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Have you ever bought/eaten fresh lychees?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Summer fruits are now readily available in Australia.

Have you ever bought and eaten a fresh lychee?

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Top Answers
I bought ONE for the first time ever last week -it was 50 cents for one small one.
However this week, while doing my shopping online, I noticed Woolworths have them at a cheaper price than I paid.
So I ordered about 200 g for Christmas Day lunch as the one I had was delightful -juicy and very yummy!

A great discovery - I guess they are grown in queensland?
by Finy
My delivery has arrived -about 300 g of lychees!!
by Finy
Fresh or tinned, I find them quite strange. I would not go out of my way to get some.
by Rice
Yes! In fact, I just bought some yesterday! They are very sweet and fresh~ delicious on their own or in salads!

I LOVE THEM....amazing taste.
I had these a couple of years ago. I didn't like them then. I wonder if I would like them now.
by Vee
Slippery little suckers.
by Rice
Juicy, rather than slippery!!! A GOOD lychee is not slippery unless you break the very thin membrane which holds all the juicy lusciousness together for you to bite into!!! Please try again?
by Jules
Hehe, perhaps I will. Just one more.
by Vee
Yes. Actually there's a bowl of lychees on my table right now. Must get something to put the skins and pips in and eat them. I love them. They're also good in iced tea.
Now, there's an interesting idea!
by Rice
I love lychees, they are my absolute favourite fruit. I buy them whenever I see them.
Whilst transitting Singapore, in 1971, from Vienna to here, on QANTAS, of course, a friend of mine bought me a bowl of fresh 'Lychee's with Vanilla Ice Cream'!

Talk about hooked! Have loved them ever since!

The juice is beautiful to drink ice-cold. Unfortunately, very difficult to buy.

I've always a few tins of them, chilling in the 'fridge.
Yummy yum yum, I say! Lol!
We must have been two peas from the same pod!!! You and I feel exactly the same way about these treasures of the summer!!! I must admit that I have not truly enjoyed any of the tinned ones,though my mum adored them when she was alive many ,many years back.
by Jules
yes, i do like them, the tinned juice is great.
Oh! flaga, I agree with that! Icy cold! Cheers!

