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Have you ever cooked lamb shanks as a meal?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever cooked lamb shanks as a main meal?

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Top Answers
I don't normally eat red meat however every few months I do!
I made it a few nights ago (recipe on recipe Yum to follow) and it was delightful!!

Falling off the bone, and delicious natural gravy which I soaked up with potatoes and then bread .

I cooked it VERY slowly (4 hours)
by Finy
Oh! Finy, you're making me VERY hungry! Sounds just perfect!
by donjo
Cook lamb shanks in winter in my banquet size slow cooker in cranberry sauce. Absolutely delicious. My daughter's partner had never eaten them before so took a doggie bag home with him. Didn't make home as he ate them on the train.
Oh! Helge, that's so funny!
Never thought of Cranberry Sauce, but I might smooth some of that over my next Leg o' Lamb, as I loved it marinated either 'Greek' or 'Rosemary' style!
by donjo
Yes. They were enjoyed.
I can't stand them. Would prefer a Leg or Chops or Cutlets.
LOL that you cook them and don't like them either. What good girls we are. Your soups and beetroot sound YUM . . . and I also love corned beef done in my PC . . ah, yes, all praise to our pressure cookers. My mother's got left behind in England :(
Here is a nice bone broth recipe that I have been making. It's a bit too good for the dogs but I share it with them anyway :-) I got three separate batches out of my bones. Very economical.
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper.....methinks your dogs are spoilt somewhat! Thanks for recipe; will check it out!
I've adored Consommé ever since I firstly had some at the Royal Hayman Hotel, Hayman Island, GBR, back in 1959!
When in UK on tour around, had 'Brown Windsor' soup every night! Couldn't get enough of it! Lol!
by donjo
BROWN WINDSOR!!! Oh, I need another trip to the old country. *Dreaming* of Brown Windsor now . . .
by Rice
No, I think my kids would cry if I cooked them lamb. Hubby would like it, but he can go out for it if he wants it.
I like lamb. Lamb shanks are good I cooked slowly with a reduction of red wine.
by Gia
by donjo
No I haven't actually....love eating this type of dish though.....I only eat red meat a couple of times a week
by Fran
Not personally but my husband often cooks it in the winter. Accompanied by a big pile of mashed potato and steamed cabbage........ yummmmm :)
Ooooh, you have made me think of Rouladen with red cabbage and mashed potato covered in gravy. Mmmm mmm.
by Rice
I adore Lamb shanks as they have the best flavour of all the lamb cuts!! I have to say that my very favourite way to enjoy them is Roasted,as you would do a Leg of Lamb,with piles of delicious roast vegies and Mint Sauce!! When I was a little girl,I would always get the shank and it would be my very own 'little leg of lamb'!!! I also must admit to truly loving Genuine Scotch Broth made with Lamb Shanks and barley,plus finely diced onion and carrot. But this is also a slow cooked winter dish which it is just never cold enough to enjoy here where I live!
Hi Jules, would love to do same in Crock-pot, cook all night, with many diff veggies, shred meat, replace to Soup. I love this type of home-made soup! Always do Beef Consommé, also Pea & Ham, in either Pressure cooker or Crock-Pot! It's getting to THAT type of weather now, isn't it? Yaaaay!
by donjo
I have never made it. I also wouldn't eat it even if I did
by AJ
I have never cooked Lamb Shanks ever :(
Would think they are what one would cook in a slow cooker?
Maybe I shall this winter....my son would LOVE them!
Yes, jonaj, perfect for slow cooker/cooking. The meat isn't 'tough' to need slow-cooking, it's just that that is the BEST way to cook Lamb Shanks!
With all the veggies' tossed in as well! Veggie stock, purchased from Woolies', is fine for the liquid. I'd cook them for 8 hours' on LOW!
Should be a gastronomic delight to enjoy!

Bon Appetit!
by donjo
Thanks donjo! :) I'm going to do it in the next few weeks...
by jonaja
Now that winter IS here, & we're into the 2nd month of it, (in July '17) have you cooked those yummy lamb shanks yet, Jonaj, & did your son enjoy them?
by Miro
Miro...we have been so busy of late, some nights we just have a throw-together!
Wonder? 'if' I will ever get them cooking !#*?#!*? LOL
by jonaja
No I havent
Love lamb shanks. Used to have a recipe that included brandy and cream in a braised lam shank dish. It was heavenly but I lost the recipe years ago. I love them roasted, would prefer the shank off the leg of lamb to the rest of the roast. Love to make soup with them as the stock base. Any old way. Love them
However, as at 24/7/2018, if I want to have lamb shanks as a meal, I would need to put them on lay-by. These things, once they are made popular are so expensive. Like pork belly - as a for instance.
by fran.
Yes I have cooked Lamb Shanks as a main meal, they are delicious, cooked in a slow crock pot with plenty of vegies and a drop of red wine, the meat falls off the bone, like most cheap cuts, cook it slow and add veggies and seasoning and you have a cheap delicious meal.

no, the shank was not cut so high up on the leg of lamb when I was a child, and it was always
given to the dog. .
I had bad memories as a child of lamb shanks but I came across this entertaining recipe and gave it a try. It's now a regular favourite with the kids.
I love lamb shanks, but I haven't cooked them for so many years that I'm not entirely sure I ever HAVE cooked them! I do have fond memories of my mother cooking them, and I think the next time they're on the menu when I'm dining out, I'm going to choose them. Yummy.

Have you now tried cooking the lamb shanks, CarolynCroydon?
by Miro
I am vegetarian but my husband is not.

One of his favourites is lamb shanks cooked in the slow cooker. I throw in the veg as well and he is one happy man.
Yes. Quite often. I can't stand them but the other half loves them so I do them for him in the pressure cooker.
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper...........the good Ol' Pressure Cooker. I've my Mother's 'Hawkins' 10 pint one!
I use it to make my fave Soups, both Beef, & Chook Consommé, Pea & Ham Soup.

Also, it's THE best way to cook Corned Meat, as the 'pressure' gets all the 'brine' out of it. Have a great Recipe for that, which my Mother used!
My son, although he's a Head Chef, will always come home to Mum's Corned Meat, with lashings of Mashd Potato, & as he loves fresh Beetroot, I put a couple of those in, separately in Alfoil, for him!
by donjo
Yes just yesterday in fact; stripped the meat away and put the meat in to a casserole with mixed veggies and cooked super slow - it was delicious.
Yes, I used to buy them a lot, when i bought them from my butcher, who'd saw them in 1/2 for me. Now i buy my meat from a supermarket, & they're 2 big for my largest saucepan, so I don't buy them anymore.
by Miro
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