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Have you ever been to Perth, Western Australia?

by Finy (follow)
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Have you ever been to Perth, Western Australia?

Would you get a cheap fare to have a meet here of AA?

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Top Answers
I came over here many years ago as a bride!
Needless to say, 13 years later we were divorced.

I did look at going back to Sydney, where I came from, but at the time it was just so cheap to live, buy houses etc in Perth, that I decided to stay here - and my 3 children at the time lived here also.

I now LOVE Perth even though it has got a lot busier and bigger. I like going to Sydney for holidays but do not think I would be happy living there any more - I guess it is what you are used to.

Would love to see some of you over here as fares are as low as $195 each way! We could all stay at my place.......a meeting of AA - LOL
by Finy
Oooooooooooh. That would be A-mazing!
by Rice
You must have a big house if we could all stay there !!
by Lluxi
2 spare bedrooms with bathroom -dont expect heaps of people!
by Finy
Maybe we could hold it at different states each year !!! So some people who cant get to Perth could go another time. I wouldn't be able to go late October.
by Lluxi
I have been to Western Australia. This holiday was our last big hurrah before having children. When I returned from my holiday I was pregnant. I loved it there. Kings Park, Freo, Rottnest Island. The weather was lovely whilst we were there and we saw the wildflowers. I would love to meet all of you gals !!!
OK, it will be in October then!
by Finy
No, I haven't and it is a place I have always wanted to go. As for cheap flights, it would depend on who it was with, for me anyway. That has made me remember that clip for youtube on cheap seats. LOL. https://youtu.be/ZAg0lUYHHFc
by Rice
(I meant ON youtube for cheap FLIGHTS.)
by Rice
well, what is stopping you then Rice??
by Finy
I can't go to Perth until I've been to Townsville and I have two sulking dogs who are still not happy that we left them and went to NZ. LOL
by Rice
dogs do not sulk....I read an article on this -they are confused when you come home -they do not have the capacity to "sulk" like humans -it is WE humans who put our feelings on to dogs and their feelings are not like humans!
by Finy
Rice what State do you live in...?
by jonaja
Beautiful BrisVegas in Queensland :-)
by Rice
They say it is a lovely place to live, and visit...


I really...really do....Boy! we could have a great time.
I will have to save a lot to make the trip though.
That could take some time.

When I was just 4,we were returning to Australia from England, on the Oronsay when this ship was brand new.When it docked in Perth for a two day stopover before heading to Sydney,I was unable to leave the ship as I was extremely ill and confined to the Ship's Hospital where I had already apparently spent a full week! So,though I technically HAVE visited this beautiful city,I have not actually seen any of it!!! I have many friends here in Townsville who are from Perth, and they tell me that this place I call home is very much like Perth in the friendly and relaxed attributes of our lifestyle. Though I would love to actually see the W.A. capital,travelling for me is very difficult and getting more so all the time.
Several times, both for work, & hols!
Like visiting, but wouldn't live there, too far away from the action!

I'd enjoy an A.A. meeting up. It would be lovely to put faces to names!
Just advise date/s, & I'll check my 'social diary'! Lol!

Finy, is that 'revolving restaurant', (at 'Red Motel(?),
still at Subiaco?
donjo -it wasnt in Subiaco -there was one near the Casino which is gone and there is one lovely one in the City of Perth.
October will be date....
by Finy
Hmmmm.....interesting. I dined at it thrice! It had 'King Arthur' era furnishings, & a pool, which had a mechanical female statue, rising up, with 'Excalibur' sword!
by donjo
yes, King Arthurs used to be opposite Casino in Burswood -near Victoria Park -no longer there
by Finy
Thanks, Finy.......that's a shame! I loved it! Had excellent food, wine, & service! In that case, very pleasd I got to experience it then! Cheers!
by donjo
I was in Perth with my youngest daughter and her two children who were competing in Little Athletics Nationals in March this year. I loved it. We stayed just up the road from the WACCA because that was the only area we could get a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom accommodation with swimming pool. We booked our cheap flights last year and paid accommodation at the same time. we had a few days to explore and used the free busses wherever possible. Did the Rotnest Island boat and bus tour, earned our bell tinging certificate at the Bell Tower, went to the zoo and the Mint. It's a hive of activity opposite the railway station in the mall area. Food was dearer than I expected but restaursnt in the hotel served the best cocktails and meals. We did as much of our cooking as was possible due to long travel hours to and from the sports field and luckily had a couple of take-away food shops just up the road. The only down side was lack of public transport to and from the field on the weekend where it cost just under $30 in single cab fare. Having said that, when I rang for a taxi to pick us up from the hotel, we barely had time to leave our first floor rooms and get outside when the cab pulled up. So unlike Sydney cabs. We want to go back again when not competing to see more of the places we didn't have the opportunity of seeing. Weather was hot but we had a nice breeze blowing often. Hats off to Perth for the fabulous transport system. Very easy to follow the bus routes on the maps supplied on the busses. We even stopped off on our way home from the field one afternoon to shop at Harbourside?? where we bought cheap sports shoes and clothing and then continued home on the free busses from there to the city and changed to the red line to the hotel. Loved it!
helga, and u didnt visit me!!! I havent even been to the bell tower! Now we have a new complex on the river also.
by Finy
Sorry Finy. We just didn't have the time to visit. The harbour complex is pretty and we could see the work being carried out. It was lively strolling around taking it all in. You really should go see the bell tower. There is an entry fee to go up it but well worth it and the lady who does the bell ringing instruction is very experienced. I didn't go right to the top to the viewing platform as I'm afraid of heights so made it to the next level up from the bell ringing room where there is seating and I could see down to the floor below and watch as the bells were being rung. There are stairs and a lift so the choice is yours as to how you go up each floor. The family went to the viewing platform and my daughter who is fearless said she was glad I didn't attempt to go up as she was feeling a little scared herself.
by helga
Yes after an around Australia cruise so basically sailed in and flew out after a brief stay there.
However what I saw I like but it is so far from Brisbane it would have to be a cheap fare to tempt me to go back.

I grew up in Perth, but moved over to Melbourne and lived there for a few years and loved it. Then six months ago I moved back to Perth when my mum became ill.

Perth is a very beautiful city with a lot to offer, but it's a little too quiet for me after having lived in Melbourne. I'm planning to move back when I can sometime next year.
You get used to it! After several years, I found the Eastern States too busy and noisy and crowded!
by Finy
I please I love to come over
I've called into the Perth airport to & from Sydney Au, to Zimbabwe a few times. Then I fly over to visit our friends who'd moved from Zimbabwe, & stayed a week with them. they drove me to kings park to view the beautiful, then drove me much.
further up the coast to see more wild flowers & a tiny place where monks used to live, but I've forgotten the name of it! The 2 other times my husband & I called into Fremantle twice, cruising both ways around Australia, on HAL Volendam, Sydney return, 34 nights each cruise, & on once of those 2 days, we caught a train up to Perth & looked around. And yes fine, I can get cheep airfares until my husband turns 92! He says he won't live that long, so then I'll only get the cheep fares for another 5 years after he dies, but by then, I'm hoping I won't want to go flying anywhere anyway, except to Melbourne, where our daughters & grand-daughters live.
by Miro
No but would like to someday.
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