, in the end. But never deny someone their dignity, is what I have learnt. And, never act out of condescension.
It is part of my daily practice finding ways to express random acts of kindness.
Yes. Found a wallet in public toilet at rail station once. All that was left was Student ID. Took it to Station Master. As owner had unusual surname & I knew where he lived (from ID) I looked up phone book (this before mobile phones) & phoned, got his Uncle. I explained situation& where wallet was.
As I was heading down to my Platform, I saw the student on the up escalator. Told him to wait at top. I explained what I'd done & asked him if he had enough money to get home. He said his next train terminated before his usual stop, so I gave him money for cab fare from there to his home. Hope he did well in his studies. It was 'no skin off my nose', but he was so relieved! I took him to SM's office to collect his wallet. I missed two trains to my destination, so I was about an hour late home, but that didn't matter at all. I'd helped a young fellow human being in not a nice situation. Felt good to do that!
Yes. I love to do stuff to put a smile on peoples' faces. A few days ago I gave a prize I had won to another lady at the same event and she was tickled pink. Actually, a lot of kindness is just good old common decency from days gone by.
by Rice
and feel good helping.
I used to believe that in turn maybe or perhaps someone would do the same for me if and when I needed help.
Also that those I have helped may just help someone else.
"What goes around comes around".
I think giving food to charity is an act of kindness, I don't like to think people going hungry especially babies and children.
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