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Have you ever considered shopping for groceries online?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever considered shopping for groceries online, instead of physically going out to shop?

Why, or why not, would you do this?

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Top Answers
I have been shopping online for food since I had my accident years ago and was unable to lift things.

I have attempted to go to a shop however decided that for me, it is easier and less stress on my body to continue paying $11 delivery charge.

You get all the same specials that Woolies and Coles offer so it only costs the delivery as Woolworths prices are now the same as in store.

I DO however have to shop for fruit and vegetables as I tried to do this also with my order and hated what I got!

But at least i do not have many heavy parcels - as I cook a lot for myself, I need a lot for one person!
by Finy
I haven't really - I am too fussy I reckon. If I got bruised fruit I would be upset and if the use by dates were very close that would bother me too. I should shop for myself as long as I can, I think.
by Rice
they have a policy to give you use by dates with at least a week - if you complain they credit the item.....the credit very easily if you are not satisfied and often credit the delivery charges (woolworths )
by Finy
Oooh. That's good.
by Rice
Rice they are so careful you get lovely food, I have used them :)
by jonaja
Hmmmmmmmm. May think about it then :-))
by Rice
We did it once !! When we were recently on holidays. The resort would go and pick up any groceries and deliver them to your room ready for when you arrived. Since we were staying at a studio apartment with a full kitchen, we would need some groceries as we couldn't afford to eat out every night and were planning to cook in the apartment a couple of nights at least. We went online to try to do the ordering and it wasn't as easy as we had thought. We couldn't find some of the items we wanted, it was a nightmare. Never again said my husband. Whilst we are still physically fit, I prefer to do it myself. Shopping only takes us 30 minutes out of our week and we go at a time that is not a busy time. I prefer to choose my own fruit and vegetables. We usually have to go to the shopping centre to visit other shops or the post office so an extra 30 minutes to pick up some food is not too much to ask. Maybe when we are old and unable to walk well, we will try it again
I shopped online for groceries following surgery. I was annoyed that I bought a few trays of free range chicken and it was very close to it's use by date. Although I would have prefered not to, I had to freeze the chicken. I understand Woolworths is actually very good about refunds in that case, unfortunately I didn't have the energy to follow up.
I like to choose my own fruit and veg as I am particular.
Another reason I don't do it is that I really hate the amount of plastic on our planet and prefer to reuse my bags and containers. I shop to minimise the amount I bring home and that doesn't fit with online shopping.
I would probably reluctantly do it again if I was not capable of going out.
I had to do it when we had no car.
It was very time consuming but wonderful too.

They came right up to my door, and it's not easy to find us...where we live, and were so nice and it all came in containers that we took out the food...So well done.

I have to say I was most impressed, and it did not cost much at all.

I remember so well how the weather was just so bad and he was very quick.

I would use it again for sure if I had too. 100%

In years to come those who use the computer now in my age group...will have peace of mind too.No need to ask the family to take you to the shops.
Independence :)

I would encourage people to try it once, and just get use to it so that 'if' for any reason they can't go shopping, it will not be totally alien to do.

I also must admit it was a bit of fun too, and! here's the kicker they gave me such nice veg and meat.

I also like the part where if I was sick, no one would starve....LOL.
LOL. No starvation when sick is a compelling argument for online grocery shopping. I did some online shopping when I had my son because I couldn't bear the thought of taking him out to the grocery store when he should be sleeping.
by Vee
exactly! :)

by jonaja
I would but a) I need money in a particular bank account where I can pay online, I also get payments made into a savings account and b) I have to be home for deliveries since I live in a unit block with no fence/gates and both Coles/Woollies have said they can't leave bags at my door unattended.

I don't have a car and so struggle to get heavy things/my weekly load home in one go.
Amanda - they deliver right up until 9 pm - or at least Woolworths does, and they start at 6 am
by Finy
Coles also do these 'after hours' times!!! I had my dog food delivered at 8 am on a Saturday,from BOTH Coles and Woolies,and it was simply brilliant!!!! I did the actual order on the Friday and gave my preferred time for the delivery.They were bang on time!!!! It was so good,as I still had my entire day to do what ever I wished to do!!
by Jules
Not groceries but rather electronics and books.
I have done this when the Supercoat and Pedigree Dog Food was on special at a really low price. I always buy several bags when these specials are on and I keep them in a spare Wheelie Bin where they remain safe from weather and critters!!! Buying enough bags to make the delivery Free due to the total spend of $100 as it was then,made this a fabulous and easy thing for me to do I would definitely do this again as I have so much trouble lifting heavy items,and the delivery drivers packed the dogfood into the wheelie bin and also put it back in the place where I always keep it. Such great service and such friendly cheerful drivers made both occasions lovely for me!!
I would not get my fresh goods this way though,as I am fussy and like to pick my own from the stock in store!! Anything heavy would be the items I'd buy online.
No, I enjoy 'mooching' for groceries', as I've now the time to do so!
No never!
Prefer the social experience of browsing the shelves.
Since I have been without a car I shop online for groceries and it works for me. Now I am in the habit of shopping online once a fortnight and can avoid a delivery fee. I buy most stuff online but take my shopping cart/trolley to the shops to get most of my fruit and veg and sometimes meat for a couple of meals. I get potatoes delivered. Sometimes I go to the weekend market for fruit and veg. I do not miss searching for a car park or waiting at the check out. I like shopping while I sip a coffee and listen to my favourite music.
Well put! I didnt even think of the parking and waiting in lines.....so much more pleasant to do it at home - less stress for me!
by Finy
No I've never really considered it, I guess I'm still used to the conventional way, and I like to stroll around the shops sometimes.
Yes, i have shopped online. I didn't like the experience. I found it tedious to search for all the items on the list. It didn't give me the flexibility to browse the products and find new things to try, like i do when in the real shops. The specific delivery times also restricted the shopping experience. I wouldn't do it again, i like going to the shops.
no I have no desire to shop online for anything.
I have done it once or twice. The bummer is that I do my weekly shop at more than one place, so in the end, even if I did online shopping, I couldn't complete all my shopping and would have to go in anyway.
by Vee
No, never, because Aldi don't have service, & we like looking at their weekly (non food) specials down the isles anyway!
by Miro
No I don't need too. Aldi is just 3k's away & we enjoy going there, I food shop, while my husband looks at the other things on sale. Other times we Aldi shop elsewhere while we're out doing something else.
by Miro
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