by donjo
No. I haven't seen them for sale anywhere in Melbourne. I suppose the Queen Vic market might have them. I have never tried them before for this reason.
These quickly became my all-time favourite fruit when I came to live in North Queensland 35 years ago.A friend took me to an orchard where we could pick our own and then pay a really low price for them!! I had NEVER tasted anything quite so luscious in my life before and now I look forward to the summer crop every year. The drought has affected the numbers available this year,so the price is MUCH higher than ever before but I still bought 2 kgs of them from a local supplier last week!! They do not go off quickly if kept cold,due to their tough outer skin,but they do not last long either as I eat so many of them!!! Coles had them for $10.99 yesterday and they are coming down even more as the weeks pass!!
Lychees!!! THE only fruit I truly hang out for every year!!!! I am thinking of putting a couple of trees in my back yard next year!
I think they were $18 here a kg but I thought that was cheap compared to the $25 I paid the week before at a small local shop!
by Finy
Our first price of the season this year was $22,so $18 is not TOO terrible I feel,if they have to be transported great distances! I am waiting for the farmers who like to set up stalls at the roadside,THEN they shall be very much cheaper (I hope!!) As a genuine fan of these delicious fresh fruits,I am just glad that you have finally tasted them!! I sing their praises all the time.
by Jules
Jules, I promise to try them again . . . . I am going to the fruit market tomorrow so I will hunt them down. My other half loves them and thinks I am weird for not being fussed on them. Stay tuned :-))
by Rice
Wee Done YOU,Rice!!! Hope you can join the club of Lychee Lovers!!
by Jules
Okay. I ate lychees. I think . . 1) they are obviously better fresh. 2) they are the most fragrant fruit I have ever eaten. 3) they are JUICY!! 4) not all lychees are equal . . . I definitely found some were YUM and some were okaaaaay. Drum roll . . . . yes, I will eat them again!!
by Rice
Aaaah!! How my heart sings at your news!!! Honestly,I CAN understand your initial dislike!! When I was a kid,my mum used to love those hideous tinned things that they call Lychees!!! I HATED them,with a passion!!! But then when I came to live in Townsville in 1980 and was taken to an orchard,I was soon converted to the crazy-mad Lychee Lover I am today!! Yes!! The aromatic aspect to the eating of these is a huge added element to the enjoyment of these truly luscious fruits,and also I must agree that there is a definite variation in quality of the fresh ones. But I have not had a single one in so many years which has been less than perfection!!
Well Done ,and Thanks for this exciting news!!! I am VERY impressed with you,I really am!!! I do hope that you will grow to love them as much as I do!!!! Have a super Lychee Loving Festive Season!!!
by Jules
Refreshing. I forgot to say how refreshing I found them. You will be giggling to hear that the other half and I ate the whole bag he brought home in one session standing at the sink. They were so juicy . . . bit of a mess to clean up. LOL
by Rice
I am not so much Giggling as Laughing out loud!!! I ate a half kg of them all by my now-not-so-little self last night!!!! Yes!! they are definitely refreshing as well as aromatic,delicious,luscious and all the other descriptions which make them tick ALL possible boxes!! I tend to live on them when they are available.This year the big sweet black cherries are in great supply as well, and very cheap,so I am in Fresh Fruit Heaven at present!!!
I am truly impressed with you,that you did give these another go,and that you have discovered how wonderful they are! Now you have something to look forward too each Qld Summer,just as I do!! Oh!By the way,they are REALLY good for you as well as all the other descriptions!! Weiss even have made a Lychee Sorbet which I buy when it is available.Yum with a capital ''Y' !!!
by Jules
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. I can SO see how they would be fabulous as a sorbet . . .!!! Clever Weiss people.
by Rice
Watch out for the King Parrots up your way. Our former Chinese neighbours planted one many years ago. It fruits prolifically, and just as I called out to my husband to admire a female KP, a male flew in and we knew why they were hanging around. In 20 years we have never harvested one fruit, depsite putting a lingerie bag over one cluster in the hopes of sampling just one at least.
by grann
Thanks so much for this advice!! We have major parrot and Flying Fox problems with the mango tree!!! They ate almost the entire crop this year!! And WHAT a huge mess they made!!! I am going to do everything I can to have some success with my lychees though,as I spend such a lot on them every summer.
So far this season I have bought,shared and an still enjoying, from the 5 or maybe even more kgs, which have been my staple along with the big black cherries which are extremely cheap in comparison to the lychees!! I am sooooo spoilt,but I just adore the summer fruits!
by Jules
We have 3 lychee trees at home. So we will have lots of lychee every year during the season. We used to eat it until our jaws get hurt.
by Ammu
Oh LUCKY,LUCKY YOU!!!!! I am almost definitely going to plant a couple after reading your comment! How many years do you have to wait before they produce fruit?
by Jules
It took 4 years to have the first fruit. We got the fruit from one relatives plantations. We planted its seed. Two were planted by us. The third one was griwn accidently. May be the birds have done the job for us. Its really tasty and juicy.
by Ammu
Huge thanks for that!!! I have planted the seeds before after enjoying the fruit and they did germinate really easily.And then I didn't do anything with them! Silly Me! But I shall definitely do it this year,with the amazingly good fruit I have been eating! I really appreciate your response.Have a super feast at your place ,and I shall at mine!!
by Jules
I love them, and look forward to when the stores carry them. A lot of people do not like them because their flesh is white and and looks different, but look at green grapes, their green and have the same texture, except I think that the Lychee taste much better.
I love fresh fruit and lychees are no exception however, I do find them a little too sweet for my liking. However fresh lychees muddled with mint, lemon juice, cinnamon and served over ice, gin and a splash of mineral water makes for a very refreshing and satisfying cocktail.
Oh most definately yes. A few years ago i was lucky enough to be given a job picking lychees. Fresh off the tree at dawn, still chilled from the night air. Sweet and delicious.
Yummo, yessum and we have them right now, again, ans as often as avaulable. A very healthy fruit, and after living for few years in Asia, I learnt this is the same as any other fruit. You can get good ones and not so good. Keep trying for a few seasons as generally they are delish.
What's a block of cheese to do with lychees? Just curious!
by donjo
Nothing really, but it was in an Asian supermarket, and the security tag just added a token touch of humor. I did not have pics of our bike riding touring in Thailand side of the road Lychee eating snack sessions handy.
LOL. We have a photo of homo milk that we took in Canada.
by Rice
Yes I have. I liked them. I don't have them often
by AJ
yes! they are delishus! pop them in the freezer for half hour for a spesh ice delight that everyone will enjoy.
Yes, I love lychees when they're fresh and scrumptious!
Yes, they are sweet
I don’t buy them, but have eaten. My husband doesn’t like them though, He doesn't know why. I also had a few at the buffet breakfast, on our last cruise recently.
It's now 13 months later, since I wrote that previous bit, & I nearly bought a packet of them in Aldi, 3 days ago. I think they were 500gms for $6. I will buy them next time I'm in Aldi though, after all the comments I've just reread here, about them!
by Miro
It's now 13 months later, since I wrote that previous bit, & I nearly bought a packet of them in Aldi, 3 days ago. I think they were 500gms for $6. I will buy them next time I'm in Aldi though, after all the comments I've just reread here, about them!
by Miro
It's now 13 months later, since I wrote that previous bit, & I nearly bought a packet of them in Aldi, 3 days ago. I think they were 500gms for $6. I will buy them next time I'm in Aldi though, after all the comments I've just reread here, about them!
by Miro
Ops...Sorry about what I did below. It didn't go through the 1st 2 times, so I did it a 3rd time, & that's why it came through...3 times!
by Miro
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