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Have you ever bought anything from a cold call on the phone?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever bought anything from call canvassing, or a cold call?

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Top Answers
I don't think I have as I now generally hang up almost straight away.
I object to these people disturbing me at night and especially now that a lot of them are not even in Australia.
I have a friend who has no money but has 3 phone plans as she cannot say no to them!! Well, an acquaintance, not a friend....I could not believe this when she told me.

Same as when people knock on my door selling something - this also annoys me intensely! I sometimes feel sorry for them and I will give to some charities and admittedly I do not get as many knocking on the door nowadays to sell things as I do phone calls.

by Finy
I have a sign on my front door. In combination with two barking dogs behind the security door . . . . it makes people run, not walk, down my driveway. LOL
by Rice
No. I think you are silly if you do. I like to research my options first before buying ANYTHING. I will not buy anything without researching whether it is right for us, and whether it really is cheaper than what we are paying now ( sometimes it works out more expensive in the long run ). Same goes for charities. I like to research the charity and find out where my donation is going. How much of it actually reaches the charity. I have been very disappointed with charities lately. They approach me in shopping centres, and I have had one come to the door, but they want me to sign up to a payment plan, paying so much per month. No Way !!! I would rather give a ' one off ' cash donation. I can't commit to an ongoing payment plan. Paying the bills is hard enough now. I have a friend who sponsored children in Africa and she fell on hard times. Those children whom she has never met or spoken to, still got their $40 a month (each child ), whilst my friend ate tinned soup or toast and vegemite for meals each day. They probably ate better than she did. No payment plans for this little black duck.
I would never buy anything over the phone from a stranger calling me. It would be 99.9% likely that I did not want, need or have a use for, whatever they was they were flogging . . . . if indeed it was ever likely to arrive, which I doubt. No, I will go to the shops to get the things I have decided to buy after doing my research.
by Rice
sorry . . whatever IT was they were flogging.
by Rice
When I receive calls from any telemarketer I poitely (most of the time anyway) state that I am on the "do not call register" that I am not interested and that I do not want to be contacted again.
As harsh as it sounds I do this for businesses, charities and organisations alike because when I want to buy something or donate somewhere I like to do my own research and find on their website how I can pay online or in person and then I also know that I am donating the money or purchasing the item through the legitimate charity, organisation or company.
I'm ashamed to admit that I tried to work as someone who tries to get you to sign up for a charity organisation monthly donation plan in the middle of shopping centres. That endeavor ended rather quickly I couldn't bring myself to approach anyone with a disability, elderly, pregnant, who had kids, who looked stressed etc.. The only people I actually signed up in my 3 weeks were 2 business owners and an older lady who basically insisted upon being pitched and signing up. I still feel terrible for ever trying the job but I was desperate at the time.
Good onya for stopping - I too tried this cold sell but not for me either, I didn't believe in the sales pitch and didn't last long I might add.
by brigi
No I haven't and I wouldn't.
by AJ
I can happily say a resounding 'NO!!' to this. I am frugal with my needs and so I have always been able to say no thank you if I ever had these calls. My number is silent and I never even get them anymore!!
Definitely no!
No, would never buy anything from them. Same as door knockers.
no, I would not even consider it.
No, don't believe in it and I would rather see what I am getting like most of you. Now I have fun with them on the phone but they are such spoil sports and hang up on me!
My partner is a computer consultant and he loves those phone calls that tell us that "there is something wrong with your internet connection". He plays along and knows the things he should not say or do, and just the right questions to ask to confuse them. He often gets put onto the "supervisor", or gets hung up on, whichever he has enjoyed himself for 10 minutes
by mwrag
My partner is a computer consultant and he loves those phone calls that tell us that "there is something wrong with your internet connection". He plays along and knows the things he should not say or do, and just the right questions to ask to confuse them. He often gets put onto the "supervisor", or gets hung up on, whichever he has enjoyed himself for 10 minutes
by mwrag
No, I have'nt bought any thing from a cold call, but I have had a charity ring me up and I agreed to give a donation by post.
No I haven't bought anything from one of those canvassers.
Yes, years ago I bought a $10 bottle of liquid cleaner from someone who came to the door, because I felt sorry for them. I just stuck it under the sink & forgot about it. Then on the tv I saw a story about how dangerous this stuff was & not at all friendly to the environment, so I throw it out. I have donated to a few charities over the phone, until we were not able to claim them on our tax anymore, then I had to stop donating. I've had no other door knockers nor donating seeking phone calls. When the Red Cross have stopped in the street & ask for a donation, I tell them I've already donated, but I don't add, "My blood"! (I've only made 101 blood donations, & will be donating again in 3/4 weeks.
by Miro
Yep, cost me $100US (about double that in $$au. I cannot believe that i let myself get caught, but I had had some good experiences with cheap on line holidays and wanted to travel to the US, so when some guy offered me a holiday on the east coast for only $1700 (cannot remember how long it was) I was hooked, and paid over the phone straight away. Of course I has no real follow up contact and nobody phoned me back to push me to commit to a date, and my partner would not commit to a date, anyway, so I was not that worried. So I never took that holiday, just said good bye to the money
That was cost me $1700 US
by mwrag
That was cost me $1700 US
by mwrag
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